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Chastanet Extends Best Wishes To King Charles On His Coronation

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has extended best wishes to King Charles on his coronation on Saturday.

“Wishing King Charles the very best as he embarks on a new era of leadership. May his reign be marked by wisdom, compassion, and unity, filled with peace and prosperity for the people he serves,” the former Saint Lucia Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.

King Charles & Queen Camilla

The coronation of Charles III and his wife, Camilla, as king and queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms occurred amid pomp and ceremony.

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About 100 heads of state worldwide traveled to London for the occasion.

Charles acceded to the throne on 8 September 2022, upon the death of his mother, Elizabeth II.

Headline photo (Stock image)

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  1. A A, is Chastanet the only one who sent his best wishes to the new King? please tell us if anyone else did, did not or have not yet done so. Remember we still speak English while some of us try our best. Make St. Lucia worth our place in the Commonwealth while it still exist. It may be our only hope so far with our place in the history of today; the other part should be unmentionable – if not corrected in a hurry – MAY GOD BLESS ST. LUCIA.

  2. The wealth that the so called Royal family has was build on the enslavement of black people for over 400 years and that does for the Du Boulay family as well .. But everything is for a time

  3. @Massa Fox. ” Remember we still speak English while some of try out best ” Dam fresh…make St Lucia Worth it’s place in the common wealth??? And what has your master given us ?? You might as well continue to be that good ole’ House Negro and ask him for another letter, because the one you have now is worthless you other master is dead and if you should drop dead tomorrow it would worth minus nothing.

  4. They should return all the gold and jewels their stole from Africa on their crowns.

  5. Good for you,,,a family that colonsice st.lucians for 242 years. Why you don,t ask for compensation for our suffering and pain?

  6. @jasmine! There’s something about St.Lucia in this picture….OUR FLAG!!!

  7. I have said this several times, while Whites supporting Whites, negroes fighting negroes for the Whites typical example is The Fox. Shame on all you .

  8. I am guessing that this is an old pic….so it should not have been used. It is misleading….No 2 sending congratulations to king Charles is of no real significance in the scheme of things. Our only importance to the Royals is to provide them with free vacations at the tax payers expense. We the mendicants (tongue in cheek for those who don’t get it) receive nothing from it all and never have…..oh sorry. Just forgot. I think that we received a picture of them last time

  9. Well done Mr Chastenet
    You are a statesman … unlike the other clucking politician.

  10. @Derrick. I see no bigger “Clucker” here than Chas and maybe you! Keep on clucking guys.

  11. I do appreciate a touch of class when I see it; sorry guys been there, done that. I was there when they mistakenly hanged Evans the Welch man by mistake, instead of Christie and so abolished the death penalty WHICH YOU GUYS TODAY LET ALL THE KILLERS ROAM FREE. I was one of many invited to that Chamber at the ‘House of Lords’ with an International number, about 120 including two Russians who tried their best to recruit us, with untold offers, I declined while others accepted; that was in the 1950’s. I can talk of the U.S., Canada, Spain, France and othe parts of Europe. I had to move with Class, with respect otherwise people wont respect you. Today I don’t have to look over my shoulder, the good ‘Lord I serve have protected me throughout my life’ & will do so till He calls me home. I do and will love St. Lucia till the very last – I still love class – but mainly my GOD.


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