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Where The Flowers Fall – Aaron Hutchinson Inspiring Others At Sandals Halcyon Beach

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Hidden inside the naturally beautiful landscape of Saint Lucia lies a secret garden filled with effervescent flowers, luscious palms, and serene waters. A place where couples come to escape and fall in love all over again.

This quintessential, charming and intimate sanctuary Sandals Halcyon Beach, is home to many fragrant tropical blooms like the hibiscus, yellow shrimp, spider lily and jasmine plants and trees such as coconut, mango, almond, star fruit, and banana, all well maintained on a daily basis by the hardworking landscaping team.

Inspiration can come to us at any time and from many sources and for landscaper Aaron Hutchinson, working in a true Garden of Eden is the perfect opportunity to impact others while doing what he loves.

Aaron Hutchinson who hails from the southern community of Vieux-Fort joined the landscaping team at Sandals Halcyon Beach in 2019. “It’s a wonderful job to have, it’s therapeutic for me. That natural feeling, the pure oxygen from the plants always calms my nerves. Plus it allows me to exercise, my body is always in motion.”

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Here in the midst of this tropical utopia stands an alluring frangipani tree known for its distinct flower petals and skeleton-like branches. “The frangipani petals fall off the tree on a daily basis. One day I looked at them and said I really don’t want to throw them away, they’re too beautiful. I thought about it and found a way to incorporate my love of art which I learnt at school, into my work. That’s how I started creating messages in that exact area, which has been referred to by the team members as the place ‘where the flowers fall’.” Aaron says, “Every day using the fallen flowers, I leave messages relating to either love, inspiration or harmony. I wanted to find a way to use my work to make the guests and even the team members embrace the resort even more. That made me feel like I contributed to the greater good, taking it one step further.”

Aaron said “A few team members have told me when they’re not having the best day, they would visit the spot where the flowers fall to see what message was left there and it always feels like that message was left there just for them. ‘Deal life with love’, love is all you need’, ‘smile more today’ are just some of the messages I have shared. This experience has taught me to be persistent with my passion and that we all have the ability to impact others no matter our position, just be genuine with your actions. I try my best to share that understanding with my fellow team members.”

Landscaping Manager at Sandals Halcyon Beach Neville Gustave said “Although Sandals Halcyon is known for its beautiful landscape, it’s the dedication and appreciation of the landscaping team members that make it what it is.  A lot of work goes in to maintaining the greenery while avoiding overgrown grass and trees. Aaron was very proactive with using the fallen frangipani flowers. The messages he leaves are always talked about by the guests and team members and we even feature it during our weekly nature walks with the guests. Aaron is the most creative landscaper in the department. He loves what he does, and always shares ideas on what can be done with the blooms in the lawn.”

When asked about his future plans in this field Aaron shared “The positive response I have receive on this idea has really motivated me to push myself even further and strengthen my skills in landscaping and venture into topiary and strengthening my  landscaping capabilities .”

SOURCE: Sandals Resorts

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  1. Very refreshing and inspiring article, St Lucia Times!! I join you in appreciating the creativity and thoughtfulness of this gentleman.

    We know that this one will not go viral since it covers no politics or violence. But we must persevere and share even more of the Good News… since such news is the very essence of Love and of Hope that our dearest St. Lucia dearly needs at this time.

    This is what St Lucia and St Lucians are all about! Do not let the cynics convince you otherwise! Big up yaself Aaron Hutchinson!

  2. Such a beautiful and inspiring article to read this morning. Mr. Hutchinson I applaud your creativity in using the fallen frangipani flowers to create notes. That’s what happens when one is passionate about their work assignment. Godspeed

  3. Sandals again……who is surprise,their pay may not be the greatest but they the staff loves what they do and the have the opportunity to uplift themselves. Big up your Arron your displays and words are of upliftment and encouragement….you are a prime example of a positive young man making a difference and bringing comfort to others. Those Yellow Clowns should have recruited you as local talent for their sawai (we would lend them) instead of a deported ex con to speak to our youth. Keep it up Boss I find Solace in my garden as well, I am trying to create a Japanese inspired theme most comforting.

  4. Just reading Aaron’s work is pleasurable. He has also reminded me that I must find a frangipani plant. The beautiful thing about the story is Aaron is doing what he loves doing. Moreover, guest and staff experience wonderful feelings. Keep it up, Aaron.

  5. Reading this brought a smile to my face. More positive articles please, too much death and destruction these days

  6. Had the pleasure of meeting him on my Birthday trip to St. Lucia in March, Arron always greeted my with a beautiful smile as he worked the garden.

  7. @The Most Honorably Lucian Highgrade it is very unfortunate you had to completely wrecked your great comment by implying politics in an article which has absolutely nothing to do with your so call yellow clowns… sad

  8. Thanks for doing what you do Aaron. You’ve definitely put a smile on my face through this article. May you have a fruitful and brighter future 🔆 🙏

  9. When so many young men from Vieux-Fort are dying, it’s good to hear of one who is living. Big up Aaron!


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