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Pierre Announces Plans For Massive Election Victory Celebration


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has announced plans for a ‘massive’ celebration in the constituency of Micoud South to mark two years since his Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) won the July 26, 2021, general elections.

The SLP won the election by a landslide, grabbing thirteen seats in the 17-seat House of Assembly.

Stephenson King and Richard Frederick, who declared themselves Independent Candidates and won in Castries North and Castries Central, later joined the SLP Cabinet.

The United Workers Party (UWP), which enjoyed an 11-6 majority before the elections, was left with just two seats.

“We have not had time to celebrate our victory,” Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters on Monday.

In this regard, he announced that on July 30, the SLP will hold a massive thanksgiving rally in Micoud South.

The Castries East MP extended an invitation to all SLP supporters and all Saint Lucians to attend.

“We have got a lot to talk about. We have got a lot to celebrate,” Pierre observed as he alluded to how far Saint Lucia has come since his party’s election victory.

And although Micoud South is the constituency that opposition leader and former Prime Minister Allen Chastanet represents, Pierre dismissed suggestions that there was any significance to choosing that community for the SLP election victory celebration.

“Micoud South is part of Saint Lucia. We are an inclusive government,” he explained.

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  1. What nonsense am I reading? Didn’t St lucians elect this fool and his gang to govern? Where is the governing part? Were they simply elected to “protect the victory?” What fool-fool nonsense is this? It is like a hiring a candidate for a job who had a good interview. and when it’s time to perform the job, the candidate cannot do it or refuse to do it and simply remind you of the great interview he had! As if his job began and ended at the interview stage! The incompetent electorate had you fools pass an interview for a job that you the SLP clearly cannot do. And each time the electorate remind you all to do it. you all go back to celebrate the interview instead. you see how stupid the Silly Little Party is?

  2. Can you fix the roads in Rodney Bay before the heavy rains please? No patch patch work, please re do that entire uneven sidewalk too!!! Both you and Chastanet are two halfwits for all I care!!!

  3. With who’s money? Fool dem stupid lucians and call elections right after and they will vote for you

  4. “Stephenson King and Richard Frederick, who declared themselves Independent Candidates and won in Castries North and Castries Central, later joined the SLP Cabinet.” hmmmm i thought when they asked them if they were part of the slp they both said NO

  5. Inclusive? More like conniving. SLP knows very well they chose Micoud South, they can’t stop playing politics. Why didn’t they go to Choiseul? You want to celebrate and you choose to not go to one of the seats you won. Give us a break, you think people are that stupid. Play with fire and you will get burn

  6. Yeahhaaaaaa let’s party baby and rub salt/pepper/ lime in their yellow wounds. Cry a River Clowns I can’t wait to hear it. I am going to make a Big Pinata of Allen Chastanet everybody bring their own stick and shove it up you know where. Archieeeeeee where thou old boy

  7. You should be ashamed of yourselves cause you have absolutely nothing to celebrate cause we are a lot worst now than we were even during Covid. No jobs, highest fuei/gas price, worst road network, more tax/VAT in our dada, more evidence of corruptions, more borrowing with nothing to show, stop housing development, stop road building in Rodney bay now have to pay more than twice the amount, stop the new St Jude’s hospital cause it’s to good for we the people, stop HIA, no medication at our health centers/hospitals, the constant traveling with no accounting to us, lost the banana industry, less air lift to our island just to name a few so no sir we have nothing to celebrate and it’s time for you to go. We put you in to make things better but you’re undoubtedly getting us worst.

  8. That’s all you all are good for using people to make it look like your numbers are large. People stay at your home and enjoy your precious time with your family and love ones. Don’t get yourselves in trouble for these people. They will use you and discard you even when you go to them for help. How nice it is doing fun things with your family on a Sunday instead of going and hear ctitisms of the other party. Two years in office. 5 years is just round the corner. Chicken and rum for one day . Lol lol. Peace and love

  9. Damn right, any opportunity you get to waste our tax dollars do so.
    But what exactly are you celebrating?? The high murder rate??, the pot holes???

  10. This PJP guy really thinks St Lucians are a bunch of fools or are we. You saw a little walk for democracy and right away you start sweating in your pants. Had you been doing what you were elected to do this walk wouldn’t have phased you. So now you want to go to Micoud South cause your party is inclusive. What bull! Change your modus operandi cause your protecting the victory is simply playing into the hands of your two adversaries turned red, opportunist at best.

  11. Choooooopse. Majeeeeeeeeeeee. Nonsense. When can we get adults to run this country. Our potential is being squandered by clueless clowns. Right now I would rather vote a one legged, one testicle blind china man with halitosis and bless than this circus.

  12. It seems the UWP walk for democracy + the family fun night burn PJP.

    2 years into your term and now you want to celebrate, when truly in our current situation there is nothing to celebrate.

