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Parliament Suspends Allen Chastanet


On Tuesday, the Saint Lucia House of Assembly suspended Micoud South MP and opposition leader Allen Chastanet over his failure to apologize for and retract a statement alleging government corruption.

Chastanet made the allegation on Friday as he spoke about the sale of land at Bananes.

During Tuesday’s sitting, House Speaker Claudius Francis read the opposition leader’s statement to members.

“What is before me is not whether land is valued at twenty million or sixty million. It’s whether the transaction in the sale of the land to a client of an Attorney, whether corruption was attached to that sale,” House Speaker Claudius Francis explained.

“You have not made that case,” Francis told Chastanet.

“I am the judge in this chamber and I would ask you to withdraw the statements that I have read,” the Speaker declared.

After Chastanet said he would not and was preparing to leave, when Francis told him he should not before a ruling was made.

“Member, you shall not leave yet,” the Speaker stated.

“Officer, he shall not leave. Officer, he shall not leave,” Francis said to the police on duty as Chastanet exited the house, followed by two female officers.

The Micoud South MP returned to the chamber a short time later with the officers behind him and took his seat.

The Speaker drew members’ attention to Standing Order 43 (4) regarding disregard for the Chair’s authority and asked the members what sanctions, if any, they wished to place on Chastanet.

The leader of Government Business, Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire, rose to indicate that the Micoud South MP should again be asked to apologize and withdraw his statement, not being allowed into the chamber until he did so.

“Such disrespect in the House cannot continue Mr. Speaker,” Hilaire asserted.

The Speaker then indicated that the Chair’s discretion was limited only to a maximum of the next sitting.

But Francis explained that there was no such limitation on the House.

“If you ask me to put your question to the House, which is that the member – the Honourable Allen Chastanet, because the rules at this time do not permit me to refer to his constituency because you cannot sanction a constituency, that the Honourable Allen Chastanet be asked to withdraw the statement, issue an apology, failing which this Honourable House shall rule that he is not to be allowed within the precincts of the House until he does so – Is that your question, Leader of Government Business?” The Speaker said.

In response to an affirmative answer, the Speaker put the question to the House and members voted in favour.


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  1. When we have this behavior on both side. The blatant disrespect from the whole house sitting is unacceptable. We deserve better. I’ve seen the ruling party walk out of the house when they were in opposition and nothing. Now yall know the law. I say throw all of yall away. Yall are the ones messing up what was once beautiful st lucia.

  2. Shame on all of those educated fools. Chas will win the next election and will turn around and do the same shit, this childish behavior will never end. Both UWP and SLP get the hell out of the People’s house.

  3. The house need to put itself in order. Too much hostilities going on, we are all one, prove him wrong and then make hin pay for his accusations.

  4. The number of times this present administration accused the opposition of curruption (both in and out of power) cannot be counted. Today they’re making a mockery of the house/their power to ridicule the leader of the opposition because they can … Chastanet should never opologize! Let’s see how long they will keep up with that charade. God knows the venom I have grown to have for our politicians (yellow and red alike). Its all about their power and ego once they get in power. No body cares about the people …

  5. The Month of May have Started Hurricane Season is 4Months away the Roads are in a Mess talk about when and if these Roads will be Repaired which I doubt very Much .The Minister said Rain was falling now. We heading to the Rainy Season .This Minister is a Professional in Bending the Truth


  7. Always a that House of Assembly .I name it the House of Destruction .With so called Politricktians enjoying Happiness for 5years .Both Parties does the Same when in power .St.Lucians have to wake up and Stop being party Hacks .It’s time St.Lucians expose all of them for their Lies .Papisho

  8. What nonsense am I reading here? Who is the SLP to behave like this while supposedly being charged with the business of st lucia? Chastanet should take all of these jokers to court! they wanted CCJ, let the whole SLP party be the first to face CCJ! what the heck? this is how corrupt this island is all over!

