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Police Investigate Sunday Morning Shooting In Castries


Saint Lucia police are investigating a Sunday morning shooting in Castries, a short distance away from the Gros Islet bus stand.

Eyewitnesses identified the victim as a man in his forties.

According to reports, a lone assailant shot him twice in the left thigh and once in the left foot.

The reports indicate that after sustaining the gunshot injuries, the victim managed to make his way to Peynier Street.

Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service Headquarters in Castries responded after receiving a call for assistance at about 9:15 am and transported him in stable condition to the OKEU Hospital.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. This should be an easy solved crime as that area is riddle with security cameras. However, it looks like the shooter didn’t intend to kill the individuals but more so giving him a waring for what he may have done in the past. Majority of these gun violence cases the person(s) who are carrying out these killing spreee acts seems to be hire to kill individual. Most of the illegal guns are not in the personal possession of the hitman but it is hidden else ware or someone is holding it until being ask for it. they are also more high power weapon on the street than what the foolice force have. I saw at a road block the SSU officer had a rusty gun pointing down to his toe i wonder if the bullet will reach his toe by chance.

  2. What are these small (combustible) Huts doing alongside an apartment?
    Who allowed that to be? is there not a ‘Planning Board’ in St. Lucia? Does not the Representative for Castries, be it SLP or UWP know or even care, a potential for fire in these Huts? why was this ever allowed in the Capital City of St. Lucia? that’s ugly and an eye sore. But who has the guts (pride) as a politician to say, ‘not on my watch all of this mess has got to go’ – Shame for City Planning, shame for City Mayer, shame for City Representative (MP), shame for a people too timid to raise their voices.
    I will keep praying for St. Lucia not to be allowed to sink into Haiti life style.

  3. These guys have done bad things to people .The police cannot Solve the case so their Civilian police doing the police job

  4. What is wrong with st lucia .. The cockroaches refuse to go and work in the private sector for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour as soon as they live secondary school is fast money they are after iPhone pro, expensive clothes, vehicles from beachcomber, nice women etc…

  5. Fox you are right about those points you raise. We have brought up those issues countless times to the authorities (both parties) yet they do nothing about these huts. These vendors are very nasty, they dump garbage indiscriminately around the huts attracting rodents and other creatures. Bandits hide contraband in and under these huts. They’re an eyesore. And let’s not forget the fire hazard. This is Castries Fire 3.0 waiting to happen. Rest assured it will happen as there are open flames all over the place in Castries.

  6. @ Castries resident: this is also a health epidemic. Can’t the ‘Health Department’ condemn these places as a health hazard? I can imagine the stench, Rodents, Roaches, and be mindful the first Castries fire started in a Tailors’ workplace, not too far from where these Huts are located. Someone left an electric fire unplugged and Castries bunt down in a few hours, I remember very well. This is not Haiti so let us raise our voices.

  7. Start to hang ppl in st Lucia again hurry up maysia…until u dont treat criminals worst than they can ever imagine they won’t stop

  8. All man wat to burst gun..find something constructive to do idiots..they need to put criminals to sit in a coalpot of fire wen caught after u dat face jail

  9. Northing is easy in St Lucia
    The new police trucks don’t mean one dam thing dem police don’t give one shate plus they are not being paid well brand new police trucks is useless
    Mr prime minister What’s your plan the police trucks is not working what’s next ?


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