  13. MY!MY!MY! What next from that clown. Is this provocation, is this bullying. Pierre go ahead. The longest rope has an end and when you want to begin working for the people you will realize it is too late. PIERRE You are EVIL. AGAIN, every rope has an attend. I call on the Christians in your midst to say something to you: I cannot even think of one that suits the requirements to be called a Christian. PIERRE EVER ROPE HAS AN END TA TOE TA TOE.

  14. Ha hahaha hah @Rest my case right in the heart of Micoud South practically on Chastanet door step UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Chastanet will be able to count every strand of hair on Kenny Chin Chin. Last week they had their hogwash in VF (the audacity) now they are BITCHING oh really . I can’t wait to attend I already have a red suit I just need a pitch fork and I am good. Remember I said this will be a party of a lifetime and one you CLOWNS will never forget.

  15. What exactly are we celebrating? Being worse off than ever before? Having crumbling roads, in the most literal sense? High cost of living? Crime? Corruption on a scale never before seen in St. Lucia? What exactly are we celebrating Pip?

    I can’t point to one tangible thing done by this administration that I can say has made my life or those I know materially better. More tax payers money will be spent on this s**t show like the 15 million squandered on jazz. What exactly are you celebrating?

  16. For those who will be traveling to this event, be careful. The devil has not been fully paid as yet. Vehicular accidents (freak) is what’s happening in St Lucia nowadays. Again “BE CAREFUL” We are only having fete after God saved us from this pandemic.

  17. Nonsense. Their usual base of supporters were visibly absent from the market steps. They are disgruntled and displeased with the arrogant bunch who showed their true colors after winning…showing them that they are used them to win for them and then kicked aside. These play boys are just busy giving jobs to those whose feminine wiles trap them…and the UWP women have worked them well to fall prey to them. They remain in their jobs with their corrupt practices wheeling and dealing and enticing. Don’t expect any accountability or any action to be taken against anyone because all the corrupt and crooked are still in position and in bed with these weak SLP men. Meanwhile Dax is RF middleman….

  18. Re Article! I think that the PM should focus on the implementation of a fair minimum wage of $10+ per hour for his supporters and the rest of the workers in St Lucia.. The wealth of St Lucia should be shared with the workers and their families by implementing a fair living wage system throughout the island..
    Stop parading in the hot Sun, and get to work Sir..
    Our system needs a financial boost in our day to day lives to move us forward..

  19. Distant tribal drums are beating slowly and rhythmically, as the red tribe prepares for its war dance. This time, they are going to drink more grog, having defeated the yellow tribe earlier. It will be a time of abandonment. They will perform the expected gyrations as they dance around the bright red wood fire. In the fire glow, the sweaty leaders will scream their traditional unintelligible language. They preserve their gutteral sounds till the end for the party faithful. Soon they are ready for the warpath. This time (as usual), there is no enemy to physically fight. It was all an illusion.

    As tribe members drive back home, they encounter the same bad roads that have always been there. They contemplate on the difficulty of trying to make ends meet. The approaching tax increase and the myriad of other problems. They even wonder if the yellow tribe might invade and defeat them next. Following the tribes is fraught with risks.

  20. Step aside Phil, you were always a has been and a now a ‘never was’.
    You’re an embarrassment to most Lucians.
    If you lot are here for another 2+ years at least step aside and make Sean Edwards, the only SLP MP with any credibility, Prime Minister.

  21. When I read some of these comments I wonder where these Lucians were from 2016 to 2021. Chastanet borrowed 863 million dollars, he didn’t build a school, a hospital, a police station, or roads. Up to now we don’t know the number of passports sold. These people never question him. Now they want to say things to Pierre. Pierre has done more in 2 years than Chas did in 5 years.

  22. This childish show started as a walk to show the strength of our democracy, because it was something we fought for many years ago, long before Independence. What messed this up is the arrogance and stupidity of the one sitting in the chair of Speaker of the House. That would never happen when Compton was in the House, be it as P.M. or opposition. I have no doubt that this Speaker is taking orders from the two independent members and that of his own dislike for the ex P.M. (is that a way to run a Government?) ‘Mike Maura Jn’ of something called Global Port Holdings landed in St. Lucia and in short order, left after showing PjP and his Cabinet members a couple minutes of what he can do to fix the Castries Harbour, It is thought that Mike left with yes to go ahead, with signed signatures from the P.M. and the other Cabinet Members. (If I was that so called Harbour developer, I could walk into any Bank, borrow an equitable amount in tens of millions in development funds) based on the strength of signatures by the Prime Minister of St Lucia who was told the harbour needs upgrading etc etc / whether he was given blank checks, I.O.U.’s or a promisory notes, I doubt. Today the P.M. instead of working toward the development of a broken system, fight crime, create jobs, complete the construction of the modern Hospital in the South, bring in some badass cops, take care of business you’re playing ‘come see, come crazy’ with marches. Stop playing games with peoples’ lives. My God open Spiritual eyes in St. Lucia.


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