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Two Men Shot Dead In Anse La Raye


Two men were shot dead in Anse La Raye Sunday night, the police have confirmed.

Both men are believed to have been the victims of a drive-by shooting.

Residents reported that the bodies of the men were on the ground next to each other on Front Street by the bay.

Law enforcement sources identified one of the deceased as ‘Tete Tool’.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service Headquarters said it received a call regarding the incident at about 9:21 pm and dispatched emergency responders to the scene.

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  1. weh weh weh…awa wiii..i self eh no wat to say again….this country needs a pure purge…

  2. that’s what happens when we forget that there is a God and we turn to all other means but him. something is about to happen and I can feel it . I recently heard some LGBTQ……….. saying there is no God and God is irrelevant well well we just start crying. every man must see for his own soul salvation. we push God out and we invite all the BTQs in

  3. Some kind of reporting. Two men dead, on the ground next to each other. The name of ONE is Tete Tool (Common, no I.D. on the other?)
    Well shall we give up to the Demons or shall we call upon the name of our Savior (several groups around the Island – Pray for deliverance from demonic activity) pray to the ‘Father in the mighty name of Jesus’ asking for the presence of ‘Mighty Angels unleashed from Heaven’ to chase away these demons from this Island. “Love each other, stop the hating, forgive each other, help the poor, attend to the sick, check on your neighbour, offer a helping hand. Life is not all Carnival, jump up, loud music, Booz & fried chicken. There’s another Path to love, health and a wholesome life.

  4. It looks like in Saint Lucia the criminals in charge – be it the government or the police force or the wider society. Criminals in top positions equals a criminal society. So do not be surprised at the end result – mayhem!

  5. So the St Lucia Labour Party run country of St Lucia is staring into the abyss of hell.
    NINE murders in less than a week!
    This extrapolates to St Lucia being the murder capital of the world.
    Of course as said on numerous occasions this is of little concern to the Labour bigwigs. As long as they can continue their cash and carry business, as long as the addition of numerous money making propositions can be accumulated they are achieving their goal , which has nothing to do with the welfare of Lucians. They never had any ideas or plans except to grasp power in their grubby hands.

    Years ago the SLP condoned and promoted the ‘bad bwoy’ behaviour in the ghettos to gain power and now it is bearing evil fruit!

    Even as these clear signs of the destruction of St Lucia are evident there is not only silence but the promotion of characters that represent this very evil. The arrogant silence and strutting by our so called leaders is amazing in its sheer affrontry. It is as if they are saying ‘ is we in power, you can go to hell, is our turn now, the people have give us carte blanche to do what we can for ourselves and our pockets’

    This escalation can only end badly for poor Helen of the West Indies, now a debauched woman of the night, sent out into the darkness by her political pimps!

    As pierre walks around with his ghetto strutt and wicked smirk, hillaire with his broad evil smile, the visa less buffoon looking like the devil’s spawn we await the event that will be the final straw on the camel’s back.
    Eh bien bon!

  6. The government need to enact a minimum wage in the country how can you have thousands of people working for wages as low as 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour poverty is the reason why we have so much crime … To be poor is a crime

  7. Four shootings this weekend, four men dead, gun violence is out of hand in St Lucia, its getting too dangerous to go out!

  8. What is the reason for it where have we gone wrong? Last week the media was lying to us and said for the year there have been 43 murders I gave you the most accurate number 57 now another week has gone and we have 5 people shot but 4 died so I know what they are going to say. They will let it take another month before the police or media tell you the total number of deaths and it will still not add up. I remember when the media did a good job by researching the information speaking to the police and then giving the accurate information to keep us informed but for now it’s just write down what the hear somebody say and call a police friend that’s drinking by the bar and post it. We are at 61 deaths for the year so far but the media will tell you now is 47 if they even release that information. There are 10 more days before the official end of carnival and in thoses ten days I BEG, I PLEAD, I PRAY PLEASE DON’T END ANYMORE LIVES. LET CARNIVAL BE A SEASON FOR FUN, ENJOYMENT, LAUGHTER, FRIENDSHIP AND GREAT MEMORIES please don’t let it be people staying at home in fear 😱 please watch theirs backs in every event and people unable to walk the streets without being afraid when a tinted vehicle is driving

  9. Lord please put a hand in this land, this crime situation is really getting out of control.

  10. More r.i.p. if only st.lucia police could solve one murder. It seems like it’s too much for st.lucia police. Now there will be more killing, now everybody know they can get away with it.

  11. As the top cop said last week there should be no bail for culprits caught with illegal guns and ammunition. This scurge will not end until drastic measures are put in place.
    Condolences to the victims families.

  12. Continue to blame the damn Government. Yall getting me sick with that.

    These things will/ must happen no matter who is in power.

  13. So happy I moved away from St Lucia , criminals politicians , criminal police and criminal criminals .

  14. We need to get the Jamaican police involved to really get rid of the crime problem .
    The regional cops don’t have the local police don’t have the energy , the politicians don’t have the wisdom and the regional security services don’t have the gumption .

  15. Sad state of affairs indeed! It is sad that this government seems so quiet while the bloodshed continues! Lord put a hand!

