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Police Seize Firearm, Ammunition In Vieux Fort Operations – Two People Arrested

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On Saturday, March 11, 2023, about 12:55 a.m. officers of the Criminal Investigations Department, Vieux Fort Police Station responded to a report of confiscation of a Firearm and Ammunition.

Officers of the Special Services Unit, Vieux Fort stopped and conducted a search on a vehicle driven by forty-one (41) year-old Silas Henry of Bridge Street, Vieux Fort with one female occupant, where one (1) 9mm Taurus Miami Florida pistol and twelve (12) rounds of ammunition.

Silas Henry was arrested and formally charged for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition. Silas Henry is currently in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

On Saturday, March 11, 2023 about 8:30 am officers of the Criminal Investigations Department, Vieux Fort Police Station executed a search warrant on the residence of Cornelius Victor of Grace, Vieux Fort.

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The search resulted in the confiscation of two (2) rounds of Ammunition.

Cornelius Victor was arrested and formally charged for Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. Cornelius Victor is currently in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force


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  1. Why are they “awaiting a bail hearing”? Unless we get serious and deny bail to those who have no respect for the law –those who traffic or travel around with illegal guns –NOTHING WILL CHANCGE! Well, I take that back! Something will change: Saint Lucia will become another Haiti!

  2. There was a female onboard. She was an occupant of the vehicle why is her name not being mentioned?

    Why may I ask ?

  3. Stricter laws should be enforced with regards to illegal guns. If we have to be the 1st on the planet to empty the bullets on the individuals who have the guns so be it. Guns was made to kill and do not serve as a trophy remember that. Whether we can send those guns off for ballistic testing to find any trace, shoot them at specific joint area so they will never be able to hold or pull the trigger. The public will know what he/she did when the public sees the injury.

  4. I am eager to know what bail the magistrate will give in the midst of all the shooting that took place last week.
    Now Senior Magistrate, have all you done any of the gun cases or continue to adjourn them? We want to know.

  5. In the midst of all these gun related death ,why is it those found with illegal guns are still being released on bail. Who knows how many of them are the actual killers and the guns are the actual weapons. Can anything be done about that. Testing Testing . What is being done with these guns. Are they just dumped in some bins awaiting some magical disappearing act to land them right back on the streets.

  6. these days there the fellas have to say strapped cause at any point in time their enemies could roll on them. but to me i hear that silas name call already

  7. @Dore….. EXACTLY !!! Now people finally are speaking up. I could not understand this code of silence when so many people saw the shooters especially by the fishing complex so many people was on Clark Street Friday afternoon selling burn chicken bars open so many herd the shots and fellows ran right pass them.

  8. Over the weekend, I read lots of comments on how to treat those criminals who have broken the law and have caused our citizens to live in fear. I understand the frustrations but we must first understand we are govern by the laws of the land. One cannot go above and beyond the law to to punish any criminal. We must abide by the law of the land.
    The problem is our leadership of the land. It has been too long and much too long those criminals are at liberty to do whatever they want and and at what ever time they want. A perfect example was the Mayhem in Vfort over the weekend. The police arrived onsite with the intention to arrest those criminals. This was never successful only because the men and women in uniform did not have a plan of action to execute at the time. Their body language said it all. The criminals are smart dudes who plan their next move and they deliver swiftly and precisely by the looks of it. They seem to know their targets and they follow a plan of action. The police on the other hand arrive without gears and no plan to make an arrest or even to stop those criminals in their tracks.
    To battle the crime in slu, we need a plan of action. First we need a plan to prevent those criminals from acting. I have not seen or heard of any conversation which will stop those criminals or help slow them down – nothing whatsoever.
    Secondly, if they act, we need a plan where all stake holders act swiftly and precisely. The Prime Minister took over 72 hours before he can bring his stake holders together to a room to discuss the events which were well on the way. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Technology allows us to move faster than that. With the development of software such as Zoom and TEAMS, we do not need any physical contact to have an effective meeting and to have the ball rolling on such an event. Every Government minister should understand and know their job is 24/7 and they should be ready for an emergency meeting with just an hour notice from any point ion the island. Turn your phone into a hotspot and connect your government device (laptop or tablet) ASAP.
    The chief of Police made the comment that things will be in place on Monday which is calculated to be over 72 hours after the first victim was shot. This again is UNACCEPTABLE. The Police and RSS should be ready to move within 1 hour notice in full gear and prepared for an emergency such as the one in VFort.
    Those in authority should set priorities – Use the word of their choice – Codes 1-2-3-4-5. It does not matter. Define and set the actions for each code. Obviously, the event which took place in VFORT should be considered CODE 1 (RED). This means all hands on deck and a reaction is required in 15 minutes from all parities . This is time the PM takes over the operation and receive reports every 15 minutes.
    The deaths which occurred on Friday morning into Saturday could have been avoided if we had a plan in place for such situations. Time has changed, our criminals have changed so we must change our approach. I am just tired of seeing the same shit on a different day when the criminals keep changing their tactics.

  9. Same guy
    Let me contribute more meaningfully to you 72 hour comment.
    ‘ The prime Minister too 17 days to respond. This started on bloody independence day.
    17 days.

    This is being reactive unacceptable leadership.



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