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Chastanet ‘Humbled And Deeply Grateful’ After Endorsement As UWP Leader


Micoud South MP Allen Chastanet stated that he was ‘humbled and deeply grateful’ to everyone who supported his continuation as leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), which he called ‘our great party’.

“Your support has given me the opportunity to continue working to bring about positive change for our country,” the former Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.

And he declared that he would not take the privilege lightly.

The UWP Unanimously endorsed Chastanet at its Conference of Delegates on Sunday.

Chastanet was unopposed, as were the other nominees for the National Executive.

The full slate was:

Political Leader- Allen Chastanet
1st Deputy Political Leader- Guy Joseph
2nd Deputy Political Leader- Senator Dominic Fedee
Chairman- Mr. Therold Prudent
1st Deputy Chair- Senator Phera Polius
2nd Deputy Chair- Ms. Mary Isaac
Elections Officer- Mrs. Beryl George
Welfare Officer- Ms. Tassa Daniel
Treasurer- Mrs. Marcella Johnson

Attendees at UWP Conference of Delegates.

A party release said approximately 300 delegates from constituencies around Saint Lucia gathered at the Micoud Secondary School for the event.

The Conference of Delegates preceded the UWP Convention.

The Conference approved the agenda for the upcoming National Convention on Sunday, April 16th, 2023.

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  1. Well i hope they change the legislation on thw last six months in office to if you are not born in st.lucia you cannot run for pm

  2. @Spoken praise yee praise yee praise yee my GOD is Back ……where did he go ? Hahaha Hahaha Lawd my belly haaaaaaa he is the only one that hat can save us from tyranny O your mighty White God we welcome you back O we miss yee the horses will nay in VF again and the gangs will disappear. St Jude’s will be a glass building with a heliport on top, more hotel more hotels , borrow borrow borrow who cares ‘”they” will pay for it. He will STOP all those projects, more festivals more festivals O it will be a good time for all, we will even have a minimum wage, poor St Lucians will feel relief at the pump and supermarkets so shout in praise our mighty White God he will do it all so praise yee praise yee praise yee

  3. We don’t want u chastanet. Imagine we need to inject new blood into the party and it’s the same old band wagon. I’ll see to it by any means necessary that you chastanet will not be prime minister.

  4. Good choice! I think he’s the most suitable and qualified man to continue leading the party at the moment. He’s not perfect, but he is a decisive and effective leader. Competent and intelligent. A man who can represent us on the World stage, without leaving us feeling constantly embarrassed. Good luck Mr. former P.M. Forward – Stronger and Better!

  5. Did I just read that the recycling plant was reopened? Wow. We act like there is no one else in Saint Lucia who can contest a seat successfully so we have to reelect the same persons previously accused of corruption. What a shame for us as a people and country. This applies to both political parties. By our actions, we legitimize corruption as an acceptable way of life in Saint Lucia. But we can make a difference by voting for a third political party or staying away from the polls as a way of showing our displeasure with the status quo, with what now passes as normal behavior of politicians in this country. Say no to corruption – vote the Green Party or don’t vote at all.

  6. @The Cabal very good comment. It’s so disappointing to see the older generation stuck in the red and yellow nonsense that they can’t see these people are stale. We need younger persons with fresh, creative and successful ideas. Both parties need a detox!!

  7. @ The Most Deplorable Lucian Downgrade….Par for the course – you stay rolling in the dirt. Hope the compensation is worth it.

  8. Lmfao just pathetic but his supporters are even more laughable. That Chasguy version of UWP can’t win an election, oppostion for another 5 years.

  9. I have said it and will continue to say it, once Chastanet, Guy and Dominic are at the forefront the party we are bound to lost the next election. Dominic and Guy are rejected politician. They are the cause of we loosing the last election, we don’t want them again.

  10. May I spell your name if you don’t understand “All end Chase a net” please stay home now.SPARKPLUG


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