  9. This ludicrous drama and abuse of power in the most august assembly in the nation needs to stop. The charges of corruption between the two parties is characteristic of party politics. This kind of behavior in parliament does not enhance the agenda in uplifting lives and livelihood and bridging the political division in the the island. The ruling party can simply provide the evidence that there was no corruption in the transaction to expose Chastanet’s lies. Focus on the projects at hand and plans to make life easier for all.

  10. These guys acting like high schools girls why don’t they put on their big boy pants and do what they wear put there to do stop the bs people are sick and tired of the nonsense

  11. The issue was for Chas to prove that whatever he said at the previous sitting of the house and what he attempted at yesterday’s sitting present could have been linked to corruption. He couldn’t! So, he was asked to retract the statement . . . he didn’t. If one were to have watched yesterday’s events impartially, one would have seen that this was a reasonable request. But no. Chas allowed his hurt pride to get in the way.

    And certainly, unlike what many may claim, yesterday’s events was civilized.

  12. This brilliant man knows how to get under your skins . Like it or not this man has great plans for st Lucia . He is just a bit too advanced for the 43% of this country . But he means well. 😆
    He will soon come to invest in dental care for Our country . Turtles 🐢 allow st Lucia to move forward.

  13. I hope you people out there open your eyes and see what is going on. This is a bid to silence chastanet and when they silence chastanet the people have no say in anything cause he represents the people of the opposition. So if he cant come in the house all of us just have to suffer the consequences of all the borbol that will go around

  14. Go ahead Claudius and gain popularity for Chas. This is the most despicable, arrogant, negative Speaker of the House ever. This guy has a hatred to the core for Chas, but he should realize that Chas is human just like him. He is like a hawk waiting to pounce on its prey every time Chas stands to speak. Could you imagine a Speaker formulating a question for Helaire in order to suspend the man from the house. The members of the government were heckling throughout Chas’ speech and not one stood on a point of order but the most high Speaker did. Climb high Speaker, your fall will be tremendous.

  15. I can rem not to long ago these fellas were humble asking me for their vote now they sit as kings rocking their expensive chairs gathering their riches while we still remain stupid and poor. Instead of choosing to help the people their attack each other to feed their eggo. Cannot leave the house having the police involved. Surley that is a breech of ones
    freedom and the constitution

    How much more money this will cost the state?

  16. After reading all these comments, I conclude why this island has so much crime. Do you mean to tell me if a teacher gives a child an instruction this child will blatantly say “I am not doing it and it’s okay”? Wow and all of us will support the child. Where is the discipline? What example do our leaders set for young people? This is not the first time Mr. Chastanet is breaking the law of parliament, remember him and Andy Daniel, former speaker of the house? And all you still supporting him? Crime supporters.

  17. Politicians are good actors in the house of parliament but true friends in the real world. My people, please be observant. Do you really believe wrestlers are enemies in real life?

  18. I wonder if the Speaker no longer has a death threat against his life..Politics sure breeds strange bed fellows.

  19. Chas is the best thing SLU has right now. He is the best strategist you can find in SLU right now. I hope he pays his advisors as well as he pays his lawyers. All along Chas wanted to end up in court with Richard regarding the Sale of the land. He did just did by causing the Speaker of house to dance to his tune and have all the government ministers to fall in his trap. Chas is now the winner heading to court to force Richard to speak the truth and present all the required documents. Do not feel sorry for Chas, he knows exactly what he is doing – I just wish him good luck and hope he finds Richard Guilty in the courts of law.

  20. Imagine a government who put a criminal stain on a man, is now defending that same man tooth and nail without any trial. What a dirty game called politics.

  21. Chas says he care about the people , so why is he not giving the coco palm staff an increase in salary with the high cost of inflation

    I thought we were living in a democracy but I had to look left, right and left again before I crossed. In the middle I begone to wonder – never to write comments that does not please the present government, but only that that make one feel good, let’s see – like the “Most honerable lowgrad” if you don’t feel good after what he writes, something wrong. Where do we go from here, I was told free speech dead, where on earth can one speak the truth without chastisement – St. Lucia, St. Lucia, St. Lucia we are heading to a place I can’t recognize anymore; the era of hate and racism is overwhelming me. There’s a God above.

