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‘We Are Better Than That’ – UWP Distances Itself From ‘Gorillas’ Video


The United Workers Party (UWP) is aware of a video featuring the eating habits of
gorillas, which is presently circulating on social media.

The UWP takes this opportunity to publicly distance itself from the video and ask that the public do the honourable thing by refusing to continue circulation of it.

A video of this nature should not be promoted in a responsible and caring society. We therefore, ask the public to join us in condemning this distasteful, dehumanising and disrespectful video and videos of this kind.

We are all much better than that.

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  1. I don’t like Pierre as my PM, but as a very dark skin woman who was called a monkey as a child, this made me so angry

  2. Flambeau want to come back in power only to make their money but for the past 50 years have done nothing for the working poor .. How can you have thousands of people working for 2 to 5 EC dollars an hour without a minimum livable wage

  3. you know this is true i think we should listen cause if it was white people that was saying this about a fellow black person we would have been in an uproar also it shows lack of respect but that video so funny as heck. Lmao. ok back to being serious now.

  4. @Furious SAY BLACK !! AS A” BLACK WOMAN” say in it out LOUD this is woman’s month so say “AS A BLACK WOMAN “. James Brown sang “Say it Loud I am Black and I am proud “. In the words in of the great Malcolm X ” if you have no critics you will likely have no success” with that been said this has motivate this PM EVEN MORE to stay focus and and serve his country and people to the fullest. There are many with the delusional mindset that as a country we would be better off been govern by someone else that does not reflect the majority populace (always). This is call the ole Uncle Tom Massa Syndrome that’s imbedded in their Soul their is very little you can do about this type they are beyond rationale. In their eyes white is brite, white is right, to be black is wack, black is back. “The great Honorable Marcus Garvey sum it up nicely for me ” The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but in rather a glorious symbol of national greatness”. So PM Pierre continue showing them your greatness.

  5. Lol no the UWP are the same party that suggested the Prime Minister should have a fairer complexion to be taken seriously on the international stage. So this doesn’t surprise me.

  6. SHAME, SHAME on the UWP. Massa days are over. It is not about skin color but about Character, Honesty and Credibility.

  7. Re Article and Free Mason’s comments,I agree with FM about the wages of the working poor should be $10 per hour to eradicate some poverty in St Lucia,, Talk about on the radio to the people without other means of knowing other wise .. let’s bring the topic of $10 per hour and Issue,. The hotel’s should pay their workers a living wage of $10 per hour..


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