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Man Charged In Fatal Shooting Of Woman In Vieux Fort

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Police say they have charged a twenty-two-year-old man for the fatal shooting of a woman in Vieux Fort.

Officers charged the accused, Arenato Soumere of Martin Luther King Street, Vieux Fort, in connection with the death of 59-year-old Loraine Savery earlier this month.

Severy was among individuals killed in a surge of  gun violence in Vieux Fort.

In response to the violence, Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Philip J. Pierre announced that Vieux Fort South had been designated an escalated crime zone under the Suppression of Escalated Crime (Police Powers) legislation.

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The legislation grants expanded powers to the police, who have been patrolling the area alongside Regional Security System (RSS) troops invited here to assist in bringing calm to community after the violent crime upsurge.

Headline photo: Internet stock image.

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  1. That name, if my memory serves me right, was arrested and charged for murder about 2 years ago. I was told that he was released due to insufficient evidence. Let’s hope this time the evidence does not automatically become insufficient.

  2. Let’s be for real now! Who wants to see a handcuff without a face. This could be one of your editorial staff. You’ll need to show real faces and photos that’s relevant to the crime. Stop giving halfway news. Try to get an elaborate story as to what happened and how it happened before you publish. We all know the investigation will continue.

  3. Out of 7 deaths in Vieux Fort, only one charge has been laid. Is that a work in progress or just like all the other homocides before the other 6 victims will be left crying from their grave because of incompetent police work? Just asking for a friend.

  4. @Santo, “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. In this day and age there are so many tools which can be used to do such investigation. We need to tell the police to start looking outside the box . Technology gives us enough tools other than just an eyewitness. Your excuses just do not make sense to me – just shows how backward you are with your thinking. The cell phone is a good tool which can be used to monitor those criminals and to investigate them. The criminals have elevated their approach and the police are still relying on eye witness – could you imagine how backward that sounds ?

  5. Maybe he being charged for having connection to the crime, probably not the main person, then again who knows.

  6. I’m wondering as I read 7 again and have heard it said so many times. During that catastrophic 3 days in Vieux Fort, the Friday night a young lady was gunned down by Republic Bank. Images of her lifeless body being taken away was posted all over social media. What became of her? Did she survive?

  7. This man needs to be questioned. How he got the firearm and what is is motive for commiting such a heinous crime, who sent him to do it . The police need to question him about who has guns and where they are because this is organize crime…

  8. Fire Burn all the questions you asked there, the police already have all these answers. Everyone in the society know the answers and the police belong to the society. So do the Math. 1 + 1 = 2, and if you not too certain ask Motion.

  9. @ rest my case. but you just finished said people were taking pictures of her “lifeless body” you still asking what become of her and on top of that you asking if she survived? LMAO

  10. ma Malay it is ironic that you could lmao at my questions and assertions. Apart from that night when it was being circulated that she was victim number 3, nothing else has been said about her. She is not even included in the numbers given. This is St Lucia where anything goes.

  11. @ma malay I don’t fully blame him, they only said 7 victims instead of nine. I don’t what they hiding.


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