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WATCH: Pierre Announces New Date For Roll Out Of Health & Security Levy

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Stakeholder consultation on the proposed Health and Security levy is continuing.

The Government of Saint Lucia is determined to ensure the public, consumers and the private sector are adequately informed about and prepared for the implementation of the levy.

Once implemented, the Health and Security levy is expected to annually generate at least XCD 33 million for the Government of Saint Lucia.

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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister


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  1. This was expected since government lack creative ability to generate revenue. This will be the norm from now on and we are being lead by outside organizations like IMF who incidentally are the same ones who recommended to us to impose this burdensome tax on its people. So it’s no surprise we are being squeezed more by Caesar because of world bodies who control this Muppet Show.

  2. LAB: Except that they are. Some idiots will come out and claim this is the best idea ever. I heard some moron calling in a talk show claiming it is the best budget ever. In an environment with inflation at at least 30%, unemployment at record highs, you’re implementing more taxes. Why? Because they steal and mismanage the coffers. We are currently one of the most highest taxed country in the region. We get absolutely nothing from it. What will more taxes lead to? Even more nothing. Pierre and his band of crooks need to be in prison.

  3. This statement released by the government is rather vague.

    What is the percentage of this levy? How will it affect the prices of products? Which products? How will this new tax be collected? Who the are the stakeholders involved and their relevance in implementing this levy!?

  4. Great job SLP. The last administration removed 2.5% vat to help people you reinstate it to the same 15% now. The people who voted you deserve it. Also I thought 2.5% was the equivalent of 50 million why is it now 33 million? Just asking because when it was removed you were bawling that the country was deprived of 50 million

  5. Someone said the PM of Barbados is far from being stupid; good at delivering; surrounds herself with smart individuals and she knows how to articulate. Pierre is the opposite of all what was said about the PM of Barbados.

  6. Lol.. y’all won’t be tired of having to go back to the drawing board with your ideas. Always hasty to implement things without the relevant stakeholder consultations… Rushed banning of drinks with certain sugar content at schools… What’s the status of this? CCJ rush to make final appellate court then hosting consultary meetings… Kenny made the government go back to the drawing board with some bill that was set to pass. Now this..This is laughable! As usual cart before horse!

  7. The tax is heavy for the less fortunate I totally agree but we have to understand that it this is a way to generate cash to continually sustain the purpose sector. Besides we pay tax for other people country for their people without any issue on complaint. Example ordering items all over the world, etc. Yes we pay tax.
    And yet we complain about everything government do is not good especially if we are color blind.
    We need to stop that. We need to grow out of that mentality.

  8. so if I look at this clearly we are pretty much back or close to paying the 15% vat, its just that this 2.5 is something entirely new and will be used for health and security? If this works out then this means that the Government will have more than enough money to give the hospitals all the necessary equipment and there should be no excuse

  9. its true there will be no additional tax on food by the government but just watch the businesses will increase their prices of goods just now you will see at massy.

  10. They refuse to enact a minimum wage but keep driving the working poor to more poverty and crime but the fools keep voting every 5 years for red , yellow blue and green…


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