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Chastanet Highlights Early Intervention To Steer Youngsters Away From Crime


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has highlighted the need for early intervention and positive outlets to steer young people away from a life of crime.

“By intervening early on and providing positive outlets like sports, we can help steer our youth away from a life of crime, creating safer and more prosperous communities for all,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote Monday on Facebook.

Chastanet recently visited Bruceville, Vieux Fort, in the company of visiting Belize opposition leader Moses’ Shyne’ Barrow.

A former rapper, Barrow served time in the United States for a 1999 nightclub shooting that injured three people.

And Chastanet has said that the former rapper’s story of transformation is a testament to the potential for positive change in every individual.

Chastanet described their visit to Vieux Fort, which has recently seen a spurt in deadly gun violence, as an opportunity to offer ‘hope and inspiration’ to at-risk youth.

“During my visit to Bruceville last week to engage with members of the community, we made a contribution to the junior arm of the Stable Boyz Football Club by donating footballs,” the UWP leader recalled.

He described the group as a promising group of young footballers.

“Looking forward to delivering on the extra requests which they made,” Chstanet wrote on Facebook.

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  1. The 863 million dollars you borrowed, had you put it into good use we would never have all these crimes today. You forgot you stopped the laptop programs. You forgot you had a man receiving a salary but he never did anything as Minister of sports. Well now you regret but it’s too late.

  2. I’m too damn chicken to visit V/Fort on a whole, never mind Bruceville or any other Ville, so I salute any person to visit the kids anywhere in V/Fort on this positive note. Here’s an opportunity fot the Church, Pastors or Priests to come down from the Pulpit, meet with the Kids, kick a Ball with them, talk with them – do as Jesus would do – Chas is only one man, that place needs dozens like that for a positive transformation. Where is the Rep, what has he or what is he doing? Com’on Kenny I once would place all my Cards on you, what happened? you’ve left us to think its only for the pay checks; hope not. Come out & show us You still care.

  3. Now you see what the problem is. Back in the day, the loudest music you would hear in the community was church hymns. Now it is dancehall promoting violence and sex. Whether you like it or not somebody exposing your child to filth and violence. Neighbours would keep each others’ kids in line when the parents not around. Now it is everyone see for yourself and not my business. The police were respectable and effective. Now we have cops who can’t even draw an outline of a corpse. Everyone wants a quick buck and hard work be damned. Rules are just there for show and have no enforcement. Society is sick. Instead of treating the symptoms, the disease itself must be cured. Only way to see light in this place.

  4. Chas behind,., every body try their hand at that.unless ,knowing mate, he looking to form his own gang.

  5. He he he he heh heh heh heh heh heh heh you think V-Fortians stupid you playing role (wink wink) hehehehehe….. don’t worry we are playing too. We can all (who iare enough) can remember when White Mercenaries came to VF Sheep’s in Wolf clothing hehehehehe carry on with your photo up I am enjoying this.he heh heh heh he heh heh wooooie…… welcome you The Great Hope

  6. There is nothing wrong with the people of bruceville. a few strong men who have been left to their own devices, have just taken advantage and tried to control the area. this is why you must get rid of these strong men at all cost to themselves. so u will not have a neighbourhood like this.

  7. @charat you delusional idiot the people of Bruceville are Saint Lucians they are not migrants or refugees they are Saint Lucians. Many were not afforded the generational wealth as certain politicians who are trying to befriend them, or exposed to higher education but they are Sanit Lucian’s at or below the poverty level who makes up a quarter of the population in this country. Make no mistake they do vote as politician has found out this the hard way when they lost their election.

  8. What is this 😳 😭🙏🙏🙏
    Never in my wildest imagination would have believed that St.Lucians had that much hate and stupidity in them…
    Wow ! Wow………
    I call it EVIL with a capital E……. So lets forget the message, forget the situation, forget the dead and their families,forget the at risked young people….Let crucify the messenger !
    WHY St.Lucia, WHY?

  9. @True Lucian Patriot…. it’s not hate, it’s we are now educate and “a woke people”. Awoke to narcissist elusion trajectory by the likes of Allen Chastanet school of thought that his now sudden meek and mild demeanor will somehow swayed V-Fortians of the beliefs to The Great White Hope. Nice try but no cigar, we are watching him. You and your family has systematically built, benefit, and had enjoyed generational wealth earned from the backs of poor St Lucians for centuries, and we now must assume his new found Mother Teresa approach to less the fortunate amongst us are valid, he is nothing more than a wolf in sheep clothing.


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