  23. If that is the case @ The Main Man than tings goin to get a lot hotter real soon…. These childish antics all around are giving Lucians worldwide a bad name with this belittling childish blatant disrespect and arrogance…@Troy Francis exactly …” say “I am not doing it and it’s okay”? Wow and all of us will support the child….. ?”Where is the discipline?… on ALL SIDES!!!… ? Stating Chastenet can not return to the house until an apology is administered is a HOAX!…smph serious BS check all the other sheety antics goin on there in the house with unaccountability!….

  24. I am not a Chas supporter. But even worst, I don’t like that arrogant fool name Claudius Francis. He probably all pissed off Chas won a motion against him sometime a back recently and this is payback.

    I cannot even imagine the legality of this. how you gonna tell the man he cannot come back to the house unless he apologize and, and asking the opposition what type of punishment should be administered. What kind of conflict of interest is this?

    People need to challenge this fool and stop him. Yea Chas be saying some high shit but I feel like they ganging up and trying to be little him.

    That’s not a fair judgement, the fact that you asking Hilaire what type of punishment should be administered is over stepping.

  25. I wonder if Mikey Pilgrim and John Peters look at themselves in the mirror. How deep some are in the belly of the beast.

  26. Why isn’t Hunte banging pans for the mysterious sale of the people’s land on prime waterfront in Castries Harbour. Why isn’t Jany the journalist investigating. After all they made noise when private land in receivership that had been on public sale for 10 years was sold to Cabot. I guess selective nationalism, selective outrage and party loyalty.

  27. Selling government land to a young lady in Dominica for $2.7 million cash seems a bit strange. The nation understands that this prime waterfront property was valued at over $7 million ten years ago. Where is notice of public sale or tender and where are the approved plans for development? Who is this lady in Dominica related to? Why was it offered to her?
    Surely this would have made a wonderful water side park for Tapion and Faux a Chaud at the ridiculously low price the chosen valuation expert valued it at.

  28. Not that Guy is the straightest arrow in the quiver but I think it is time for him to tell the nation what is happening here. There is so much deceit and collusion amongst the 15. So much arrogance and shady business. It seems like a coming together of evil minds. The press have been purchased. The lies are unchallenged. The governance of the parliament is pitiful and totally partisan. St. Lucia seems lost and under the jackboot of a dangerous politburo of champagne socialists.

  29. @ Karen:- I see your point and I agree; some ting wrong der. From $7 million 10 years ago, to a paltry $2.7 million today, what happened? one would think this time ten years later, this prime water front location would fetch even higher than $7 million with proper Marketing, so damn the marketing, sell the damn ting anyway, we got this buyer. Should anyone dare say anything opposing this deal in the House, well god help him; apologize or you’re out of here. The ‘Nation still want to know who the players are’ – the buyer, the seller & who else – in this Nation its still our right to know, so dose Castries South, Micoud South and all other St. Lucians.

  30. The SLP’s arrogance when in office has always been their downfall. Considering all the antics that have gone on in Parliament, this response by the Speaker was vindictive. Why can’t the people we entrust to lead this country just do the right thing? Just behave civilly? The violence we’re seeing in this country started with small actions such as this, bullying, rejection, mischief, vindictiveness. These people are not leaders. This country is in a bad place, smh.

  31. When was it that the Parliamentary system the British taught us eroded? the last time Slp was in power, it was that Speaker Vs Guy from Cast: Sth. East. that one was funny and I enjoyed it, But this time although Chas was at times laughing, what I thought was going to be funny for viewers, turned out to be a black eye for British Parliamentary scholars. Should High School Kids watch this and say, ‘they want to be a politician & member of Parliament’? maybe only for the perks, the laughs but sometimes, heart aches ? regrets.
    Thats life, the good the bad & the ugly. Market Steps, I enjoyed it, but that one last week Sucks bigtime. Can’t hide the hate, the racism and absence of humour. Be ye Blessed.


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