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Senior Cop Warns Of ‘Push Back’ While Lauding Police Restraint In Castries Incident

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Assistant Commissioner of Police George Nicholas has lauded officers’ restraint in a viral Hospital Road, Castries incident last week in which residents confronted the police.

“There seems to be a blatant disregard for law and order in this country to the extent where people resist and even challenge the police,” Assistant Police Commissioner George Nicholas observed.

“It is a situation that must be dealt with. I must applaud the police for exercising restraint, but it’s a situation where the police have to push back. We cannot tolerate that kind of resistance and that kind of disregard to the officers,” Nicholas told reporters.

“When officers are involved in carrying out their functions, they ought to be allowed to do it without resistance from the general public, ” he explained.

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According to the senior police officer, the situation was getting out of hand.

He urged citizens to respect law and order and regard police functions.

“The police have been exercising a lot of restraint, and we need to push back. We need to allow people to feel the force of the law when the time comes,” Nicholas stated.

Residents confronted members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police, attempting to prevent the officers from carrying out their lawful duties.

The police said residents also threw missiles at the officers and a parked police vehicle.

The law enforcers took a male suspect into custody.

Videos of the incident appeared on social media.

But Nicholas told reporters that sometimes the videos represent a partial picture of the situation.

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  1. Law officers should be allowed to do their work without public disrespect and interference. However, in the process police officers need to respect fundamental rights of individuals and treat everyone including those arrested with dignity and respect. The police protects our safety and security. The public needs to give them support.

  2. The viral video should be reviewed, with the objective of apprehending those person’s, who were violating the law. Nah! We can’t have that. A warning should suffice. This is the attitude that got us to this disgusting point. It’s always a warning or flat out complacency.

    Many of us have seen cars going past police stations blaring their music. Absolutely nothing is done. Isn’t that the ultimate disrespect? Try doing that in a developed country, I can assure you there will a cop jumping over the desk to catch their sorry behind. What we are witnessing is constant garbage in, garbage out.

  3. The police Should learn from that Incident at Hospital Road .Respond to Full Force.Cid.Drug Squard and Writ Department .Ssu providing a 360 Degrees Security.Its Time the police have Civilians more than 20Feet or more away From Police Operations.The Police Should View that Video and Arrest and Charge all the Persons who were Obstructing in the Execution of their Duties.Its time St.Lucians Respect law and order in St.Lucia.The Human Rights persons not a word from them .If was the police they would be all over Social Media

  4. The only time the police come when it have to do with cocaine, heroine , opium and hash even if they have to use their own vehicles

  5. The law violators must be punished in order to reduce the frequency in which such behaviors are exhibited. The police need to call for backup when overwhelmed by mass crowds. Arrest and fine violators otherwise it will continue to happen.

  6. i think the words and content needs to be adjusted…. the police have alot of reparing to do with the civil socentiy and that needs to be done on a case by case basis. Wthat the police is exepriencing is just an injustice to soceity and i hold no apologies for it

  7. The majority of St. Lucians will not survive a half a day in a developed country which is governed by rules and regulations. With their lawlessness and bad behavior they will not stand a chance ——please stay in St. Lucia where you all belong.

  8. I hope those persons whom were obstructing the police are all arrested . It’s time the police make an example of the criminals.

  9. Hospital Road have some male and female think they above the law I know of one incident were the officer come to arrested a young lady her friends and family behavior the officer had to left the area with out the individual SSU was called in but they was out on a very important mission at the time what came out of tha incident t I can’t say. All those in the vido should be charge the police need to make an example of them .i always wonder if st lucia law book don’t have the term Obstruction of police duties as an offense because it happens daily

  10. What is revealing is how stupid and ignorant the perpetrators are…. blatantly getting in the police’s way by obstructing them from executing their duties ..this is the state our society has become, no wonder there are so many crime related incidents…what a shame to hear young women barely able to speak properly…a bunch of illiterates…no good societal hags…this is what our country has produced….a country the produced two Nobel laureates….oh how we have fallen….


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