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Police Probe Shooting In Gros Islet


Police are investigating a shooting that occurred Sunday night at Rodney Bay, Gros Islet.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting were not immediately apparent, but a social media video showed a man in a white tee shirt and short pants lying on his back on the ground.

A blood stain was on the upper left side of the tee shirt.

The Gros Islet Fire Station received a call for assistance at about 7:49 pm, responded with an ambulance, and rushed the victim to the OKEU Hospital.

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  1. Flood the airways, TV , newspapers and media with peaceful conflict resolution information. We need to stop the shooting and make better choices. I need some draconian measures to dissuade people from owning illegal guns.

  2. Whats really happening in St.Lucia Homicides upon Homicides no arrest Whats going on ????????????

  3. It eh go stop too many fire arms out there ,man blood boiling fellas bad u know dey don’t business where dey meet u

  4. Another senseless killing
    Guns, politics, rights for criminals.
    Another slain. Another killing ,another non justice served. So many lawyers influencers and still people dying to no avail. Smfh. It’s time Bkedelais start using dey GALLO. Oops the one that we shouldn’t know about.

  5. I was there when it happened, at Rodney Bay Marina. Scary that it is happening in areas which are deemed safe.

  6. When are we going to realize in St Lucia that the top to bottom criminality has reached into all areas of our society.
    The upper levels of our socio economic order used to assure themselves that crime and in particular murders, were confined to ghettos and among the lower class.

    Well robberies and murders are coming closer and closer to home and the brazeness is becoming critical.

    But what do we expect. Someone recenrly reminded us that a top political figure was fingered in the IMPACS report to have ordered hits on other citizens. Yet in this most heinous, immoral and historically most evil of acts there is acceptance of this as no big thing.
    But do not worry , we are ‘protecting the victory’ for the SLP even this threat to our tourism industry and all citizens, gets closer and closer to home.

  7. When we take d Most High out of our life we replace Him with his rival “the devil ” the four corners of this nation will be bloody……parents support your children’s education enroll the in crime prevention organization so they will grow up to be model citizens that’s one way first step is from home on the other hand government needs to generate economic activity to provide employment for more vonrable of the society meaning the less fortunate “ghetto people ” .Tuff laws stifter penalties, will not be a detourant .until what I stated above is not done will continue attending burials of homicide victims

  8. boy its a sad situation. young people it’s not just the violence we have to say stop you need to stop the drug life. every young man wants to be a boss. want the easy way out no one wants to work hard. the end result is not nice.

  9. The government need to enact a minimum or livable wage so that the young people would go out there to work instead of doing crime to survive . How can you expect young people who graduate with cxcs to go and work for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour especially with the high cost of goods and services…

  10. Apparently some people are living in another world when they speak of livable wage.
    Guess some of them needs to be attuned with their surroundings.
    The young people of this era, don’t want to work and wants the easy way out.
    Social program and interventions will not stop the crime for some of them. They’re the one’s to make that judgement call and stop peddling drugs,put down the guns and we’ll breath some fresh air and enjoy a clean society,free of blood shedding.

  11. some of us are too hypocrite .we can see who most of those falling victim to gun violence are they are our brothers, cousins, friends, doggies as they call them. we refused to pull them on a side and try to redirect them. why because some of us benefit from their criminal lifestyle. they can throw big party where we can come and enjoy eat and drink. they can buy a whole bar and we can drink and enjoy so we like that. even but cars for their women we know they don’t have legitimate jobs. but when they fall we come and pretend. stop the hypocrisy first and then the violence might reduce. if we don’t support criminal lifestyle then it will reduce i am sure .

  12. Seems to me SLU is right on target for homicides this year – about 26 more weeks until end of year. So far we have 36 homicides on record. The frequency is about one a week. Let us do the math – 36 + 26 = 62. The expected figure is 62.
    Where are the law makers of the country ? Is there any chance we can make this number sentence to be untrue – Just asking for a friend.

  13. Here’s news for some of y’all….if you,your families,goons,boloms go around shooting,killing and pesterizing ppls life expect one day it will 360° and come right back in your azz….this guy is no saint,he was vying to be one of the toppest shooters in the capital,..anyone recall the shooting at Derrameux where an innocent 13yo got killed,remember the man woman and her brother that was killed at La.toc…Uhmmm!….some of you Just need to sit and shut y’all @55 and let nature take it’s course…I eh mourning,feeling sorry or sympathizing with no shooter or their fam..burn in eternal hell mofo’s

  14. @Meme and Senior your comments are ✅ I have never know drug dealers to ever want to work legitimate jobs…not sure why folk believe they would want to work a legal job. Illegal/deadly activity is the only skill set on their resume…because they chose that lifestyle for themselves..

