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Residents Prepared To Take Legal Action Over Noise Pollution In Rodney Bay


Concerned residents have announced they are willing to take legal action in response to noise pollution from restaurants and bars in Rodney Bay.

“We have come together as a community and firmly established that we are approaching the final straw,” the residents disclosed in a release.

Concerned Residents Sound Off Over Noise Pollution In Rodney Bay

They said their numbers are growing.

And the residents have explained that as a first step, they attempted to communicate with the establishments causing the problem, some of which have been understanding but others not.

A law enforcement source told St. Lucia Times that the aggrieved residents could file a court injunction.

“That has happened in Saint Lucia in the case of a private entertainer. That business is shut to this day,” the source recalled.

Regarding law enforcement, the official explained that police officers could warn the noise polluters and, if the offenders fail to respond, the officers could seize amplifying equipment.

“The other thing the police can do is you need a permit to play loud music in most instances. If the person continues playing noise to the detriment of others, the police can refuse to issue it as has been done before,” the source told St. Lucia Times.

Nevertheless, the law enforcement source stated that the definition of ‘loud’ is primarily subjective.

“How do we determine loud? Loud to you may be soft to me or mellow to me, and therefore, you would need to be able to measure the decibel level. Do we have the capacity in Saint Lucia? No. Not at this moment,” the source stated.

“However, one can understand when somebody explains, ‘The music was that loud, and I could not hear myself. It knocked off the glasses from my shelf.’ That would tell you how loud something was or vibrates the entire building. It may be a bit difficult for legal purposes because you cannot measure that noise. But you can describe it,” the source explained.

In addition, the law enforcement source said from 2:00 am, loud music should stop.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, in general, noises that fall below 70 decibels do not harm your ears.

But the website explained that damage could occur when noises are above that level.

As a rule of thumb, it said if you have to shout to be heard by someone an arm’s length away, you’re being exposed to too much noise.

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  1. But there is something to measure loud music. Why Lucian’s always trying to reinvent the wheel? The government have to buy this noise measuring equipment for police. Cheap off the net. Other countries have certain decibels which are permissible. Why st Lucian’s feel there is no solution just to avoid doing anything and taking responsibility. Your music should not be heard out of your own house or business place. If they want club. Let them build and pay for proper soundproofing. Simple as that . If your neighbour can hear your music and complain, then collect money from the person playing the music. Plus collect equipment. After all they wasting police time. So let the perpetrators pay for gas and police vehicle maintenance.

  2. I remember before that the police would patrol Rodney bay all the time and when it is 2Am tell all bars to shut down their music but this don’t happen any more. But at the end of the day these bars don’t have to have their music blaring , just have it at a sensible volume at the end of the day you want to make money and the owners of the Air bnb wants to make money as well This so called nuisance would be very well avoided if they have those silent parties where they use head phones Lol.

  3. how difficult it is to obtain an instrument to measure decibels ? I have one at home right now and is was not difficult to get so law enforcement people that is such a silly excuses. maybe just maybe you all don’t see the need to get one so therefore in court the perpetrators have a chance to walk and continue with their noise pollution.

  4. If you cannot define what “loud” is why does “loud” music stop at 2 a.m. Clearly there is a definition of “loud” and it is being enforced as all bars shut the music down at 2 a.m.

  5. I hope they successful and other neighbourhoods follow suit island-wide. Enough is enough. Lowering your music and bass level will not stop your patrons from enjoying. In fact it will attract a better class of patrons. Don’t y’all dumbasses realise every time y’all start with the vulgar, violent and obscene music is only vieux neg and assorted lowlifes y’all attract. Those characters always begging for a drink and keep away people with disposable income. Not to mention people who can afford don’t want to be assorted with weed smell in their faces non stop and be near those little hoodlums wearing purses slung across their shoulders. Who knows who is after them trying to take them out. I know for sure I don’t. This is why I don’t go to those places. Too loud. Wrong crowd.

