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WASCO Announces Water Supply Interruption To Facilitate System Repairs


The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) has announced a water supply interruption from Millet to Cap Estate as it undertakes system repairs.

Chief Executive Officer Zilta George-Leslie explained that the utility attempts to do the repairs once annually in May when there is less rain.

George-Leslie disclosed that WASCO crews would patch and weld leaks to conserve as much as possible for the upcoming rainy season, which is ‘upon us’.

She said the crews should complete all repairs by 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 31, with production starting by 7:00 pm.

However, the WASCO official said it would take a few days for people in higher elevations like Bonne Terre and Cap Estate to get water.

“Those in lower lying areas, we can say by tonight, by eleven O’clock, we should be able to resume our supply and those in the higher elevations as the days go by. So hopefully, we’re aiming so that by Sunday to Monday, everybody should be getting a supply in their pipes,” George-Leslie stated.

And ahead of the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season on June 1, the WASCO CEO reminded citizens to continue to store water and ensure their tanks are well supplied and fitted to prevent water wastage.

She said water storage is of utmost importance in the hurricane season.

Headline photo: Zilta George-Leslie

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  1. True reflection of what WASCO is. The GM puts on a show and a gimmick. Hard hat and reflective vest in office. Nice job. Whoever is FOOLED. I eh know

  2. Lady!!!! Even if there are no repairs happening there’s hardly any water in people’s pipes so that news is to let the people at cap estate no they’ll have no water that news is not for the regular citizens don’t think you’re fooling us with your hard hat….

  3. This announcement would’ve been great if released a week ago. People could have prepared. But to make it once the pipes are dry is simply useless.

  4. Actually, Cap Estate never has water. Even during normal times. All the houses are equipped with tanks and water pumps. You don’t see them because Cap Estate Housing Association rules states they have to hide them.

  5. @Asking for a friend,@ smh, @Wasco think about;
    yes uh she have had hat and vest like as if is she that doing all the hard work meanwhile all she does is sit in her AC office getting thousands of dollars at the end of the month and the actual workers get paid little.

  6. No water for many days BEFORE the shutdown. Shutdown lasting longer than expected (no surprise). And NO TRUCKS? Wait, there are trucks…going to Cabot to water the grass while Lucians have NO WATER at their homes. DISGUSTING!

  7. “However, the WASCO official said it would take a few days for people in higher elevations like Bonne Terre and Cap Estate to get water” … by Sunday or Monday!!! That makes no sense!!! Also, why wasn’t the nation told well in advance that WASCO was going to shut of their water??? It makes no sense telling us after the water is already shut off! Poppy show!!!


  9. Even if it’s a family connection that got you the job; at least try to be competent. You re giving nepotism a bad name.

  10. Well, every month must be May, because this story has become a chorus all year round. It is time for Wasco to stop their foolishness. What about schools and workplaces without water supplies? People and children head to work and school whilst Wasco is not being straight up. Nothing is being announced. Why wasn’t the nation notified long before to prepare if so called repairs are done in May??? Besides, we are in June, the beginning of the hurricane season. And what is this creation of a FB page for better customer service????? Well, the service we need is water running through our forcets. Are bills being adjusted for Wasco’s inconvenience??? No!!! What is the purpose of that levy being collected from Labour’s tenure a few years ago??? Wasco is taking the nation for granted because we are taken for fools but we aren’t . We are paying for a service and it is high time for this to stop!!!

  11. Meanwhile some of our children drinking mosquito infected tank water….Not all parents can afford bottled water. The school could at least provide a bottle s day for the students. Wasco we need running water this evening pls.

  12. It’s 6:47 on 1st June and still no water so how about no more false promises.

  13. Not even an apology on the news, no updates about the shut down itself. It’s truly disheartening to see that yet again the citizens of Saint Lucia have been treated as an after thought

  14. I’m quite disappointed and surprised that Wasco chose to remain completely off the news to update the public and paying citizens of Saint Lucia that the water supply would unfortunately take longer the initially expected. The very least they could have done is inform the public a week maybe even days before going cold turkey.

  15. A perfect reason why women should never hold any position of authority, They absolutely CLUELESS

  16. Woman stop micromanaging, go see how you can improve the overall services. You can’t even update your billing system properly. Take a page from lucelec, digicel or fflow, they not perfect but way way better than wasco.


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