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Plane Chaos – Peacemaker Injured On Flight To Saint Lucia


On Sunday, a Saint Lucian national who tried to make peace during a brawl between two other passengers aboard a flight to Saint Lucia sustained a cut requiring twelve stitches.

According to reports, two hours before BA 2159 from Gatwick landed at Hewanorra International Airport, an incident occurred involving a Saint Lucian passenger and another man on board the flight.

The Saint Lucian, bottle in hand, is said to have attacked the man and his family, at which point another Saint Lucian intervened in an attempt to make peace.

But the Peacemaker, identified as a person with diabetes, sustained a gash requiring immediate attention from a nurse on the flight.

Reports indicate that the pilot alerted Saint Lucia officials, and when the aircraft touched down, the individuals who sustained injuries received further medical attention at St. Jude Hospital.

And  an eyewitness said local law enforcement officers arrested the alleged assailant.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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  1. What’s the man’s bloody nationality? Y’all quick to tarnish y’all own and hide others.

  2. Wonder what the full story is or what could push a man to behave this way? I wonder. I have come close to losing it after being profiled, racially abused and cursed at by the “others”. But dude…not on a flight, Now you in some deep #hit.

  3. For a nation that prays, why is there so my anger and hatred in society?… Obviously your prayers are not working…..such a shame what St Lucia has become….and it’s because of its people although not a small fragment of society but a rotten bunch of useless, ignorant, uneducated, unwilling to progress, backward mindedness and forever stagnated in tunnels visioned myopic mentality…..but keep praying to your sky god…he won’t come to your rescue I can guarantee you that….

  4. Why we love blaming our own? What did that person do or say, to cause the st.lucian to draw the bottle? Do we care? Or we look for any reason to blame our own? Was it not a st.lucian who intervened? What’s wrong with st.Lucians?

  5. Even in the air it’s Pierre and his Cabals fault…..the government of today reach goes beyond our shores under Chastanet this would never had happen, because Chastanet would have brought happiness to St Lucians coming home form England.

  6. Where’s the rest of the story there’s always three sides to the situation so don’t be to fast to judge?

  7. According to the article …
    The Saint Lucian, bottle in hand, is said to have attacked the man and his family, at which point another Saint Lucian intervened in an attempt to make peace.”

    238 square miles of ignorance…if you have an issue on a flight ..the proper thing to do is alert the flight attendants…only an ignorant individual would resort to fighting with a glasss bottle on a flight..very sad.”

  8. @ Jay….I am not ignorant and probably wouldn’t do it on flight but anyone can take jail. For example, (not linked to this case) imagine you on a flight and a man who is with his family throwing racist slurs at you for 5 hrs and eventually spits on you at the 6th hr…bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The point is let’s wait for the details to come out.

  9. @george, I was just about to make that very same argument, you beat to it.

  10. The person who wrote the article what does the peacemaker having diabetes!!!! have to do with him trying to stop someone from causing problems on an aircraft…no one wants to know what illness the man has that’s his personal life even if he said he’s diabetic.. there was no need for adding that to the story…VERY UNPROFESSIONAL…. SMFH

  11. I made my comment based on the article, hence the reason why I quoted the article again in my post.

    Again, I would resort to getting the attention of
    the flight attendants if I was disrespected on any flight. I was not on board and all I did was read the article.

    Moreover, this individual may also be banned from traveling on this particular airline. In addition, someone could have gotten killed ..what if the bottle had severed a main artery …just saying..

  12. @Jay….ou pah Tay lah! Just wait for the details. You think one would care about a life ban on nasty BA if they were assaulted or threatened?

  13. Stop listen to vibes Kartel and all those trash for music and pay attention to the song.. little black boy…sadly our nation and people are disintegrating rapidly

  14. Jay you make the most sense here. Did the man or any member of his family physically attack the St Lucian. According to the report he attacked. Even if he was verbally abused, his actions are unjustified. He will definitely see some more jail time on what he had already done in the UK.

