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Francis Invites Chastanet To Bring A No Confidence Motion Against Him


The Speaker of the House of Assembly, Claudius Francis, has invited opposition leader Allen Chastanet to table a no-confidence motion against him in the House of Assembly.

“I am inviting the leader of the opposition to bring forward a motion of no-confidence. I assure him I will place it on the order paper and I will recluse myself from the debate and allow the Deputy Speaker to take on that debate,” he told reporters.

“I welcome at any time a motion of no-confidence by the leader of the opposition. I don’t own the speakership. The House gave it to me and the House can take it away,” Francis explained.

Francis spoke at a news conference on Thursday, one day after Chastanet called for his resignation over a court ruling regarding the House Privileges Committee matter.

The High Court ruled that the Speaker had no power to refer to the Committee of Privileges any complaint made by a Member of the House of Assembly against another Member in respect of privilege or contempt.

Last October, Francis announced that Chastanet should appear before the Privileges Committee of the House to answer contempt complaints by Tourism Minister Ernest Hilaire and Housing Minister Richard Frederick for statements the opposition leader had made against them in the House of Assembly.

However, Francis told Thursday’s news conference that there was no bar on the matter being sent to a hearing.

“Indeed, the opposition leader has succeeded in ensuring what would otherwise have been a matter heard in camera, to now be heard in open House if in fact either Honourable Dr. Hilaire or Honourable Frederick choose to bring the motion before the House,” the Speaker declared.

“So there was no decision to quash entirely future hearings on the matter,” Francis asserted.


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  1. That a** no the idiots in the house would never that’s why his saying to Chas to bring a no confidence vote against him….. Smh St. Lucia in my Natty voice 😂

  2. A no-confidence vote against you in Parliament or Public? This is how the result will show:

    In Parliament – 15-2 in favor of The Speaker
    In Public – 15% – 2% against The Speaker

    Why are these guys continuing to take St Lucians as Deck Decks? Chastanet and the whole of St Lucia know that in parliament he will win 15-2. Why challenge in public? I seem stupid. 14-3 can be a victory for Chastanet but who will bet on that?

  3. The want to be lawyer should keep his fingers away from the keyboards..
    Stop making Fool’s of your selves,both colours..

  4. The man parents named him aptly CLAUDE-DE-ASS. In my months short of sixty years I have never seen a speaker of the house so contentious in this country. All speakers before him may have had a running with a parliamentarian during House proceedings and it ended there. From day one the man has shown his biasness and contempt towards Chastnet and he has not relented. Anyone who makes a statement about him he is ready to blow them off the face of the Earth with his bazooka (his words). Don’t know why Pierre has not seen that the man is a disgrace to this Honourable position. He needs to do like Matthew and resign for bringing such a prestigious office into disrepute.

  5. No, I think Chastnet think people are J*** A**** ,knowing very well any vote will go along party lines, that is 15 in favour of Claudius and 2 in favour of Chastnet.

    Why then would Chadtnet be threatening such a move except to excite his fans.

    It would be interesting to see if Richard and Hilarie will table a debate to sanction Chastnet in the house for his statements about them in the house.

  6. From outside looking in, what do your neighbouring Nations think of (1) your P.M.(the Speaker) (3) a Parliament run by novices. Some hellbent in crushing one man; not completing the modern Hospital he started. The only member who opposed the sale of our two Harbours, etc etc. must we be lumbered with a man not acting only as a Speaker but an active politician working in and out of the House. Certainly the SLP can find someone to solely do the job and leave the opposition to do what they are there to do? but again we have the haters, the racists, the quiet ones who are there only for the pay and pensions.

  7. CF have to thank the SLP to guarantee him a paycheck. This guy is full of himself as if he doesn’t think before he yap his mouth. But this is the politics of this banana republic. They are doing more damages than good.

  8. If dumbass was a person. This man is the biggest clown ever to seat in parliament. Go hide your face you useless hack


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