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Canada Seeking To Simplify Access For Trusted CARICOM Travellers


Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has disclosed that his country is seeking to simplify access for trusted travellers from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and other countries.

Trudeau engaged with CARICOM leaders who are holding their summit in the Bahamas.

According to a transcript of his remarks, the Canadian leader observed that travel was rebounding after COVID-19 dealt a hard blow to global tourism.

“This is good for our tourism industries and also good for business travel that opens up new economic opportunities. Canada is working to expand and simplify access for trusted travellers from CARICOM countries and other countries in the region,” Trudeau stated.

He noted that hundreds of thousands of Canadians now claim Caribbean heritage.

“Each year, we welcome Caribbean people to Canada, whether to study, to build a life and share their culture, or simply to visit,” Trudeau stated.

At the same time, he observed that people love to come to the Caribbean as tourism is a major economic driver.

” Millions of Canadians visit the islands every year, typically,” the Canadian Prime Minister said.

In 2012 Canada imposed visas on Saint Lucians, citing concerns over ‘unreliable travel documents’.

At the time, Canadian officials, emphasising that their country welcomes genuine travellers,  said the visa requirements would allow them to better manage the flow of people into Canada.


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  1. They’re BEGGING for individuals to move to Canada since that country isn’t doing well economically as of late,many of leaving to other countries (where you may ask?) EU,Nordic,Even to your country in search for a better life.Canada is extremely expensive to live & you get taxed like it’s almost robbery.Been there,Done that,I’m now in the Bahamas with my where I can afford to live & not have to deal with those brutal winters….The door is wide open for Canada & US nowadays.

  2. @ Foreign
    Stop spewing nonsense. Canada is faring pretty well. Every country has a right to defend and protect its boarders. No door is wide open for neither Canada nor the US last I checked.

  3. Well you haven’t checked much,the border in Quebec is open,many Haitians from the US cross nearly everyday…The Border down in Texas/Arizona is overrun by individuals crossing every single day…You clearly have no idea what’s going on…google why are so many ppl leaving Canada & come back & tell me what you see .

  4. @ Foreign
    People are leaving Canada in droves? Dude, stop. You are clearly putting misinformation out there on two fonts. Just because people chose to break the law and smuggle their way into another country which IS illegal, doesn’t make it open. It is almost impossible for any country to guard and monitor every inch of its territory. People entering through unguarded points are breaking the law.

  5. @angel did you Google the Quebec border? If it’s illegal then why aren’t they “arrested & deported”? Rent prices in Ca ada as well as house prices compared to wages are out of reach for majority of the public,research it yourself…Many young individuals are leaving Canada,you refuse to take that those facts unless you’re a liberal hack on welfare dependent on government funds.The US border on the Mexican side is clearly open,nothing is being done to prevent the “illegal” crossings,they’re even helping the migrants cross with border patrol helping them with their bags has become so bad that Quebec had ran out of place & sent thousands of migrants to Niagara because of the expense on the province….You clearly don’t know much about Canada do you? Talking about Canada is faring well lmao,ask any Canadian & they’ll probably laugh at you unless you are dependent on government funds which many of you are on.

    P.S Google it,it takes $1.7mil to comfortably retire in Canada,you have that type of money or do most have it? & that’s FACTS (talking about misinformation,spoken like a true liberal hack)

  6. In case you too LAZY to search for yourself then here you go,even US border patrol dropping off the migrants to cross as a side hustle & the news is from CBC

    So when you come with your lack of knowledge here is the headline 5 days ago

    “U.S. border agents give rides to Quebec-bound migrants as side hustle, sources tell Radio-Canada”

    The US border patrol knows the border is open,Choops coming & talk about illegal like the ppl hiding to cross smh 🤣

    The thing with y’all ppl are,you have a nice job,own a lil home & everything seems nice but in the real world on the outside,the majority of Canadians are catching bell & don’t make the few that travel to lucia fool any of us,they have to pay that credit card bill back when they touch back.I use to make a 6 figure salary in that country & moved to the Bahamas to open a tour business & my life couldn’t be any better than living in the Canada,10 years ago Canada was golden,not now Angel,ppl suffering out there,I know because I have friends & adult kids there,so I know maybe more than you do & I’m a citizen of there so there you go…It’s just a 3rd World country of you do the math.

