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Chastanet Condemns ‘Heartless, Callous’ Killings in Vieux Fort

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has spoken out following Saturday night’s fatal shootings in Vieux Fort, claiming the lives of a man at Cedar Heights and a grandmother and a two-year-old child in the Mang.

The grandmother and the toddler sustained fatal gunshot injuries shortly after the Cedar Heights homicide.

In a video post on Facebook Sunday, Chastanet said it was with a heavy heart that he wished everyone a happy Easter.

And he acknowledged that using the word ‘happy’ seemed so inappropriate.

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The former Saint Lucia Prime Minister described the Vieux Fort killings as ‘heartless’ and ‘callous’.

“My heart is broken that a grandmother and a two-year-old child would be victims at this particular time. It shows you how unconscionable this has become – how callous, heartless particularly on a day like today when we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus – the rebirth of Jesus. An opportunity to start something afresh,” the Micoud South MP stated.

He extended sympathy the family and friends of those who lost their lives and explained that he would have more to say later.

“But today is just a day to mourn and to try to remember what today and the importance of today is,” Chastanet said. in the video recording.

“May we all come together in the spirit of unity and healing, and may the hope and promise of Easter bring comfort to those who are grieving. My thoughts and prayers are with you,” he said in a separate written message.

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  1. Let’s not blame the SLP. They are putting the people first. I mean putting them into their grave first. FIRE THE MINISTER FOR SECURITY – INSTANTLY!.

  2. Phillip is drowning and you are clueless. Phillip is ridiculous and stupid but all you have pretty privilege! None of you is better than the other.

  3. This is crazy……….another mother has been killed. A major protest action to shake the very fabric of the government is now needed. I urge all conscionable women in VF and environs including those from other districts to mobilise their resouces, abstain from work – blaming it on force majeure, and march on. Financing is available for such a cause…….those in authority need to go !

  4. Who is responsible for and who do the magestrates report to ????????
    ????????? Who
    You are allowing bail for criminals who get back into society committing more crime and calling it human rights. (enablers).

    Only when it reaches your doorsteps you all will be hastily to act. However it will be too late though….

    You all enablers slaughtering the nation. Please do your jobs with a conscience..


  5. GOD:
    “My people have committed two sins,
    They have forsaken me,and forget the Spring of the living Water…
    “Turn to me 🇱🇨 St-Lucians and be healed ❗”
    I gave 🇱🇨 St-Lucia a messengers of good tidings …
    Surely, God is good to 🇱🇨 St-Lucians ; for God has not been change…
    Seek help from Above !!

    Hate 😈,❤️love good :
    Therefor,maintain ⚖️ justice in the courts…Do not hate the one who proves right in the courts and despise him, who tells the truth …
    Do not oppress righteousness and takes bribes and (deprive the poor of ⚖️ justice in the courts …
    Do not deprive the poor employees from labour, their only source of income to support their familles…
    Do not violates the labour code and sell the rights of the employees for the employers to agree to pay them three cents an hour,where as,they deserved ten$dollars an hour,when you have the power to act…..

  6. What part of parenting do you Lucians not understand is the ROLE OF THE PARENT to raise their kids. If you all decide to have kids which you can not afford – BLAME THE GOVERNMENT
    if you did not go to school even when the school was walking distance from your home – BLAME THE GOVERNMENT
    if you want to hang you hat where you hand can not reach with envy and jealousy – BLAME THE GOVERNMENT
    THE GOVERNMENT THE GOVERNMENT – you guys want the government to discipline the monsters which you have created – give me a break.

    I remember working for minimum wage with a degree – I worked until I was able to secure another job because you have to start somewhere – not envying or getting jealous of anyone and their possessions.

    When I had a lemon I made lemonade – some of you want orange juice because the neighbor has orange juice – please spare me.
    Another cry “things in St. Lucia hard” —- tell me where are things easy on planet earth – enough already.


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