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‘Our Work Does Not End Here’ – Chastanet Declares Democracy Walk A Success


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has declared Tuesday’s Walk for Democracy a success and has expressed gratitude to those who supported the event.

“As we reflect on the success of the Walk for Democracy, let us remember that our work does not end here,” the former Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.

“The journey towards a more inclusive and participatory democracy continues, and we will need your continued support and involvement in the days ahead,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader explained.

He told supporters of the walk that their unwavering commitment to the cause significantly impacted, reaffirming his belief in the power of collective action.

“Your participation in the walk has sent a strong message that democracy matters, and together, we stand united in defending its principles,” Chastanet declared.

He asserted that those who participated in the walk had sent a strong message that democracy matters.

“Together we stand united in defending its principles,” the opposition leader said.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre said Tuesday’s walk was an attempt by the opposition to seek relevance.

And Pierre’s Deputy, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, told reporters that the opposition activity, which culminated outside parliament, displayed democracy at work.

Parliament recently suspended Chastanet, but he returned to the Chamber on Tuesday after taking legal action.

He led the supporters from the Vigie Playing field to the Parliament building during the ‘Walk for Democracy’.

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  1. Sure, Chas 150$ for a stroll in the scorching sun and straight to Massy Supermarket. Pran lajan yo epi kite yo

  2. Chas go back to Martinik where you were born..You don’t care about anything but your pocket book.

  3. Man get the hell out of St Lucia, your service is no longer needed. I am one of the working poor, but still fine that the government is doing a tremendous job…

  4. Soon we will march for resignations in that government and all other subsequent administrations. We have astronomically high debt with loans owed to every bank, national, regional and international. We St lucians have had zero development in 50 years. In fact in those 50 years, the government has simply taken advantage of a complacent electorate who is keen to sit back because they do not understand what is going on. But now slowly but surely (and I must praise the educated St Lucian commenters for helping people see the light), we are understanding that all those several hundred million dollar loans taken in the name of St lucians, young and old, is simply feeding politicians pockets and that of contract friends. They do not put those loans to any use, they just find a way of awarding million dollar contracts and pocketing that money one way or another. A popular gimmick is road contracts. Yet still, we have no proper roads. Additionally, while in office they seize state assets through crown lands, fail to develop it and get all the land for themselves and family, rendering Saint Lucians even poorer. Next to pay back the loans, they place even higher taxes on food (something we have been suffering from in St Lucia for the last 15 years). The tax office even trying to get cruise ship workers to pay taxes when the work did not even occur in St Lucia’s jurisdiction! Could you imagine how brazen they getting? And this coming from a government with zero social safety nets for its citizens! Each man for himself in that land! There is so much wrong with St lucian government (red and yellow), we the people must wake up and demand accountability and change. Otherwise the young ones will go another 60 years with no progress and development! Believe me it is possible! I have known this place for at least 30 years and there has been no significant changes across St Lucia to show neither growth nor development.

  5. Where’s your long term plan SLP?
    I see diddly squat happening.
    Waiting for your dictator and commie friends to bail you out.
    As good as chocolate teapots and motorbike ashtrays.

  6. Bravo people…🇱🇨 when we’re not satisfied with what they’re doing we protest to expose injustice abuse and to keep hoping for a better future Lucian…. Mr Chas next protest you should have some signs because it matters and our voices should be heard….

  7. Which nation in the world would except a foreigner to run for the highest office in the country if they were not legitimate??? just asking

  8. Daddy they take my toys will be a banger during the next carnival season. Sorry 3 words “I apolo gize”.

  9. Was it a protest march or a walk for democracy? whatever it was, seem to have caught the attention of the two highest members of this Government. Whereas PjP the prime minister thinks that the opposition is seeking relevance, his deputy Dr. Hilaire somewhat more diplomatic declared its ‘Democracy at work’ – in a way I think he is saying, go ahead wait when our turn comes, it will be noisier beating pans, shouting, flag waving, red shirts & dresses etc. the people as usual, taken for a ride.

  10. Chastanet’s protest on Tuesday was a clear indication that St. Lucia has a vibrant democracy. We ought to thank the SLP-led government for preserving and keeping our system of democracy alive. Chastanet’s rights as a minority were protected despite his habitual callous, insensitive, and misleading statements inside or outside of parliament. Oddly enough, Chastanet is not an intellectual and does not have the political acumen to make the distinction between democracy and authoritarianism. His interpretation of democracy is solely when the government acquiesces to his stupidity and lack of decorum in the parliament. In short, only when he gets his way.

    In a democracy, free expression means not just that you have a right to be heard. It also means that you have a right to hear what others have to say. We, the people, will not allow you, Allen Chastanet, to subvert our democracy in St. Lucia. We would prefer that you keep your perverted version of democracy to yourself and your followers.


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