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Saint Lucians Urged To Stand Up Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against A Senior Cop

Human Rights Activist Felicia Browne has called on Saint Lucians to stand up amid sexual misconduct allegations against a senior police officer, declaring that this is not the time to be fearful.

“This is the time to stand up against any form of injustice,” Browne asserted.

The University of the West Indies lecturer noted that once there is any form of injustice, citizens have a right to demonstrate their intolerance.

Browne was among women panellists in a Zoom discussion Thursday night, organised by the women’s arm of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

She stated that a women have an equal right to be in a safe environment and should not face discrimination because of sex or gender.

“Stand up and if it means that you have to strike, you strike. If you have to go on sick leave, you do that. Because what will happen if nothing is done, you may be the next victim,” Browne stated.

“We do not know what other alleged perpetrators are there,” she said.

In addition, Browne observed that the government’s responsibility is to listen to and consider the cries of the people.

But she said the government was very dismissive of the sexual misconduct allegations.

“If a Prime Minister and a Minister of Home Affairs, who is also a female, would be very dismissive of the allegations or the accusations, it speaks about their character,” the Human Rights Activist said.


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  1. once its tied to some political line then its already mard and smelling bad. so pist off lady sorry

  2. if it was a woman that was alleged of sexual misconduct i wonder if they would have stood up against it with the same zeal they are right now

  3. Lecturer Brown, we do not know enough about the case to call for public action. Every individual has the right to work in a safe and non threatening environment. There is a process for determining sexual harassment. The police force should have a process and protocols in place for addressing sexual harassment. Both parties involved should be given due process. If the evidence supports the accusation there needs to be disciplinary action up to termination of employment. Now if the police department failed to adequately address the matter it should go to Ministry or to the courts . Dr. Browne, failed to mention that all government and private sector employees should be mandated to attend sexual harassment training.

  4. I agree with the activist,.. Standup ladies
    Realist comments are Uneducated material’s..
    .. ladies, whiles you have the podium Please encourage the political parties to enact a fair living minimum wage of $10+ per hour to share the wealth of St Lucia to the working poor and overworked earning slave wages.. The politicians are keeping St Lucians Dumb and disfunctional..

  5. I have stood by as a fellow citizen and listened to the debate of sexual misconduct against a senior COP. I have also watched and listened in awe at comments from the Prime Minister which was very dismissive of the sexual misconduct claims, referring to them as mere allegations. But my greatest disappointment of all was in Shelton Daniel and his comments on his Thursday night show. His attempts to trivialize the complaints and to totally dismiss the allegations and discredit the victims. This is a man I respected and admired for his honesty and professionalism but never believed that he would have stooped so low to side with Richard, a disgraced Saint Lucian with many skeletons in his closet, to attack Mr. Laure for doing “what was right”. I looked and listened to Shelton but couldn’t identify him. He has truly changed. Never did I envisaged him in such company. But we human beings are known to do anything to survive, even at the detriment of others.

    In order to contribute fairly to the allegations against the cop, I sought responses from some law enforcement sources and was told the following:

    Unlike what was said on Shelton’s show, the complaint against the officer was reported, however, no official entry was made in the department’s diary. Rather, it was referred to senior officials in the RSLPF since it involved a fellow senior officer.

    Two of the females alleging rape were medically examined under the watchful eyes of a fellow female officer and a medical report provided by the examining doctor. Now tell me why would a female police officer accompany the victims if there was not an official complaint? So now We can agree that the matter was formally reported.

    Now having said that, tell me why then is that complaint tried in the public domain and not in a court of law. Why are the victims treated like offenders and the alleged perpetrator like a victim? Is that the norm in Saint Lucia?

    Why should someone accused of criminal misconduct be appointed to such a position wherein he has control of the very matters that he is being accused of. No wonder this country is in such a state of criminality. We can tell the difference between our cops and regular criminals. How sad.

    Is it normal for such serious allegations to be dealt with along political lines.

    Is this gentleman incapable of committing crime?

    I am of the belief that senior positions in the government service should be occupied by persons of impeccable character. However, that seems to have changed to persons who support the party no matter if they are accused of the most heinous crimes. Sad state of affairs.

    The only way the affected gentleman can truly clear his name is through the conduct of an official investigation into the matter. What is so difficult about that. If not the government and the RSLPF would once more be opened to the dictates of international organizations in resolving the issue. On this one, we all might agree that the RSLPF does not need another one of these.

    With regards to Mr. Laure, I say hats off to him for his bravery and determination. He has apparently done what three of his former commissioners failed to do. Had they done their jobs and not try to cover up the allegations, that matter would have been resolved moons ago.

  6. I never have fate in my country leaders nor the police force. It stinks worst than human flesh.

  7. Though we may not have the details. But alot of this goes on in business places especially government institutions n this is coved up

  8. Did Felicia Brown, Nancy Charles, Fortuna Belrose and Sarah Flood come to Sir John Compton daughter’s defence, when she said that she was sexually assaulted by a senior UWP member.

  9. Seems like EVERYONE will have to wear WEB CAM ‘365’ daily in St Lucia!! Saddened that its 2023 and life is still draconian in the Carribbean.

  10. Very sad situation. Our women need to protected irrespective their profession. It is cultural to focus on abuse related issue within organization that are headed by men where our women are in the minority(eg a police force) However, the prevalence of abuse(emotionl and psychological) may be more severe within organizations that are headed by women where women are in the majority(eg a hospital). There, we as women must not be selective but rather objective.


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