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Pierre Condemns UWP ‘Gutter Politics’


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has accused the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) and its leader, Allen Chastanet, of engaging in ‘gutter politics’.

The accusation came during Pierre’s rebuttal at the debate on the Appropriation Bill.

The Castries East MP explained that politics is temporary.

“You’re in power one day and you’re out of power another day,” Pierre told the House of Assembly.

However, he observed that was a problem for Micoud South MP Allen Chastanet and Chastanet’s UWP.

“They do not understand that the people have voted against them, and they have to wheel and come back again,” Pierre declared.

But he said Chastanet and the UWP had not returned with policy, ideas, or solutions.

“What they’re coming back with is pure nastiness if you can allow me to use that word Mr. Speaker -the most gutter politics ever in the history of Saint Lucia,” Pierre stated.

“Mr. Speaker, when in these days you put on Facebook and you circle out people’s children and you identify them as ‘That is the child of X and Y’, Mr. Speaker – put them in the public domain. When you know out there there are people who are very emotional. There are people who take the politics to other levels that you may not want,” he told the House.

“And your leader endorses it, Mr. Speaker, and comes back to the parliament at some time and pretends that he is apologising on other things when he is the one who is the mastermind behind all these issues,’ the Prime Minister said.

Pierre indicated that some might assert that such behaviour occurs across party lines.

But he said he had told the men and women on the government side that ‘We will not go down to the gutter.’

“We will continue the policies that will support the people of Saint Lucia,” Pierre said.

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  1. PJP you for ALL people want to accuse someone of gutter politics ???? Man u really have heart and guts.

  2. All I can say that Mr.PM is that UWP learnt gutter politics from the best and that is SLP..So please don’t be. Hater just be proud.

  3. Pjp are you seriously dreaming fwe?? What kind of politics were you vomiting during the opposition reign?? You are pretending that you Forget smh papysho. Chas knows he lost so that’s y he must be on your toes all day and just a touch of what you inflicted on him Chas 5 plus yrs ago. So eh try that on us 🇱🇨 🇱🇨
    You will and come again!!

  4. Most Honorable I disagree with you. You have to kick sand in a bway face and keep it going I told you this more than 10yrs ago, theses people and their operatives are so nasty and racist don’t ease up on them YOU HAVE TO GET DOWN IN ThE GUTTER WITH THEM. Look all the thing they have posted and said about you, depicting you as a monkey and all kind of salopness NO I disagree with you kick sand in a bway face and keep it GOING. We know you are a well mannered gentleman and your bought upsy don’t allow for this BUT WE GOT YOUR BACK leave them for Highgrade the pleasure is all mind, Alva don’t have a problem dealing with them either. . don’t make your gentleman qualities perceived you as been weak they will walk all over you, just like in parliament this weak drape up a bway and let him know what time it is no pampering, no retreat no surrender, they cuss your mother tell them about their granny this is not a game of Polo it’s polytricks.

  5. Speaking of circling children , the officer and JP who’s children were harassed without cause sitting by his house and the comments these officers made that were stated on the news… these are the officers we need booted from the force the citizens are paying their salaries and they are accosting the man’s family bc he bringin RSLP to Court bc he wouldn’t open his door for a unidentified undercover officer in civilian attire who was rude and demanding this sheet is bogus, Madame Commissioner Please address this Former retired officers case wit due course and expediation!…. These are the dirty cops we need off the force giving the good ones risking their lives a bad name SMPH @ that behavior from men that are being paid by taxpayers money, you disrespecting the man so saying u hate mate and can’t wait to shoot him WTPHOCK undercover officers…. Smph Name the officers and vehicle plates!

  6. Yh Bouy the campaign is on . They forgot what time it is . Who have them so confused ????? . Hehehehehehehe . Lollllll . Chas leave the ppl alone 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Mr. Piere you are doing great. You need to move the speaker from the house the music that playing brining you down. R.F is not a ray of sunshine either.

  8. The uwp as well as the slp is engaged in the so called gutter politics. After all the allegations made against Guy and Chastanet by pear and nothing has been proven . Chas is also making allegations that’s not substantiated .Two garbage party competing for points in the game and unfortunately the ordinary people don’t realize that they are taken for granted. Pierre deserves a shame award.

  9. SMH. All of this to shy away from the real issue here. The selling of the Lands.
    Why has the value gone down? Mr. St. Clair
    Why was it valued at one price but sold for a lower price? Commissioner of Crown Lands
    Why was this not advertised for sale for all us Lucians to get an opportunity to buy too?
    Did somebody gain a cut under the table tantamount to Corruption in this sale at this price to that individual?
    To avoid the questions and possible answers an attempt has been made to stop the person asking the questions on Lucians behalf

  10. People need to remember that there are lot of swingers in the mix…that’s not true UWPs…so if there is gutter politics aimed at the SLPs now, it’s from their very own supporters that have swung (and not necessarily just from last election)….true UWPs are conservative people

  11. PIP, are you suffering from dementia?
    Your members have PHDs in gutter politics.

  12. As much as I admire you Mister Prime Minister
    You are defending the undefendable ..Dishonest politicians like Richard Frederick is an embarrassment to the Govt . Get him out or he will bring your govt down .