  6. A lot of residents in that area operate AirBnB establishments, the loud noises would be detrimental to their business of hosting regional and international guests. There are other important factors which could be harmful to homeowners who are subjected to the brunt of “over the high level of noise”, .e.g. loud music, loud motor vehicles, sirens and even thunder. However, there IS a law in the books where the police can arrest and/or impound equipment used to produce over a certain amount of decibels, provided that their complaints are legitimate and enough to press charges. Not well, hearing impairment is irreversible.

  7. Residents of Rodney Bay. Do not expect any assistance or support from this government. The SLP have been in government because they support ‘malaway’ behaviour. Their whole strategy for votes has been to tell Lucians they can do what they want in spite of the consequences.
    That is why the racism,, xenophobia and hatred won the last elections.
    The crime and murders have been exacerbated by this freeness strategy of the SLP and their vulgarity in Parliament is just an extension of their mindset.
    So do not expect any relief. Already from the comments you see the racism they promote. Comments that the people complaining are white or upper class Lucians or foreigners or just want to deny people just doing a ‘hustle’. More RACISM. Then you want the tourist dollar. One white person who buys a property and lives in St Lucia might contribute as much as 300 cruise ship passengers.
    That is another joke. Every time someone breaks the law the SLP and now familiar excuse is ‘they trying a ting’ ‘is just a hustle’ . No matter if it is breaking the law or dangerous.
    And all the time the Labour bwoys taxing the people for hundreds of millions of dollars to give to family and friends with big jobs and contracts like with Jazz.

  8. I applaud the residents. If it takes people from overseas to teach you all proper behaviour I am all for it! we can all learn from each other. To the stupid ones who say if you live next to an airport or in a street expect noise. Clearly you have no experience in living in proper housing overseas. Fact is, doors and windows are designed to block out noise. You only hear street noise if you open your windows. The designs are that good. U see my dear, overseas, you have bright people who are valued as critical to society. So these men and women, will sit down, experiment with glass, angles, measurement, sound ect.. and find a way to block the sound. Most times government give them research money to solve those types of problems. Then a business person will later sell that invention because these people recognise that disturbing others can never be part of a civilised society. this lack of regard for others is causing a multitude of problems including the high murder rate . tolerating anything goes in a society will result in anything goes! Rodney Bay please hurry up and launch your case. force the government to put new laws island-wide.

  9. Proud of this comment section. So far it seems we unanimously agree that noise pollution in St. Lucia is pervasive and needs to be dealt with. I have friends who’ve developed health issues (mental and physical) because of excessively loud music. Stand out comments from Ant and Charing. SLP doesn’t care about law and order because they’re a socialist party and with socialism everyone is a victim unless they have been predetermined to not be. In that case the excluded class whether that be the rich, white or educated are deemed enemies of the state. This is what you are working with. Don’t believe me, take a long hard look at any country which enacted the philosophies of the godfather of socialism, Karl Marx. To the extreme you get your Pol Pot(s), Chairman Mao(s) and Stalin(s). In less extreme forms you get Hugo Chavez. How did any of these regimes work out. You best believe this is the direction your current PM PJP is heading towards and this is what his predecessor KA believed in, which is why he said, “leave my boys alone” while they ravaged Vieux Fort. Look forward to see how all of this plays out. Hoping the residents of Rodney Bay set a precedent that will emanate to the rest of the country. Time to bring sanity back to Fair Helen.

  10. Piece of advice.
    The residents of Rodney Bay should google the recent case in Italy where the courts just awarded a couple 50,000 euro from the local council because of the noise they suffered fdom the same type of situation.

  11. Hello Mary.
    Here is a cause that you can sink your teeth into. There are mucho financial rewards which guarantee that you will not be wasting your precious time. There is a wealth of information gathered on the physical and mental effects of noise pollution on the prisoners at Guantanamo. If that is not available, you can resort to the Panama results. Remember when General Noriega was forced out of the Apostolic Nunciature building through sheer noise. There are lots of precedence to show the effects of noise.

    Time to get on the human rights train, Mary, as we fight the demon called noise pollution.

