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UWP Says Government Undermining Its Own Relationship With The United States

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In the SLP Administration’s usual attempt to deflect attention away from their incompetence and maladministration, they have yet again resorted to blaming the UWP instead of taking responsibility for their poor governance and ill conceived policies.

This time, the SLP has falsely accused the UWP of trying to undermine their diplomatic relationship with the United States, whilst taking no responsibility for several questionable decisions taken on their part.

Several of these policies have obviously raised red flags with some of our most trusted diplomatic allies and the Prime Minister needs to reverse these plans before it is too late.

Upon assuming office, Prime Minister Philip J Pierre went ahead and appointed Richard Frederick to the cabinet of ministers. This is an individual whom the SLP during the period 2006-2015 made specific and damning allegations against, including the filing of formal complaints to these very allies.

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The SLP consistently declared that Richard Frederick was persona non grata and unfit to serve in Government.

Their campaign was so successful that it led to the revocation of both Minister Frederick’s personal and diplomatic visas. Up to this day no material evidence has come from the Prime Minister as to the change in Richard Frederick’s status.

The situation is further compounded given that allegations have now surfaced regarding Minister Richard Frederick’s potential abuse of diplomatic privileges extended to him
by the US Government whilst using a one entry visa to attend the United Nations in New York in July 2022.

Another extremely worrying decision taken by the SLP against the advice and practice of many countries is their decision to resume selling Saint Lucian citizenship to Russians and Iranians.

This decision would obviously worry our American and European friends given the tough policies currently in place against Russia and Iran. This flawed policy was shadily confirmed by Prime Minister Philip J Pierre during Monday’s cabinet briefing.

The Opposition takes the opportunity to remind Prime Minister Philip J Pierre that among his many election pledges were promises of transparency and accountability. So far this promise like many others continues to elude this SLP administration.

It is against this backdrop that the UWP calls on Prime Minister Philip J Pierre to provide a
comprehensive update to the nation on the status of Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme and the appointment of Richard Frederick as a Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Please be advised St Lucia is a sovereign state and does not adhere to the demands of any foreign government. I wish to inform the UWP if you have any official documents explaining the disgust of the US government to the government of st Lucia please make it public. I also wish to advise the UWP no person is guilty of any crime base on hearsay or allegations. There is no court in st Lucia or the US that have convicted any minister or ministers or pass minister or ministers of any wrong doing.

  2. @Lucia Man…..well stated, well said. None of the above does the US consider to be a cause to undermine this government, it’s their lies, dutty bad mind, “can’t get over a lost” malicious ways/intent of their dysfunctional nature that’s at the helm of this, but it won’t work. They are acting like they did not have what The US still perceived as a “corrupt criminal individual” that had his visa revoked by the United States. During their reign of terror, said individual was not “AFFORDED” a temporary status visa not even for an hour to visit the United States. So, in earnest what’s their “just cause” for this letter.

  3. There is no difference in what the UWP saying now and what the SLp was saying when the guy was in yellow. SLP planted the seed.


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