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Police Arrest Dennery Man With Gun In Viral Threatening Video

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Police have confirmed the arrest of a Dennery man after a viral video of him with a gun threatening others appeared on social media.

The video was one of two in circulation.

In one, the man in a hammock holds a bottle of stout in one hand while what seems an authentic handgun rests on his stomach.

He vows to lay ‘a lot’ of individuals who are out to get him ‘to rest’.

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But in another video, the man indicates that the first recording was not recent and predated an arrest last year.

Investigators have identified the man in the video as Larian Swanson of Dennery.

Special Services Unit (SSU) officers took him into custody on Tuesday concerning the video with the firearm but did not recover a weapon.

In November last year, Swanson was one of three men arrested and charged by the police for illegally possessing firearms and ammunition.

Members of the SSU acting on information intercepted a blue Suzuki SX4 along the Richfond Road and found one Glock 10mm pistol with twelve rounds of .40 ammunition and one Glock 9mm pistol with eight rounds of 9 mm ammunition next to the motor car.

Swanson was out on bail in connection with that offence.

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  1. Out on bail for gun possession, but still doing old tricks. What’s new there? He is rearrested (wasting valuable police time) and is a destabilizing factor in the community. Pierre can’t see past his nose, because it’s obvious to all, the impact of letting those clowns loose.

  2. Arrested twice for serious threats to humanity and for VERY unlawful gun offences – and he is out on bail? Again? Mary F.? Where are you? This THUG should be thrown in jail, then dealt with very seriously!! What is his livelihood/profession? Lots of questions, with very obvious answers. Just the way he speaks on his videos shows his level of literacy. This “BOY” is a walking threat to humanity – and he walks among us!! Shameful …. Next thing you know, he is on a fishing boat on his way to Martinique (if he hasn’t done so already).

  3. now the police dont have anything on him because they never got the gun, all they saw was a video but the thing that have me laughing is he was such a bad man in the first video and in the second when the police get him he there like he humble and want to cry

  4. Re: Article, Every person have a right to defend their selves and their Families..
    The police did not find any WEAPON.!
    We have to create our own FBI.. Investigation is needed to solve this problem..
    We can and must solve our current criminal activities in St Lucia..
    WE NEED TO SHARE THE WEALTH by implementing a fair living wage system of $10 per hour based on 40 hrs weekly.. The hotel’s must be on board with the workers and their Families.. SHARE THE WEALTH!!!
    Come on Folks!!.. We can and should use commonsense and move with the people of St Lucia. .
    I endorse my thoughts..
    Happy Wednesday Aka Hump Day to everyone.

  5. It’s a crying shame – these uneducated idiots are creating havoc in the island. Some of the fools who concur are just as guilty – the swutweezee is worst than the vollaire. Some people come in to the world to make a contribution to society and some come to do a disservice to society. In all these areas – the choice is an individual choice to make. St. Lucia needs to purge itself from these individuals who are detrimental to the citizens of St. Lucia, not withstanding the economy.

  6. This time the magistrate and him should be jail. This is the habit of all magistrate they are just recycling the criminals within the legal system. So here we go the same thing keep repeating. Grandlt criminal bail so they can go and repeat same crime or worst.

  7. He deserved a good whipping in public the first time with Lolo-Beff, he wouldn’t try it a second time. That’s the problem with these morons. The Law should be made for these fools to feel it in the axx the first time, with their photo publicly shown.

  8. Re Article and comments!
    So far, we all agree that our system needs solve our problems and I am in agreement with this Though..
    We can achieve this goal by the hotel’s Sharing the wealth of the island with the people of St Lucia and their Families.. There should be a fair wage system of $10 per hour based on 40 hrs weekly to the Employee’s of the island.
    The Businesses on the island are enjoying the weather and not sharing it with the workers.
    Our current wages are too low, we need to examine this situation.. we need a modest income for advancement, and we will solve our stagnant situations,ie Salaries, Law’s, Etc.
    We need to give the workers more purchasing power to eradicate MENTAL HEALTH issues..
    Note. Currently it’s only one third of the island people are financially stable and that is near impossible to enjoy a stable economy..
    With a fair living wage we can create more stability..FACT..
    We need to share the wealth with the workers
    I am appealing to every employer/s and the politicians and people at large,to seek a fair living wage of $10 per hour based on 40 hrs weekly or better..
    We need at least a quarter of our people,
    To earn a living wage. Please use Commonsense Revolution and move forward and achieve our goals..
    We can and we must in order to get out of the current situation.
    We must look at the other side of the coin, it’s beautiful…
    This is my observation and analysis..
    Happy Thursday Folks..I could be reached

  9. Make jails make more jails to put dem man quick n dont give them food for 2 weeks straight..if completing the hospital has restarted stop n make jails for dem useless man..this government should also invest in farming n make them man work hard to feed themselves in the jail,hard labour n all..bring dem where they got snakes to work hurry up man

  10. @Allison – while you make some valid points in your post-not everyone would fall into this category. The facts are as follows:
    — There are certain individuals in St. Lucia who are certainly not looking for gainful employment.
    — Their job of choice is the thug life and their resume or cv speaks for itself. They want to live a life of gang banging etc. etc.
    —-There are some who would not work for $50 an hour or more because robbery and drug dealing is their job of choice and that’s reality.
    —- In addition, they are not disciplined nor educated enough for legitimate employment. They decided not to go to school – they traded school for a life of crime


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