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Hippolyte Cites ‘Unfortunate’ Society Trend Amid Concern Over Aiden Dolor


Soufriere MP Emma Hippolyte has called attention to what she described as an unfortunate trend in society while expressing concern over the disappearance of Soufriere youngster Aiden Dolor.

The non-verbal autistic three-year-old vanished earlier this month from his home.

The Soufriere MP, who has visited the boy’s family, said she was very concerned.

“The challenge for us is our society. When you go around, several people will say: ‘We saw the child,’ and if you see a child unaccompanied by an adult, then we have a responsibility as a community to check on that child and I think that is what happened this time. Persons saw the child but did not pay attention that this child was there unaccompanied by an adult and that’s unfortunate,” Hippolyte told reporters on Monday.

“We need to change that trend,” she asserted.

Aiden’s grandaunt Muriel Dolor voiced similar concerns recently, amid a widespread search for the missing boy.

She expressed bewilderment that an adult would see an unaccompanied child and not make enquiries or take the child to the police station.

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  1. Emma what did you do so far with the vast resources at your finger tip. This innocent child needs to return back home.

  2. This tragedy is beyond comprehension. It is true that an adult in the community should have stopped and return this child to his home. However, I am not satisfied with government efforts to find this missing child. Assuming the boy returned to the beach was an extensive diving and marine search conducted in a timely manner. Did this child wandered off in the bush or forest? Our leaders have a moral imperative to help find this child instead of pointing to what should have been done by adults in the community. What are advocates for children with disabilities saying?

  3. I have been agonizing about the disappearance of little Aiden Dolor since it was announced he was missing. I was hoping and praying for his return but I had a sick feeling deep inside of some doubt. Some who knows and have spoken of ‘Boloms & Gargoyle’ know what they are speaking about.
    God forbid, if what I’m thinking of is true, then I pray fervently for the forgiveness for the Nation; I urge also for people to pray for their Island home – you haven’t seen anything yet – evil cannot go unpunished and judgement is written for power mongers.

  4. I agree with the soufriere district rep comment. It is time to put aside in a situation like this about what have she done with resources given to her and address the situation as to how we can cure ourselves of society I’ll of not being our neighbours keeper. We are continuing to fail ourselves, our children and our society. It hurts to know the plight of such innocence and how it could have been avoided if those person’s who saw the child could have taken a little time to focus on him. Had that been done it would have realized that he was wondering around unsupervised. We are living in a society of hatred, greed, viciousness, as n eye for an eye instead one of love where we extend a hand to each other. We are teaching our kids how not to greet grown ups or even their peers if we have a misunderstanding with another. Only god can heal as ND put an end to this wicked world. Let us remember daily as ND focus on these in two commandments daily that will help make a change. Love god with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbour as yourselves. If we love god we will not be tempted to do the things the devil wants and if we love our neighbours as ourselves we will help them. Treat them like we would want to be treated. We have gone to far in this wicked world of greed, jealousy, envy but it is not to late for each of us individually to change for the betterment. Peace and love

  5. Funny no one seem to be blaming the parents here. People are not responsible for the child you make yourself. They can decide to be nice or not as long as they do nothing unlawful to your child. How did Emma and people in the comment section shift that responsibility away from the parents and his guardians to strangers? maybe he was wondering around as per usual and the people in the house were not minding him as they should. So no one paid it any attention. Either way, it is sad.

  6. @shape of u …funny u made such a comment while this maybe true the situation could have been prevented by the people who SAW and i saw SAID the child to return him home…..this situation is beyond words…we need to realise we as lucians do not care about our fellowmen whether we speak to them or not…..

  7. For those criticising people who may have seen the poor child and did nothing. Have you ever been cussed up by a parent whose child you said something to in an effort to keep them on the right path. This is not 30 years ago when parents welcomed neighbours keeping their child in line.

  8. No one should blame the parents… because all parents leave their kids to play un-attendently and if one want to deabe it then i am up for it. this kid needs to return back home. where are the foundations where are the corps where are the volunteers i coming to Lucia to factor this out

  9. @just saying…so what are u SAYING EXACTLY?? if a child is dying let them die because u not talking to parents or parents cuss you??

  10. Why do we downcast so disturbed whithin us 🇱🇨 St-Lucians ?
    Let us put away the malice of the world (the Herod thinking yeast,negative thoughts,and let us put our hope in God thinking !!

    Fortunate, the LORD will respond to the prayer of the destitute, he will not despise their plea….
    Unfortunate if we don’t make time to listen to God ; when troubles and….comes,he will not make time to listen to us….
    When we pray, God listens
    When we listens, God talks
    When we believe, God works….

    O how I sing of your love ❤️and ⚖️ justice. To you O LORD, I will sing praise…..
    On behalf of the mother pleading to God :
    “O earth, where is my son ;if I am innocent,may my cry never be laid to rest !
    Even now my witness is in heaven ;my avocate is on high, my intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out 😭 tears to God for my dearly missing son…..


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