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Saint Lucia Police Investigate Two Homicides

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Saint Lucia police are investigating two separate homicides at Belmont, Dennery, and La Clery Castries.

According to law enforcement sources, at about 11:30 pm on Friday, police received a report that the body of a man in his twenties was discovered at Belmont, Dennery.

The body had apparent gunshot wounds.

Hours later, at about 4:45 am on Saturday, there was a report that a man had been shot dead in a vehicle at La Clery, Castries.

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Earlier, residents said they heard bursts of rapid gunfire.

Headline photo from social media.

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  1. So who cares?
    Lucians have accepted being one of the top 10 murder capitols of the world as no big thing.
    Only in this country can you have on social media female civil servants hugging up a notorious cabinet member and nothing for so.
    Shows how much tax payed civil servants and women have been compromised in this country. An indication ofcwhy regular murder reports are norhing.
    Nothing is surprising anymore in ‘Sweet Lucia’. We have plumbed the depths and staying there.

  2. Is anyone hearing of the gun cases that are before the magistrates?
    Have any of them completed? What is the result?
    Well, nothing is been done, so the criminals have license from the magistrates to carry guns anywhere. Bravo magistrates.

  3. Keep rum cheap and legalize small does of Marijuana to keep the population drug and dumbfounded. Such a success

  4. All they good at is letting the capitalist come here to exploit our people with wages show as 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour and they called that development

  5. It is a sad commentary at a time such as this, that two persons were shot dead within 24 hours, and reading from most of comments, all they seem to care about is that minimum wages should go up. The insensitivity of some of these persons is sad enough. Where is the shame that people have to read of (1) the crime in a small Island (2) the uncaring attitude of a population to care more for $2, 3 or 3 1/2 per hour; will you guys stop posting such crap on social media for people to think that St. Lucians are about the most ignorant people in the Caribbean. How are Guns allowed into the Country, and from where?

  6. Just reading the comments reveals how down by the a….we have allowed a man to manipilate our thinking foe us to hate our country and it truly indeginous people.
    An idiot laments the fact that civil servants take photos with their Minister? Accusing the man of every crime under the sun with no proof but allowing a Caucasian man and his Indian side kick to rob the treasury at will.

  7. I was so disgusted with the comments like you Vanguard, but as I read on with your comment, you are more moronic than all that preceded you. I know now why we are slowly becoming a backward people. You criticize one for calling a Minister a criminal with no proof but yet your backwardness caused your racism to be so glaring by saying a white man and a coolie are criminals also with no evidence. It is sad when in a country two homicides occur within hours No one cares. A new mindset is needed to reverse our path from being another Haiti.

  8. @Anon …. this man takes pleasure in showing us how they spend tax dollars on lavish events ….. the man uses his po zee shun to lure girls…….many talk about how he promises them jobs and other things….labour women need to up their game to compete with the wiles of the flambeau ladies hence the flambeau worm their way into the Civil service and take over and sabotage them. Buy these so called bright boys think with their d$%k and fall into the trap.

  9. Vanguard you are so right the Caucasian and his Indian side kick did reap off the country so sad …

  10. The workers don’t care about people. Attitude’s and no help! All need to go!

  11. Re Article,. It’s a very sad time for our younger population and no help from the Yellow and Red .
    The Foxes’s comments are useless.. He should try the KISS mothod…
    The fox don’t think that the working poor and overworked deserves a fair living wage of $10+ per..
    The fox is off his MEDS..

  12. How Many More, I wonder why the authorities don’t let us know the homicide toll after each occurrence like they do when the other party is in power. So much for politicizing crime. When we had the last murder a few weeks ago Loop St Lucia News reported that it was 40. People were commenting that we had not completed half the year and were already at 40, but I just saw from that same news source that St Lucia had back to back murders this weekend which brought the figures to 40. The Math just not Mathing.


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