  7. @ Foreign
    Lordy, you had to write two essays to make your point. Still failed. I hope you have better luck in that tour business you speak of O,O….

    If you were that informed, you’d know that under the Canada–U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA), there are strict restrictions as to who can apply for asylum entering into Canada from the US. You can’t make a claim at an official Canadian border post, unless you qualify for an exception to the Agreement. Just because the Mayor of NY decides to provide tickets/free rides for those who want to go and claim asylum at the Canadian border, doesn’t mean it’s the order of business or they will be successful.

    Every country has its challenges, foolish to assume that life will be rosey all the time, or everyone will be getting on at the same pace. Like everywhere else, you will have individuals faring better than others, ( this can be as a result of many factors ; life choices, fortune/misfortune, challenges etc. ) Nonetheless, Canada IS a wealthy nation with a very strong and diversified economy, not to mention highly developed. They rank ninth in the World in terms of economy size. So I don’t know of what Third World nonsense you’re referring too buddy, honestly. You’re just making up cr*p up as you go along obviously.
    *I’m done on this thread with you regarding this subject. I will leave you with this bit of facts below, consuming it would do you good. ( Source Investopedia );

    Understanding the First World
    Examples of first world countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Several Western European nations qualify as well, especially Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Scandinavian countries.

    The ways that first world countries are defined can vary. For example, a first world nation might be described as aligned or amicable with Western countries or those in the Northern Hemisphere, highly industrialized, possessing a low poverty rate, and/or high accessibility to modern resources and infrastructure.

    Various metrics have been used to define first world nations, including gross domestic product (GDP), gross national product (GNP), mortality rates, and literacy rates. The Human Development Index is also an indicator of which countries might be categorized as having first world status.

    Economically speaking, first world countries tend to have stable currencies and robust financial markets, making them attractive to investors from all around the world. While they may not be purely capitalist, first world nations’ economies tend to be characterized by free markets, private enterprise, and private ownership of property.

  8. If something is illegal like you’re claiming then they should be arrested & charged for breaking the law…Clearly they are being offered food,shelter & clothing on both sides of the border…It now takes $200k in salary to buy a home in Canada,rent prices on average are over $2k for a 1 bedroom in a rough part of the place…Minimum wage is $15.50,grocery prices are through the roof,the bank interests rates are up to “fight inflation”,ppl are defaulting on car payments as well as mortgage payments…Jobs can’t find workers because no one can’t survive on some of these salaries…Angel tell me how Canada is faring well again? Many woman are even doing “bucket” to make ends meet. Have you been living under a rock or did you just get released from prison? Or you clearly have no sense of how things work?

  9. A fool will always be a fool so is best you’re done you foolish hack…Anyone can cross into these countries & the economy is in shambles on either side…You are fool to believe otherwise.Anyways my business is flourishing,need no luck from fools like you…Good luck with your knowledge that means nothing to ppl crossing.

    Ps just read your first paragraph to realize you’re nothing but a hard headed fool…Thing nice in foreign & the borders have strict laws lmao (keep on believing that nonsense)

  10. You’re refusing to see that your Geneva convention nonsense doesn’t matter in the real world,all what you posted stating it’s facts doesn’t matter in the real world,you posted rules made by mean who have never worked or been homeless a day in their lives…Ppl don’t follow these rules,the border can be crossed whenever they want,just buy a ticket or find your way to Mexico & to the border & you can just walk across,same as the border in Maine to Quebec.You just live in a bubble & fail to see what’s going on around you,closed minded individuals like you is the problem today…Not knowing the ply of others out there & follow your political policies while others suffer is exactly the problem today.

    Rising interest rates,yet Canada is faring well,takes a family $200k to buy a small home,the crime is getting out of hand as well in Canada…Canada is a just a bigger version of a 3rd world country…Don’t you ever class Canada as 1st world,you sound stupid doing that.Highest phone rates in the world is 1st world? Poor transportation system is 1st world?
    Angel “living in a bubble” fool smh


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