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UWP Organises Post-Bret Vigie Beach Cleanup

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The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) organised a Vigie Beach cleanup on Sunday, June 25, 2023, in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Bret.

In a release on the activity, the party declared it was leading by example.

“Today, as supporters of the United Workers Party and, most of all, citizens of Saint Lucia, we performed our civic responsibilities in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Bret,” it said.

According to the UWP release, cleanup participants bagged and lifted tons of seaweed, plastic bottles, discarded clothing, and other material deposited on Vigie Beach.

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“Thanks to all we made it possible,” it stated.

UWP Chairman Therold Prudent told St. Lucia Times the party noticed the debris deposited on the beach, waited for a few days, and saw nothing happening.

Prudent said, as a result, the UWP decided to organise the cleanup.

“Just because we belong to a political party which is an opposing party does not necessarily mean that we should remain bystanders here in this country. We have a civic responsibility and obligation to love our country, to love our beaches, to love our patrimony and ensure the ecosystem remains clean for generations,” the UWP Chairman stated.

“We are citizens of Saint Lucia and we can play an essential part in terms of keeping our country beautiful not only for Saint Lucians, but for the numerous foreigners and tourists who continue to visit our shores. We want them to know we take pride in our country,” Prudent  told St. Lucia Times.

The opposition official declared it was important for all individuals to regard Saint Lucia, its beaches and shores as theirs.

Prudent warned that the country would be in trouble otherwise.

And he asserted that there was no need always to wait for the authorities to act.

According to Prudent, everyone has a part to play in keeping Saint Lucia beautiful and aligned with world-class beaches standards.

Tropical Storm Bret began affecting Saint Lucia on Thursday.

Senior Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development and Urban Renewal Stephenson King indicated that the system did ‘relatively minimal damage’ to infrastructure.

Additional assessments are ongoing.

Ahead of the storm, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre reiterated that people should stop disposing of garbage indiscriminately.

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  1. And when in power it’s not lead by example is lead by contracts SMH. Anything for power yet nothing in return when obtained.

  2. Great initiative. Bravo to you.
    NB for future reference, a ton is 2000 pounds. I hope your use of the term was figurative. I can’t fathom tons of garbage on Vigie beach

  3. Hopefully this show of love of love of country will spread to other areas of your party’s agenda. Patriotism is not a light switch that you can flick on and off depending on how the political winds blow. Patriotism is a state of heart and mind.

  4. One love people , let’s stop that politics thing . Let’s stop the division between us . Unite and show love . Stop that nonsense. Don’t you all think if y’all did asked for others to join they would not have joined??? .
    Let’s look to push this country forward and stop dividing our nation .

  5. Nice try x-PM.and followers..
    We should have a clean up crew to all of our Beaches, and pay the workers a minimum living wage of $10+ per hour worked.
    We had a beach cleaning crew in the eastern part of the island and it worked very well..
    The x- PM should stop wasting his and followers time… TIME= $.. and stop being silly and manipulating the working poor and the unemployable weak minds..

  6. So why does this have to make the news? If you find the beach needs to be cleaned up just do it, so everybody have to know that UWP cleaned the beach?

  7. Actually, I saw two gentlemen cleaning the road by the airport on the Friday and they didn’t have on a uniform…..just civic duty ….. politics again? Yawn

  8. Vigie have gold cause everybody rushing to clean up! Come Vieux Fort, our beaches need cleaning too!


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