  16. When the politicians, judges and lawyers start getting gunned down we will see changes to the law. They think they are outside the realm of this but give it time…

  17. I only wish the Govt would do something before this reaches our schools and killing as a result of road rage. The criminals are getting bolder and considering there is NO POLICING OF OUR ROADS. Some say don’t blame govt. Like seriously only the PM can call out an all war on criminals. Only govt policy can get police to Police our Streets. Only govt can have stiffer penalties for persons caught with guns. Only govt can put up surveillance cameras. Only govt can employ more magistrates and quicken the Justice system. Only govt can appoint a competent Commissioner of Police. Only govt can provide the ports with Metal Detectors and Dogs. Need i go on…………

  18. @ Ma Ma lay it is not that persons don’t want to speak it is fear of their lives and safety. Remember St. Lucia is a small place where everybody knows everybody. There is no witness protection in St. Lucia. There is too much corruption.

  19. At the rate the spate of murders are taking place St. Lucia will soon be on a Travel Advisory. The backlash to this is very serious.

  20. The usual Bellow’s these shootings are NOT random acts they are TARGETED Acts…..and based on the word on the streets they are interconnected from last week Denary right down. Fools don’t see that but they are quick to say the government not doing what they are suppose to do. News Flash these guys don’t care about any government red or yellow, the only thing they care about is The EC, Euro or in God we trust and who owes them. More to come before the weekend. VF quiet why because they can’t come back here

  21. @smlh, the government, in the form of the police, in the police actually doing their job.
    Doesn’t matter what penalties they enforce, if you can’t catch anyone, no matter how competent the justices, irrelevant, if the police can’t solve a single crime, can’t present a single suspect, there’s already cameras, already metal detectors at the ports, means nothing. That’s why no one is scared to what they do.

  22. Cancel all remaining Carnival events. No bail for gun offenses. Sweep all suspicious areas. Be authentic.

  23. Get police from here and there. They cannot even deal with the crime in their own country. St.kitts and Nevis are in the middle of a murder epidemic right now….don’t ask for Jamaica.
    And yes the police have a duty but they cannot be everywhere all the time. And like all other humans , need a day off.
    Maybe we need to reach out to the ‘bad man’
    No one wants to talk about sowing and reaping…there is no time limit on that.
    No one wants to talk about all the spiritual wickedness in the land…there a repercussions for that. Many don’t want anything to do with God…because for them He is an outdated idea that gets in the way of their Fun. For those who still believe try reading 2nd Timothy. Let us stop the blame game and look to see what we can do as individuals. Come on the whole world is in crisis

  24. The criminals are getting more brazen by the day. The caliber of weapons have moved from semiautomatic handguns to fully automatic ones. The rifles of choice are now M4s or AR15s, all military grade weapons. And guess what, the government is quiet on the issue. They apparently will act when it is too late. Sadly so. Trust me, criminals only understand one language – that is the language of force.

  25. Jamaican police can’t control the gangstas in Jamaica but they should come to st Lucia mama ull eh easy nah do ur research find out how many murders Jamaica has so far crap again it should be $1000 to comment same soaps everyday

  26. What the hell is going on in Anse La Raye of all places? It used to be death due to snake bite, but now it is gun violence. I don’t care whether it is tied to Dennery, Vieux Fort or Castries, it does not look good for St.Lucia. People should not be narrow minded by blaming the government. The only thing I want government to do is implement mandatory jail sentence for people caught with illegal guns. This craziness has nothing to do with enacting or increasing minimum wage. We are copying foreign lifestyles and abandoning or morals and values. The way things are going in the interest of national security, we will soon need to suspend the constitution and move to a police state.

  27. How can one think of such base things of pleasure like Carnival when you should be in a state of ‘Mourning’ for the Nation.
    The Country is in a state of fear – it seems that the Government don’t give a damn – sorry to say. By giving the people a placebo for joy, named carnival, with no guarantee the shooting will subside today, tomorrow or forever. Dose the P.M. have the balls to take charge? to seek real Badass Cops from Jamaica or wherever, to seek and rid this Island of this damnation? a situation that the ‘Almighty’ alone can do something if you ‘ASK’

  28. Congratulations St Lucia because you are on the way to having one of the most horrible statistics available; the highest murder rate in the world! Last month’s crime figures showed El Salvador had the highest homicide rate at 52 per 100,000 population (Jamaica was second with 44 per 100,000).

    If my calculation is correct then St Lucia has now replaced Jamaica in second place with 46 homicides per 100,000. Do the maths: 45 murders reported as at July 10th which equates to 86 for the year. And 86 murders in a population of 186,000 people equates to 46 murders per 100,000 people.

    That is truly shocking, extremely dangerous for residents and unbelievably sad! This level of stats is usually found where the rule of law is weak, economic opportunity is scarce, and education is poor.

  29. We have provided more vehicles for the police. That’s all our Minister of National Security says when he is questioned about the high homicide rate. That shooting occurred not too far from the police station and very close to a rum shop where a police vehicle was parked. What do you have to say. Who said the homicide count stands at 47, in my estimation it is about 50 or more, but let’s wait for the officials to tell us it is 42.
    What is most sickening is that in all those young lives going to the grave, Helaire and Antoine are busy with their COLOCK ME RED.

  30. I know SLT my comment will not be posted. Vehicles to encourage more drunken policemen. Helaire and Antoine carnival making money so who cares.

  31. Difficult to lock down the gangsters
    when you have 2 in parliament.
    Mr PM, actions speak louder than words and your actions are deafening


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