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UWP Prepared For Protest Over House Speaker’s ‘Unacceptable Behaviour’


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) is ready to protest over the ‘unacceptable bahaviour’ of House of Assembly Speaker Claudius Francis.

“If the Speaker of the House wants to see protest action, we are prepared to go the full length to make our voices be heard and let him understand where power truly lies,” UWP Public Relations Officer (PRO) Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute stated.

The former Gros Islet MP spoke at a news conference earlier this week.

Montoute accused the House Speaker of abuse of authority.

“So we must ensure we send a strong message to the parliament and to the speaker of the house that such unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated by the United Workers Party,” he declared.

Montoute said opposition leader and Micoud South MP, Allen Chastanet was illegally detained in the House of Assembly.

“The Speaker of the House insisted that he had to stay, and when he did not comply, he ordered the officer to stop him and bring him back. Now that is an abuse of power. That is an abuse of authority. The Speaker has authority to ask someone to leave the chamber. But you cannot prevent someone from leaving,” the former Gros Islet MP told this week’s news conference.

“What is happening here is not about Allen Chastanet. It’s about our democracy. And when a government goes to lengths to try to silence the opposition, we the people in this country, we must take note,” Montoute noted.

On Tuesday, the Saint Lucia House of Assembly suspended Allen Chastanet for not apologising and retracting a statement alleging government corruption.

Before the suspension vote, the former Prime Minister was preparing to leave when the Speaker told him he should not.

“Officer, he shall not leave. Officer, he shall not leave,” Francis said to the police on duty as Chastanet exited the house, followed by two female officers.

The Micoud South MP returned to the Chamber with the officers behind him and took his seat.

Headline photo: Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute stock image.

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  1. Somewhere I read that the greatness of democracy is the right to protest when we disagree.

  2. He abandoned the nation for seven parlament settings after he lost the elections.
    Now you getting an opportunity to stay out you playing victim with fake emotions.
    Did you sew jazz turnout last evening??????

  3. This business of walking off the parliament floor when in disagreement with an issue is becoming
    uncivilized, mostly due to the frequency at which it happens. These so called leaders are behaving like kids. Some law needs to be enacted to keep this from happening . Protest my foot.

  4. I think they should leave the house of parliament for those guys who think they and their click alone have the right to speak in this country. Say nothing resign from parliament and don’t even contest the next elections. If what I am seeing continues then in the 2nd term Lucians themselves and even party hacks will protests. All lands will be owned by Syrians and those in parliament, night life in Lucia will cease to exists because of crime, we will soon witness our 1st school shooting, somebody will get killed to road rage and half of us won’t be able to send our kids to school because of inflation. Activities like jazz like have scores of Lucians who are only there because of free tickets like last night. CARBAY. Me and my crew all got Free tickets cause sales were low. Just saying.

  5. Mr. Montoute has conflated democracy with unfettered speech. Free speech is a component of democracy but not unfettered speech. The principle of free speech has a different shape and meaning in Europe. For the European Union, as well as democracies like Canada and New Zealand, free speech is not an absolute right from which all other freedoms flow. The European high courts have allowed states to punish incitements of racial hatred or denial of the Holocaust, for example. Germany and France have laws that are designed to prevent the widespread dissemination of hate speech and election-related disinformation. In the United States, you cannot shout “fire” in a crowded theater. The point is, there is a limit to speech or behavior in a democracy.

    Chastanet’s accusation of the government for corruption was unwarranted and was deemed libelous and defamatory by the speaker of the house. Mr. Montoute knows exactly what transpired. The speaker requested clarification or circumstantial evidence to support Mr. Chastanet’s claim of corruption. In a court of law or in parliament hearsay, innuendo and conjecture are not admissible. Based on Mr. Chastanet’s obnoxious behavior the speaker of the house was within his constitutional rights to censure or suspend Mr. Chastanet from the house. Mr Montoute is controlled by his emotions and not his intellect so he won’t see the flaws in Chastanet’s reckless behavior.
    Mr. Montoute and his demagogic leader have a right to ” peaceful protect” as dictated by the constitution. I may disagree with you Mr. Mountoute but I will defend to the death your right to protest and your freedom of speech but not freedom of slander.

  6. What protest, the country is on a good footing with the new administration Flambeau get the hell out of there when you all was in power Flambeau never enacted a livable wage but as the country is progressing and they see that the people are happy they want to So spoil things..

  7. I will support UWP when there is a leader and Deputy leader. We need fresh blood in the party, not rejected politicians. Spider, Guy Dominic all these are rejected politicians they are the cause of UWP s defeat in the last election. They should be out.

  8. OH BOO HOO HOO CRY A RiVER YOU YELLOW DEGENERATES. CRY A RIVER A@#$&*$RIVER. March…….we shall overcome we shall overcome we shall overcome some day….. But not in 2026 suckers. It should not have been officers he should not leave rather it should have been Officers ARREST THAT THAT MAN. Claudius Big UP Bro……we got your back.

  9. Smh a man who disliked every bone or values of chas . Look at him today hmmm i wonder what made spider change his mind on allen before 2016 general elections. The whole island knows you have no value spider given the many chances you had . You only caught a political wave and you blew it . Moving from bad to worst trying to use played out political cards just for power .

  10. The Cop Shouldn’t give no Permission for a Protest or Unlawful Gathering if they Do use C/s and Baton Ronds to send them Home

  11. Under what section was he being stopped by the police? When I read this, I was shocked. If I am ever stopped by police my first question is why are you stopping me, what circumstances and under what section are you stopping me. Failure to tell me and i will exercise my rights.
    Enter my house, property without my consent and permission, I have a right to ask you to leave because you are trespassing. I cannot use force. I can however, report it and I can take you to court if you continue to abuse, harass, threaten and fail to stop coming on my property without my consent or permission. I can exercise my rights under the correct section of the law.

    The policeman had no powers or rights to stop the man from leaving a public building. Officer why are you stopping me? I am stopping you because, The speaker told me to stop you from leaving the building, he tell me to bring you back inside……what a ridiculous excuse.
    Lucians know your rights. All these big useless words get lost in translation…. simply put, that was unlawful. Under what section are you detaining the man? Under what section are you stopping him from leaving? You may not like the man or what he stands for or what he said, you cannot just stop him from leaving a public place because you demand that he is made to stay. What is going on here? Politics gone mad!

  12. the six legged insect smell some money and power if it does a.few things. some promise must have been made. they all coming out now that the money running low.

  13. This business of walking off the parliament floor when in disagreement with an issue is becoming uncivilized. It may be so, but it’s a individual right to do so whenever they choose to.

  14. Did you hear him say HE IS THE JUDGE THERE; with a judge like that, where is Justice? if Chas was in Court and was not charged with a crime, who can stop him from leaving?

  15. Protest? Whatever padna! I thought Chas said he was going to take the speaker to court. Now y’all want to protest. Well, protest my friend and see where that gets you and UWP! Chas is an arrogant fool and doesn’t know when to shut up, when to speak or when to apologize and restratigize. And when he gets his licks, he going on poleon’s programme and cry (on command) for people to feel sorry for him.

    Demonstrate padna, demonstrate. Only your acolytes will follow. Remember, elections is in three years. And more licks for Chas. Di party needs to flush Chas down the toilet.


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