  12. I’m certainly sure that business operators at rodney advertise their properties as party and clubbing zone,hence the tourist who want this type of atmosphere come’s along,further more yall tink the tourist stupid?…they go online and google up everything they need to know about vacation home before they apply…I mean if one wants real peace and quiet go to Bel Jou or Ladera …I mean if one wants to argue Rodney Bay is more of a commercialized than a residential zone…this is just a case where a few highty tighty residents feel entitled amd trying to ruin it for everyone else….one talking about character of persons SMH..we are living in a free land and have the right to dwell in any public parameters….and get this …this commercial place is only starting to develop!…not sure which party fault is it that first decide to turn rodney bay into a commercial from residential but the amount of latter development I’ve seen,it’s here to stay
    If anyone familiar with the place,right across KeeBee’s adjacent to Ultra Lounge way long before Ultra Lounge was there,there was this big home and the owner decided to vacate and demolished many years after because most likely he couldn’t tolerate the night life right next to him and decided to sell his property on the basis of commercial grounds and not residential..and guess what?…it’s pricier than a residential one…one can actually argue this in a court of law…..there’s an upside to those residents downside….if they decide to get fed up amd sell their property it now goes for double or triple the amount….Dem booshie’s wah av dem cake and eat it too.

  13. Dear @charing, most of us are actually Saint Lucians. We are only seeking a middle ground and cooperation

  14. Our people’s entrepreneurship skills don’t move pass, dance, rum shop, chicken and bakes. So they want to make money and this is the only thing that makes sense to them. This business make st lucia a thriving addiction center of rum and coke and joblessness and noise pollution. when you have a government that is bereft of ideas (just take endless World Bank, IMF loans, hike food tax and spend the money on themselves and friends- Caribbean economic model the past 60 years) , then entrepreneurship suffers in the country. the duty of government is to put policies in place to support and create avenues for people to build sustainable businesses dependent on the country’s needs. The average Joe is just focused on rum shop and dance hall. and this activity is killing the country , literally and figuratively!

  15. The comments here give me hope that this country isn’t totally lost to lawlessness. The silent majority have been silent too long and allowed bad actors to destroy the place. Hope this issue is solved and lights a fire under the backsides of the authorities.

  16. So where is the push back by the stakeholders in Rodney Bay ??? @Alex Web/Black Ant/Dirty Lab coat/whatever no we all don’t agree with the narrative of a handful of “FOREIGNERS” want to control our Caribbean way of life. I say don’t give these people and inch don’t let them control your cash register or daily bottom line. They dam well know what Rodney Bay is zoned for from it’s inception from swamp land. You Google Rodney Bay St. Lucia and it’s described at best for what it is vibrant, LOUD urban and electrified night life. NOT MAYBERRY . Many of these Stiff Upper Lip Jackases that are complaining now knew first hand when they buy property there what the vibe was/is, now they are bawling and want file law suit….pay chu. So who will determine what’s deemed “acceptable audio decibels” for these foreign clowns ,?? I would advise those stakeholders in Rodney Bay to push back and not be railroaded by a CHOOSEN FEW, I am against any FOREIGNERS coming here and chipping away any of our civil liberties YES WE ARE LOUD AND PROUD that’s the kind of people we are St Lucia Love it or leave it.

  17. Why would you PURPOSSELY build andair bnb in an area that is well known for having loud events and parties every weekend then complain about noise? And we all know its not the residents complaining as there are no residents in the rodney bay area apart from tourists. This is just another attemp to destroy local businisses to push tousrism and seperate them from locals. They do this all over the caribbean , we are not alone. They do it at beaches, less agressively than before but they still bud structures almost all the way to the water and chase us when we get to close to it.
    This noise complaint is just another attempt at that. Regional tourist bring in more money but the ones from 1st world countries seem to be getting royal treatment here especially if theyre white and the rodney bay area, unironically typically attracts those type of tourist. Ever location we use to host our parties or events have come u der scrutiny for these very same reasons. Events that generate millions in revenue for local businesses look how they are treateds. They even bragged in this article about permanently shutting down a mans business for something as simple as a noise conplaint. This is the type of thing you see happening in countries like america where one or very few people have an issue with something a majority of the people dont and yet they get their way…is that democratic behavior? If you don want noise at nights, dont book an air Bnb in an entertanment zone, unofficially designated as one or not. Dont come to other peoples country and conplain about their way of life.


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