    Those family members, the good for nothing girlfriends (who enjoy living fast life of the Joneses and dying young..because they want pocket books, designer items by working on their back without concern for AIDS/Herpes/STDs etc’s a crying shame) and friends who benefit from the ill gotten gains it is not worth it.

    Bad morales corrupts good character ..stay away just by associating with the rotten eggs, you put your life and your loved ones on the line ….smh

    Those who partake ..Please know, that blood is on your hands. Paaa knee stweeeezze paaa knee volaire …some family members are pitiful and they will pay dearly..what we sow is what we reap.
    Honest living is the best way to live …God will make the little you have work in your favor …I am a witness. Amen


  15. Re Article and comments.regardin crime.and what’s the situation, and how we resolve our current problems.. It’s a new era and we should all think as one St Lucians and focus on sharing the wealth of the island with the working poor, whiles the working poor have to work for $3-5 per hour is never enough for the working poor to mention their children with the knowledge necessary to be better people in our society are diminished by paying such a low wage create criminality behavior.. FACT.
    We must try something new by implementing a fair living wage system based on $10+ per hour worked and the bleeding will be less… Crime will never stop and so is Jealousy.. Business should share the wealth with their workers by paying them not less than $10+ per hour worked..
    There is no business in the business to lose money..Fact..Then stop being Greedy and share the wealth with your working poor and their Families..
    That’s my thoughts and observations

  16. When everyone was joking about not going to VF and having a good laugh I knew they were being simple. This is a small island, there is no way crime will be limited to just a community, it will spread like a rot. And look at that now, a shooting at what could be deemed one of the more “respectable” places on island but if you look carefully you will see unsavoury characters showing up there more and more. It’s the same thing they did to Rodney Bay and now it’s the marina’s turn. More and more there will be nothing left for law abiding St. Lucians to enjoy. The scum on this island will take over all corners because that is what the government represents. You’ve got at least 2 criminal ministers so what do you expect? Are we to become an island that lives in fear or are we going to demand a more moral and representative government? The shills will come out to defend them but they too will be regretting their choices when tourism becomes something exclusive to only hotels and local business will have a hard time sustaining themselves.

  17. Sorry to say that, but the police have some blame to take for many of these crimes. When you go to the police for help in rectifying a problem you have with some one, you seldom get satisfaction. In the end , you have to use violence to solve your problem. I am in the car rental business, I reported a guy to the police for keeping my vehicle for 5 months and failing to pay me. The police has done nothing notable for me. When I approached a second policeman, he advised me to get a lawyer. I approached a third police who told me that I can either do what the second police said or he can give the number of a guy to call, but please don’t implicate him. When I called the guy whose number the police gave me, I was very satisfied with his work rate. He seemed determined to solve my problem but I realized the result would be fatal. I am still working with him while also trying to get the culprit to pay. If I didn’t care, that guy would have been dead already. Guys must stop messing around with peoples property and money because the end can always be bloody or deadly.

  18. you really think law makers have the answer well I feel sorry for you and those that think like you. you think politicians have the answers NO sir. the guy was on bail for illegal firearm possession. I wonder if the police gave him back his firearm because he already got another one carrying on him. smh. so that’s how it goes police catch them then they get bail and they back on the streets continuing the same life. well he was just another cool guy with a gun .I guess to be cool is to have an illegal gun and be a bad man. the girls like them alot

  19. The Decease was on Remand at Bordelais for a Double Homicide at Desrameaux / Monchy a few years ago .He was Released from Prison and placed on Bail .No Witnesses came Forward I guess no it will be the Same for his Executioners

  20. Lie detector tests for all ministers of government please as they must set the example. After all they control law and order:
    Have you ever been involved in the drug trade?
    Have you ever been involved in money laundering?
    Have you ever been involved in the extra-judicial demise of an individual?
    Have you ever been involved in a conspiracy to defraud the local tax authority?
    Have yo ever been involved in a Ponzi scheme to defraud pensioners?
    Just to be completely random test the southern town and the capital city MPs first.
    They are probably as clean as water from the Corinth River La Boosheree.

  21. @Allan if I were you – I would simply let this go. The third police officer is obviously involved with the opposite side of the law which is vigilante justice. He may also have given the same information to the culprit who held your vehicle for 5 months – you don’t know who is connected to who???????. Not sure what your policy is at your car rental business – you may need to revisit/edit your contracts.
    Remember – we reap what we sow – you need to severe ties with the bad man before it’s too late for you and your family – just saying ——-
    I don’t know you -but I honestly felt led to reply to your post specifically – take care.


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