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United States Congressman Commits To Enhancing Caribbean Public Safety

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United States Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Minority Leader, US House of Representatives, has committed to public safety cooperation with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

His commitment came on July 5, 2023, during remarks at the recent 45th CARICOM Heads of Government meeting.

Jeffries said it was essential to focus on security and enhance public safety in the region.

“Indeed, public safety is a prerequisite to prosperity. In that regard, we are committed to enhancing cooperation and information sharing between our respective law enforcement agencies, including through Crime Gun Intelligence Units,” the United States official observed.

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“We must disrupt the gun trafficking and violent crime plaguing the region by stopping the shipments of arms and holding traffickers accountable to the full extent of the law,” Jeffries stated.

He said this includes building on historic legislation passed by the United States Congress and signed into law last year, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

He explained that for the first time in American history, straw purchasing and trafficking are federal crimes.

“This legislative tool will help us help you deal with the rising tide of gun violence many of your nations confront,” the United States Congressman told the CARICOM summit.

At the beginning of talks with the CARICOM leaders, United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, announced the appointment of his country’s very first coordinator for Caribbean Firearms Prosecutions.

Blinken disclosed that Michael Ben’Ary – a very experienced Department of Justice Prosecutor, would serve in the role.

CARICOM countries have expressed concern that the flow of illegal firearms from the United States into the region was fuelling gang violence in the Caribbean and a surge in homicides.

And they had urged the US to do more to address the problem of the illegal gun trade.

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  1. Hopefully there’s corporation and information sharing because some of the higher-ups are friends with the criminals it’s time to put all the criminals in jail that’s killing innocent people

  2. I guess it’s “Send in the Black Clowns” time!
    The guy is literally the chief ‘house’ (US House of Representatives) negro!

    The jokes keep writing themselves! AI strikes again!

  3. After Kamala “Laughing Gas” Harris’ performance in the Bahamas, it seems that Caribbean “leaders” have decided to bring on the black clowns from the US, in a vain effort to boost their prestige.

    Funny thing , though; by associating with house (literally, as in US House of Representatives) negroes from the US, Caribbean “leaders” will only impress upon ordinary citizens that they are naught but house negroes too. Birds of a feather, and all that..

  4. Who is going to prosecute the CEOs of the US Military Industrial Complex, whose profiteering is directly linked to the promotion of wars & civil strife around the world? Definitely not the US politicians they’ve lobbied (legalized bribery); current chief among them, Hakeem Jefferies, the house negro sent out to protect his masters’ interests.

    The motivation for this fake concern for public safety in the Caribbean is even more sinister:
    Since the Korean War ended, the US empire (really, the oligarchs who control it) has watched its influence on world affairs degrade considerably. It had kept the rest of the world (except Russia, China & N. Korea – using nukes) under its thumb through the threat of violence via conventional warfare (having been pre-positioned in 800+ bases around the globe). But the rest of the world has seen that, despite its belligerence, the only successful wars the US has fought have been against Grenada & Libya! Every other act of aggression was rebuffed, the last one, against Afghanistan, where they had to run out in the dead of night, so the world would not see the evidence of another Viet Nam-styled fiasco.

    Right now, their latest failure is in Ukraine, where their overpriced, useless military gear is being blown to smithereens by the Russians. Peace (anathema to western capitalism) is being brokered in the Middle East, by China. The US is being shown up as a mere banana republic, and understand that they need to retrench to the western hemisphere, and reprise their Monroe Doctrine, if their empire is to be saved the fate of the Roman empire of yore. The only big prize in the region, which could fund the resurgence of the US empire, is Venezuela, which holds the largest known reserves of oil & gas in the world. It has been out-of-reach to the empire, because of the resilience of the Venezuelan people, who will fight to the death to protect their independence & patrimony!

    The current tactic in play (the US does not do strategy; too hard, too painstakingly long) is to destabilize the Caribbean region by flooding it with small arms & foment civil strife. They need to create the scenario where the US appears to be the white knight that breaches their borders unchallenged, to protect them from themselves. You know what the outcome is: the US military are like cockroaches; once they get into your house, it hard to get rid of them. What does the US really need the chain of Caribbean islands for? As defensive outposts against Russia & China, who have promised military aid to Venezuela, for defense against an inevitable US military invasion; their economic war having failed miserably! The US is hoping that by creating a Grenada-like crisis, region-wide, it can gain the acquiescence of the mendicant CARICOM officials to military occupation by US troops – responsibility to protect the Caribbean from its own citizens – cute don’t you think?

    All in all, it would be a win-win campaign for the US Military Industrial Complex: sell their small-arms for huge profits to de-stabilize the region; sell their heavy weaponry to the US government, to pre-position them in the Caribbean, for a Venezuelan invasion (the Biden administration needs a war, any war, to slake the blood-thirst of US citizens, who will vote him in again, as a conquering hero)!


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