  13. PJP is one deluded man. This stinks of hypocrisy. In the run up to the 2021 elections UWP was slandered. I say slandered because they are yet to prove the corruption they were claiming when in opposition. Currently we have another debacle of land sold below its value in what seems like a shady scenario. Does UWP have the receipts? Perhaps, but that is besides the point. Both parties I believe engage in shady/corrupt practices that reeks of nepotism. The difference between UWP and SLP besides them being more less the same, using the countries coffers as their own personal enrichment tool, is that under UWP we seemed to be progressing, our road network was being maintained, we finally moved into OKEU, the airport rehabilitation was underway, St. Judes looked like something was happening, and most of all during a tough time we had extended duty free concessions for the everyday man and NO NEW TAXES!! Now the country looks in shambles and PJP gave what looked like a tax break to the low income earners and immediately slapped on a new 2.5% “levy”. SLP vs UWP means the same corrupt nonsense but one with makeup on a pig and the other with a knife in the back of the people. Lucians too docile to demand what is needed to progress in a meaningful way.

  14. @thebaldavenger… PJP made a deal with the devil and now you’re asking him to renege on that deal? How dare you?

  15. Look who is talking about Gutter Politics of all Persons. Pierre you are the leader of dirty politics. Even after you were given a mandate of 15-2, you continued to play all types of politics. You never realized you won the election and you should act as a leader. Every time you open your mouth you upset me with your nonsense. You are actually leading SLU in the opposite direction and then you go to Parliament with the likes of Escobar (RF) and you displayed even the worst behavior ever.

  16. If you ask me, corruption rules this little rock of ours. Try getting a contractor, mechanic or plumber who won’t try to bleed you dry. Try get a helper who won’t try to tief your belongings. Try getting a fisherman who won’t try to finger a scale. Try getting a civil servant who won’t turn up for work an hour late and leave 2 hours early. People break the laws every day to get an unfair advantage over others. And yet they expect all politicians to be clean. SMDH

  17. PJP is shameless! Saint Lucians are no longer as stupid as they used to be. YOU are the leader of ‘gutter politics’.
    Time YOU understand that the politics of the 1980s and the 1990s are not the same as the politics of today especially with all the information available to everyone.

    YOU and the labour party need to LEAD by example and get out of the gutter. Baytise!

  18. Mr Phillip Pierre of SLP talking about gutter politics in Saint Lucia? No! That’s Not what he meant. That couldn’t be what he meant. “The Market Steps”….food for thought!!!

  19. St Lucians like law breakers so much, when one tries to stay away from such, it is like this person is the worst person on earth. Lucians, stay away from corruption and lies.

  20. To end end gutter politics….you need to get politicians out of the gutter. A Prime Minister is an excellent position to ask these questions of fellow politicians and ministers:
    Have you used your position in a Union to create mischief and mayhem for a solely political reason with absolutely no consideration for your members or the nation?
    Have you defrauded any tax authority or any customs authority?
    Have you ever scammed pensioners out of their retirement funds for a real estate ponzi scheme?
    Have you ever rubbed shoulders with drugs barons, accepted their campaign donations and then protected them?
    Have you ever ordered the elimination of anybody?
    Have you been involved with money laundering and sale of drugs?
    Have you ever rubbed shoulders with and accepted campaign finance from persons known to be money laundering?
    Have you ever taken advantage of your situation to surreptitiously acquire crown lands through an associate i.e family member, friend or business associate?
    Have you bribed members of the press and media houses?
    A lie-detector would obviously help.

  21. @ nou vlay sav. Great questions! I believe this should be the way to go for any politician to take up any position in government. They must be put through a public test like this. And have the option of excusing themselves from duty should they be found wanting. Imagine selling land left right and center! Both parties! Chasnent gave the Chinese prime land for less than one dollar for 99 years beyond his lifetime. Now waterfront sale to friend in Dominica at basement prices! And guess who have to pay more tax and suffer under their corruption! We! Who can barely afford house and land in our own country!

  22. WOW! Here goes the deputy or the first runner up to Richard for dirty politics. Pierre should never mention the word dirty when he is a mastermind at it and I say second only because Richard is just slightly above him. All we need to know is what was the true value of the land? What interest in developing the area the purchaser has in the land? What was it sold for? Did FIA or FSRA investigate the source of the purchaser’s fund? How much was deposited into the consolidated fund? and if all the money from the sale of the land didn’t go into the treasury, where is the rest? or was there a clause to pay part and the rest at a subsequent time? There are many other questions but these are the most important ones for now. Please Mr Pierre I beg you to get rid of that PITBULL before he brings your party down like he did to King Kong. Don’t let it get to the point of being slapped.

  23. In that land deal the people of St. Lucia demand to know who the buyer is, how much was it sold for, why so under valued after ten years, who the players are, commissioner for Crown Lands, why not publicly offered for sale so as to get a competitive sale price, such sale requires a Lawyer, who was it, why keep it hush hush, why chastise Chastanet in Parliament, the only place given to us for debate, but this individual with deep seated hatred for the former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition, no respect, tend to ridicule, he has learned well from his master – this is St Lucias’ new Democracy; surprised?

  24. So said the master of gutter politics, it looks like you were a lil saint during 2016-2021 and even now telling your followers to go in people faces and tell them they loose. I wonder who was it. Some have short memeries but some of us don’t.


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