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King Concerned Over Road Accidents, Cites Recklessness, Indiscipline Among Causes


Senior Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development and Urban Renewal Stephenson King told reporters on Monday that recklessness and indiscipline are responsible for road accidents in many instances.

And he expressed concern about a recent spate of such accidents, some of which have resulted in fatalities.

“We are doing all in our power and within our own means to be able to assist in that regard,'” the Castries North MP explained.

King noted that some people complain that some of the accidents occur because of potholes on the roads.

However, he told reporters that sometimes good surfaces provided contribute to the accidents.

“We are hoping in the new financial year to launch a very aggressive road safety campaign to sensetise the general population on the use of our roads, the need to respect signs and signals etc on the roads and of course to be conscious of the fact that when you’re on the road, you are in a situation where you are likely to take someone’ life,” the Minister told reporters.



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  1. Typical King snake waiting to strike after we criticized the conditions of the road evil government imagine the dictatorship if u get another 5 years lets see if st.lucians foolish enough to sell their freedom to this administration…

  2. If there was more enforcement of the laws, people would think twice before breaking the law. There is little justice or punishment in this country so people can do whatever they want. Only government is to blame for this, both SLP and UWP.

  3. A vast number of drivers will pay no heed to the literature, warnings or urges that are circulated. The simple reason is that nothing has teeth that could hurt them. A speeding fine? I don’t think so. Stopped for overtaking in a dangerous manner? Forget about it. Driving too close? Joke is on you. No one is afraid because there are no enforcements and repercussions.

    Where are the tools to enforce the laws? Motorbike officer ready to pounce, vehicle equipped RADAR, manned traffic cameras, pole speed scanners. Not available…and everyone knows it. This article is just someone (King) venting while holding a secret wish for tools. Be patient, he will be back next year with the same message.

  4. King Cobra – is this why you accepted ‘the higher bidder & promise of a Ministry” you got what you wanted, so now do a better job; they got the numbers plus, no more bidding for you; you better do a better job or else; with too many complaints, you’re out.

  5. Another minster saying they are ‘concerned’. Then he throws the total blame on the people. Yes all U drive to reckless is the cause. Btw has he ever read any Police Report on the causes of our accidents. has he ever seen the statistics on our road accidents. How can a journalist just listen to this crap and not challenge the message.

  6. What a worthless blue man…..reckless erection of speedbumps….been talking this same bull for years and nothing being done….spends endless money to redo union roundabout blaming it on ground water…..drastic failure of the cul de sac project(simple pollution dust elimination steps not done)….fails to enforce traffic laws in conjunction with law enforcement….fails to lead a proactive ministry as all they do is react to disasters along our roadways….faiks to communicate in an effective manner to the public on roadworks…fails to revamp bus fares and the whole public transportation system….yea….man is true Blu failure but he paved vigie stretch tho with speedbumps from hell

  7. King’s incompetence becomes more glaring with every passing day. The deplorable road conditions contribute to the accidents. Us drivers have to keep dodging potholes increasing our risk of causing an accident and instead of appointing a competent Chief Engineer he go n give his goddaughter the job. Jokers alone in St Lucia

  8. Oh really, I agree with your comment…
    Too many Lucians are careless drivers and there is a lot of ignorance when it comes to safety on the road. Some fail to understand that the vehicle is a machine that needs to be driven with care and attention. They don’t value life. There should be a dedicated Police Traffic Prevention Team to deal with those drivers who are reckless, drink drivers (alcohol consumption), drugs, speeding, using cell phone while driving and generally bad drivers with bad habits. The government needs to go hard with a Zero-tolerance approach to those drivers who pose a risk to lives. Its not the pot holes causing the accidents, its the person behind the wheel of the car. Speeding or just too hard headed to understand the vehicle when used recklessly is a dangerous weapon. Driving with undue care and attention, using your cell phone while driving all are a risk to life, because you are not in control and it’s a distraction.
    I don’t think the government is doing enough, too much lip service, words with no action.
    If these road accidents were somehow affecting the visitors/ tourist industry on the Island, then, that would be a different story all together. They would most certainly do something about it . The government would implement and enforce strict control…I have no doubt they would crack down on managing better road safety. The way I see it they do not value the locals. The accident rates are way to high… Very sad.
    The government needs to do everything in its power to keep road-users and pedestrians safe. New laws needs to be enforced to ensure St Lucia’s roads are safe for everyone. The way I see it right now….your roads are not safe and you do not value your people. Your roads are too dangerous. Lastly, too many potholes, invest in repairing the potholes and tackle the dangerous driving and bad habits some drivers have, under taking on the roads, the biggest killer on the road in St Lucia….undertaking, speeding, overtaking carelessness. Drivers have not been taught how to drive properly. Too many love speed, the road is not a race course or race track. Its a means to get from A to B and drive with care, pay attention to the road markings and highway codes. Too many drivers, under take, over take, drink rum get behind the wheel, impatient driving, little boys on the roads. Most of these road accidents are caused by men. Safer roads save lives. Speeding kills.


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