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Community In Mourning At Bus Driver’s Death After Bexon Accident


Members of the Carielle community are mourning the death of a bus driver who served the area.

Joel Nelson succumbed following a collision involving his minibus and a truck on Monday at La Bayee, Bexon.

Collision between bus and truck at Bexon.

He was in his early forties.

“He has been one of our most dependable drivers,” the President of the Carielle Minibus Association, Rock Jean, recalled.

“He was one of the drivers who would come out earlier,” Jean told St Lucia Times.

He noted that several Carielle residents converged on the OKEU Hospital, where emergency responders transported Nelson after the accident.

“Yesterday, I had never seen that before – the number of people who came to the hospital when they heard. So many persons came out there, but of course they couldn’t see him because the doctors were trying to stabilise him,” Jean told St Lucia Times.

“Joel had a lot of customers that he would go to meet by their doorsteps and assist them, so the entire community, there’s a Carielle Neighbourhood WhatsApp chat, and you should see the comments there. Even last night, everybody said, ‘Let’s pray for Joel’, when they got the news,” the association President stated.

While giving a woman a ride Tuesday morning, Jean said she disclosed that her six-year-old son was in tears hearing of Nelson’s death.

“The mother had to console him. That tells you the kind of love that the community had for Joel,” the association President explained.

“Joel was always a nice guy. He was also into the taxi business – his private taxi. So Joel would give you his number. If you are stranded, and it’s not working hours, you could call him, and he would come and pick you up,” Jean told St Lucia Times.

And he said the deceased was a personal friend aside from being a work colleague.

“I personally, but the entire community will miss him,” the association President said regarding the deceased father of two.

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  1. U mean that’s all. What about an outcry to have a proper functioning Traffic Police and proper Driving Schools. I watch a see a solid white line. So why was that delivery truck overtaking? Is it because he knows there is never any Police to charge him? Must be. Am sure the truck has a sticker. Adherence to vehicle registration sticker is there because one knows that th ePolice might do random checks. If Police were doing random Driving checks persons would also adhere to proper driving rules. PJ THE DRIVER. GOOD GUY.

  2. Reading this it is sad to hear the lost of person of touching character. In times like this we need good people like him we crave for this kind of positive impact in our society. He will be dearly missed.

    Condolences to his family, friends, community , and all the individuals he has touched. May he rest in peace .

  3. i understand that you care but what all of you just coming at the hospital for? its not like you can assist or make anything better , yall just coming there and just stand up and stick in emergency personnel feet

  4. What’s with this guy always telling people what they can and can’t do take a back seat u think you know it all, very annoying

  5. The government of St. Lucia is very slack ! In an accident someone is at fault. No ticket issue or citation is a lost of revenue. It should be safety first.

  6. It’s so sad to hear of this tragic death.. Joel my friend such a sweet soul. Such a wonderful person bus driver one of the best . Rest in peace my friend. Condolences to your family..

  7. Truly a kind hearted individual, always hustling, always helping somebody. His Soufriere people will surely miss him.

  8. Joel ever year I would call u to pick me and and my fam at the the airport u would be on time get where I was going safe , 1 year later I am seeing u gone my heart is broken. I leave England in 2 weeks I hope and pray I will be there when u are laid to rest riep my friend 😭😭😭😭

  9. R.I.E.P Our Dear Friend Joel. Devastating news. You will be missed. Our hearts are broken. You are and will always remain a BEAUTIFUL SOUL to us. Sincere condolences to all your family and friends. 😔

  10. RIEP My Dear Friend Joel. Devastating news. Our hearts are broken In many pieces. This is very hard to accept.
    Joel, you are and always will be a beautiful soul to us. We are going to miss you badly. Sincere condolences to all your family and friends. 😔😔😔


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