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Canadian Charged With Aiding And Abetting Wife’s Suicide


Saint Lucia police have charged a Canadian national, identified as Christopher Lewis Forman, with aiding and abetting his wife’s suicide.

The ailing couple was vacationing in Saint Lucia when, on Sunday, April 21, 2024, at about 10:00 am, Gros Islet Police Station officers responded to a report of a suspected suicide at Trouya, Gros Islet.

On arrival, the officers discovered that 53-year-old Nicole Forman, a self-employed sales representative, was unresponsive.

A medical practitioner later pronounced her dead.

A post-mortem examination was conducted on April 25, and a toxicology report is pending.

The Mental Wellness Centre admitted Nicole’s husband, and on his release, police charged him on May 8 with aiding and abetting the suicide.

Christopher Lewis Forman, 54, an unemployed former bartender, was remanded in custody when he appeared in court on Thursday.

According to the laws of Saint Lucia, anyone who aids or abets a suicide is liable on indictment to imprisonment for 20 years.

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  1. This is very odd as Canada has legal medical assistance in dying. If she met the criteria and wished help in dying, it is something that is available in Canada. There is clearly information here we aren’t getting, for whatever reason.

  2. Why did these people come to our beautiful island to carry out their evil deed.

  3. They must have been stuck in a Friday traffic and she just couldn’t take it anymore

  4. @DL, no it is not a strange law. It is there to protect others. You see our culture in the Caribbean is more materialistic, we value life as nothing, so what happen in this particular situation is that the postmortem, which is a traumatic situation for any doctor to go through, did not find no other cause of death so they have to check to see if someone invoke it in the dead person via certain means, injection, doped into any food substance or something set for the person, ultimately the outcome is death. Charge for aid and abating someone death means you should have help when you know you could have saved that person life by calling paramedic rather that watching that person inflict wounds to his/her self and walk away. I’m happy that the police make such charges and they know the evidence is there. Great Job guys!

  5. Thou shall not kill !
    The worse yet not to come 💉
    End of life project of Président Emmanuel Macron (fin de vie)
    Aide à mourir France
    Amendement of législation was pass on the eleven of march two thousands and twenty four..
    Which was in apprenhende since 2002!!
    Accompany by husband, wether wife or anyone with the person décision !!
    Rencently in the north of 💶 Europe, the husband, with the wife agreement, help his wife to commit suicide
    Help to Die ❗
    If it with the wife agreement, the husband did what she please…
    Judgement ⚖️is mine, says the LORD”

  6. If a person has a terminal disease, and chooses to end life on their terms, I can’t figure how it affects the state. They may make that choice to spare family members the grief and inconvenience of caring for them. They may choose not to waste away in some hospital bed. Further, they may want to provide family members with an inheritance, instead of giving the money to a lousy hospital. They may even want to know when is New Year’s day and not think they are still in September. There are simply many reasons why someone with a terminal disease may want to end life.

    We are still stuck with antiquated and arcane laws that more resembles the 1800s. Also, this society is influenced by religion, politics and other superstitions. These form an unholy Trinity that tramples modern thought. Politicians are never going to deviate from the path of religion for fear of losing votes. We are condemned to hearing gibberish like the devil made this or that party win the election. It’s time we recognize that this country has suffered a tremendous brain drain.

  7. So we choose to charge who we want. A so called prominent journalist called a bomb threat at gfl Charles Airport then attempted suicide and he was not arrested. According to our law books it is a crime. We are too hypocritical.

  8. Our opinions really don’t matter. What really matters is the law of the land and how it is administered.

  9. @ Mavine Louisy……………….why here in beautiful St. Lucia?

    @ Yep……………..Our Law is what matters.

    To both of you guys, agreed to your way of thinking; next time, not in St. Lucia.

    Finally, there’s this Law above all Laws – ” THOU SHALL NOT KILL “

  10. St Lucians
    Praise the LORD,O your soul ;all your most beign, praise his holy name,
    praise the LORD,O your soul,and not forgets all your benifits_
    who (Heals all your diseases, who Redeem your life from the pit and crowns you with ❤️ Love and compassion-
    who satisify your desires with good things,so that your youth is renews like eagle ‘s psalms 103..

    The angel of the LORD encamps all those who fear him,and deliver them ❗ Tast and see that the LORD is good : Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him, fear the LORD,and seek him while he may be found ;
    you godly people, you saints.. for those who fear him Lacks Nothing_
    The 🦁 lions may grow weak,weary and hungry, but those who seek the LORD Lacks No Good Things ‼️


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