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Guy Joseph Criticises Government Over The State Of Roads In Saint Lucia


Former Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph has criticised the government over the state of Saint Lucia’s roads, which he told reporters Thursday is the worst he can remember.

” We have a former Prime Minister who is Minister of Infrastructure, and we have a present Prime Minister who was a former Minister of Infrastructure and the roads are the worst I can remember them being in the history of Saint Lucia,” Joseph told a news conference.

“I may not remember how the roads were in the seventies and back then. Not all the roads were up to the standard that they are,” the former Castries South East MP said.

He observed two former Prime Ministers, Dr. Kenny Anthony and Stephenson Kink, and the current PM, Philip J. Pierre, are in the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration.

“They cannot put their heads together and find a solution to the problems of this country?” Joseph said.

He declared that United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet remains the best possible leader for the party and Saint Lucia.

And Joseph announced that Chastanet had his full support.

“His track record of performance is testimony to what I am saying,” he told reporters.

Joseph was among the casualties when the electorate voted Chastanet’s administration out of office in the general elections of July 26, 2021.

“I was happy when the people elected me, and I was happy when they said, ‘Go and find something else to do,'” he recalled.

In addition, Joseph stated that the people and not politicians decide on individuals to become election candidates.

“My plan is to work with the United Workers Party to give my full support to the present political leade,” Joseph disclosed.

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  1. The most corrupt individual in st.lucian history should shut his big mouth, his backdoor deals are half the reason the highway is in the state it’s in.

  2. Oh, how we miss you now with that Speaker of the House. I remember your battles though not staged, but to me very Comical with that SLP Speaker a few years back. I remember laughing each time you put him in his place. [ he too was always in campaign mode ] not that anything has changed; please come back, love your Lucian accent.
    (Can’t love God you haven’t seen, while hating your brother you are seeing) Amen,

  3. Hey guy when hear you all i remember is pep singing about you, you are invited to legacy calypso this year. if your money finish they people there to pay for you. Please come

  4. yes uh they have people driving through a swamp in cul de sac when it rains if you play you give your vehicle to much gas you can just slide and hit another vehicle in the intersection with that old dirt they cover the road in cause the vehicles coming from bexon refuse to stop and seem to forget they have to let traffic from the left or the right go , awa they just sending their bumper in front of you with no regard like as if you woe them room if everyone just move one by one the traffic will flow

  5. Politicians have no shame .. I could never go and vote for any politician or support any party never ever …

  6. I suppose the roads were in pristine condition the five years before the last election and only deteriorated to what it is now over the last two years!!??

  7. The project money you had at your disposal facilitated by those in charge you should have used it to fix the roads and not enriching yall selves

  8. If you and those who call us jackass’s had done something about the roads,it would not be like that, remember what you all do with the money on gasoline

  9. Guy, even if I am related to you, I have to admit that you have no shame. You, Dominic Fedee, and Chas are the cause of we lose in the last election. So please stay out and keep quiet. Enjoy the money quickly before the special p……..tor.

  10. You’ll lucian you’ll to byass, you’ll are not ashamed everyday there are tourist ship in the harbour, tourist going up and down, and you’ll roads are in that condition, it’s not about government,it’s about fixing the dam roads,I have never seen st.lucia roads in this condition for a long time,shame on the government.

  11. When will St Lucians and the politicians (who live in their own bubble) realise that MAINTENANCE of roads, bridges, pavements, etc., is a 24/7 necessity?? There is no “season” or time for these infrastructures to be maintained.


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