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Two Men Shot At Assou Canal

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Two men sustained gunshot injuries on Tuesday night during a drive-by at Assou Canal, Grande Riviere, Gros Islet.

According to reports, one man was shot in the shoulder and the other in the abdomen at about 10 pm.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. Is this the new norm. Are we the citizens of this once beautiful and peaceful country going to continue living our lives in fear. People have to be in two minds to step out their doors in the day now farless for in the night. The criminals have become brazen and don’t care about shedding blood anymore. But people this is what happen when we take GOD out of the mix. Some say God does not exist and I say even if he were not to exist the practices that comes with following him and the lifestyle he sets for us is the best. Teach your kids to fear God and see the changes. Teach your kids there is no God and see what will happen. No rules. No laws and no remorse.

  2. We need draconian laws to deal with this illegal possession of guns and gun violence.

  3. Why st lucia has so many guns when they don’t make guns I don’t know of any stores in st Lucia that sell guns… if and only if it’s coming down in barrels why isn’t the government doing something about it there’s some shaddy business going on in st Lucia… the police have to start thinking out of the box theses criminals are too comfortable..

  4. OFFICER’S!!!!!!!!
    You have to go back to the DRAWING BOARD… and change the techniques on how to interrogate these criminals… prolonged standing 🧍‍♂️ HOODING Deprivation of sleep food water lots noises etc..) the interrogation office should never show his or her face always have a face mask cover-up on so the criminals has no idea who you are limit the amount of office who knows what evidence you got from the criminals the only way to find out who’s the bad cops start giving out wrong info otherwise crapo smoke our pipes…..

  5. Criminality will be difficult to curb, fearless stop because almost everyone is involved in some form of it especially the ones who are supposed to set the example. Some behave like thugs in the House, not wanting to follow protocols. There is absolutely no sign that anything will change in the near future. There is no doubt that the situation will only get worse. Keep in mind that the laws in the books, amended laws and new laws are useless if they are not being enforced.

  6. Lucians you all crying. You all have alot more crying to do. Shady business been going on along time ago, this is the rewards, you all know your selves.

  7. Why are those who were attacked and still have breath to talk not entered on a data base and interrogated. They should know who their attackers may be. Bring them in. Have some amicable discussions. Empower ther as they may be idle and unemployed. Need interventions .
    Good place to start.
    Most times they are attacked another time.

  8. Those thugs and cockroaches who are in criminal activities , most of them do not have nothing is at their mothers home they live even their children end up living at their mothers home. They will never go and work like the thousand of St Lucians who work in the private sector for 3 to 5 EC dollars . I guess that they are waiting for the government to enact a minimum or livable wage first so they can be motivated to work . Them man that playing bad do not have nothing is at their mothers home that they live

  9. Bail $15.000 for Unlicensed Firearms and $5.000 or Suitable Surety .What you expect to happen in St.Lucia .

  10. St.Lucia will be Worst than Jamaica before year end .The Politrichtians Uwp and Slp same thing .Talk Crap in the House of Distruction and no one cares about the Criminal Activity Tearing the Island apart

  11. I am really fed up with the lack of investigation into these shootings. Earlier this week 4 guys opened fire on 2 others in Bocage. While effecting their get away, they were involved in a collision with another vehicle. The 4 guys fleed the scene each carrying high calibre guns. To me the first order of business for law enforcement should have been to bring the car owner in for questioning. It really bothers me how these officers investigate crime. I was speaking to a colleague who was robbed at gun point by 4 masked men. He was able to track the location of his phone and gave it to the police. The police did carry out a search at the location and recovered the phone and several other items belonging to him and other people. Surprisingly not one arrest was made, although when they went on the search they found 3 guys present and a number of ski masks.

  12. Go on and celebrate you victory while this country goes to hell Mr. Prime Minister.

  13. Lmao, idiots! Don’t let the news people control your mind. There is crime in every country on earth. Why they got shot? Exactly. You don’t know. So why you so scared? Who did they rob? who did they owe?do you owe that person money too? Why you so scared? Guns come from the tourists, the rich people st.lucia let buy their citizenship and rich people on private planes who luggage can’t be checked. Guns and drugs are a trade off for tourism.
    When fentanyl and meth was killing kids in Minnesota, you know what they did? They didn’t say ‘punish the kids for buying the drugs outsiders was pushing on them’ ,they didn’t build more prisons to lock up their children. They went after the people pushing the drugs on their children, even all the way to Mexico against the cartel. Why white peoples smart and black peoples stupid.


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