  15. I would like to take this opportunity to “Big Up” St Lucia Times for the coverage that they afforded this breaking story. It was well written and put through. It is so sad what transpired on this aircraft in Caribbean skies. I am hearing all sorts of rumours which are yet to be proven.

    The gentleman who intervened was well placed to do so. He was an angel in the sky and should have an award bestowed upon him. I saw what he wrote on his FB page. Had he not intervened who knows what would have happened. He is indeed a peacemaker and should be applauded all the way. We need more people like him in St Lucia.
    What started as a casual discussion ended up as a nasty fight causing almost mayhem and pandemonium on an aircraft. How could friends turn on each other like that? Where did it all go wrong? There was NO need for this ghastly behaviour on an international flight. No way!

    I noticed that the story made it in the nasty racist Sun newspaper in England. They even got videos and pictures of the incident. Who are those filthy people who took those pictures and videos? It has to be British Airways stewards who wanted to sell these videos and pictures to the sinking Sun newspaper to top up their salary. The people who did this have no shame or compunction in doing so. You can’t trust anyone these days. Instead of trying to help the others who were trying to stop the brawl on the plane they were busy taking pictures and video to sell to the Sun and other newspapers.
    The story was also featured in the Daily Mail online. It was written by a British Journalist from St Lucia. I noticed his piece was not over the top like that of the Sun. It was not overblown and heated up like the Sun. I have been following up on his stories and he writes well. I would like to Big Up this St Lucian reporter in Fleet Street. There are not many black Reporters in London’s Fleet street. Despite what has been written St Lucia is still beautiful and wonderful. Let us not hold our beautiful island to ransom over this ugly incident. Big Up St. Lucia!!!

  16. Lucian’s in all vibe that don’t concern them when something happens they are judge’s lawyer’s hts ,dbs juck Bois i eh see why they not charge $1000 to comment so wouldn’t read crap

  17. @ C-WIZ – The devil have really done a number on you, to hate the one you refer to as sky-god ,may I inform you that my God is not in the sky only, “God is a Spirit, we worship Him in Spirit and in truth”. Since the day I asked Him into my heart, and millions also, He has lived within us. I never point to the heavens in prayer, with my head down in meditation, I pray. I am a living testimony that my God hears all my prayers; He sometime says yes, sometime says no. He knows best what is best for us.
    With the ‘Holy Spirit’ living within you, you don’t curse, fight, get drunk, or threaten anyone be it on ground, worse yet thousands of feet in the air. The wife of a prominent St. Lucian, herself a highly learned person, at one point gathered a group of International Witches for a conference in St Lucia; since then St. Lucia has not been the same. The place was sold to the devil, has been cursed and its been rampant ‘stealing, killing and destruction’ look at your traffic accidents. Without the Spirit of JESUS in you – forget it.

  18. Natives behaving badly. Seriously people, …. Not a good look. Truth is we are becoming thug nation . Judging by what’s happening of late .
    Wha’ appen…?
    Many scream cry of no respect given . Respect is never due , to anyone. It is always given when earned in some way .

  19. No follow up on the story? The guy who did it has still not been identified, bailed, appeared in court?

  20. So you have a verbal altercation with another person , then attack with a broken bottle which is as dangerous as a knife.

    We have an advanced civilisation when you deal with such issues in a peaceful way. You have a savage uncivilized society when instead you pull a broken bottle.
    St Lucia is now an uncivilized savage place. We not only act violently in Marchand or Dennery or Vieux Fort but we even go on BA flights. Worst still you leave FROM the UK on the way to Lucia and do this.

    Then you have other savages commenting on this site , who excuse the behaviour!
    Well what do you expect. Look around you. What kind of characters do you have in your Cabinet? Racism and xenophobia were the order of the day in elections. And still today unless the foreigners are passing a money to certain people.
    Amazing we can look at this incident and think nothing of it, just like the 3 young people murdered in Dennery and the 5 killed in 72 hours!
    I would say ‘Lord put a hand’ then I remember he gave us Free Will and the Ten Commandments!


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