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Hilaire Urges Public Support For The Police Amid A Spike In Deadly Gun Violence


Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire has urged public support for the police amid a spike in deadly gun violence, declaring that someone always has information.

The Castries South MP told reporters Monday that the police are getting all the support they need from the government.

“Anything they ask for, they get it. But they need the public to help them,” Hilaire stated.

He felt that with public assistance, the police would record many successes in the battle against crime.

“People can’t expect and ask for safety and security and expect the police to do it alone without the support of the public,” Hilaire asserted.

“I can understand why anybody would say they have apprehensions about safety and security,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“Right now I just finished with Cabinet discussing with the police preparations and arrangements for Carnival. They did a fantastic job last year. For Jazz they did a fantastic job and they do have a plan,” Hilaire told reporters.

However, he said he could not go into the plan’s details.

“But I have to tell Saint Lucians we are doing everything we can to ensure that everyone is safe and secure – the locals and the visitors. The visitors are our guests, so they too are important,” Hilaire said.

He observed that the primary objective was ensuring visitors and locals felt safe and secure.

Nevertheless, Hilaire said the public must help the police.

“But a lot will be done. Of course, some things are not very obvious to you, but the police will be working extraordinarily hard to make sure that all is well,” he said.


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  1. Hilaire is just chewing the fat. He and his motley crew are creating an unsafe environment by providing bail to gunmen. Who wants to put their neck out when there’s a great probability of being snuffed?

    That motley fool has a lot to learn or he is playing stupid.

  2. Again they are blaming YOU for all the gun crimes, it was your fault for the covid outbreak, it was your fault for the December flood it’s always your fault and they have nothing to do with it.

  3. If you are providing the police with everything they need to fight crime and the public is apprehensive about giving information to the police, you need to have a problem solving meeting to arrive at a possible solution. A handful of bad folks should not be allowed to put fear in the minds and hearts of the population and giving the island a bad name. The perpetrators of gun violence must not be afraid of the consequences. It is time to start dangling large sums of money for information on the criminals. We need mandatory imprisonment for illegal gun possession. Also people need to stop the blaming game.

  4. so wait….i hVE TO talk for the police to ensure my safety? so if i dont help the police, then i wont get help from them? make me calculate your maths right mr. hillflair.. …

  5. Bul#sh”t! Over 8 people killed, in less than two weeks, not one suspect arrested, not one, but we should support the police, because carnival coming, and we have to protect the visitors? Bullsh#t again! We should boycott carnival! how many murderers walking around st.lucia? They going carnival too?

  6. Hilaire have balls to say the police getting everything they want? Some police officers have no department or building. Some work in moldy unsafe environments, some are working overtime with no added pay, no gratuity when they retire, no gyms…. And the police getting what they want?

  7. Are you getting nervous that your little Carnival Party will suffer? there could be other factors such as a good heavy down pour of Tropical rain. My advise to you, get down on your knees and pray that the shooting goes away, do some penance ask God to forgive you; that may work.

  8. Mr Hilaire the police will receive public support when the public see police patrols, and road checks at nights when the guns are moving around. All the public see are the new vehicles speeding through the communities with windows rolled up. We need to see beat and patrol.

    While the police may not stop some of these killings they can intercept the gunmen fleeing the scene or their presence may act as a deterrent.

    Community police stations doors are closed at nights . Therefore we need to see our police on patrol day and night. There needs to have a balance of police officers, equipment and effective legislation supported by effective strategies in combating crime.

    It appears that as the police issued vehicles increase, there is a corresponding increase in the number of homicides.
    Sad but true.

  9. Minister of Bacchanal finally speaks… And only because crime may be impacting his carnival… 47 murders and we are talking about feeling safe for carnival events! I don’t feel safe going to work daily, Sir!

  10. They are in power for 3 years earning salaries of over 20 thousand a month . But yet still refuse to enact a minimum wage

  11. If the citizens don’t trust the Politicians and Police, they won’t heed your plight or call. It’s simple!

  12. So wait now you’ll crying, you took out the afterschool program the National Lotteries was running with the SLFA. It was at 15 primary schools focused on the more vulnerable in troubled communities islandwide and was to be expanded to 25. It allowed for a safe space for kids to be kids. You replaced it with bacchanal in each community, what did you expect the young people to gravitate to?

  13. All how i read, those guys statements i think is best they don’t talk. Most readers hv dissected it as a Call for NO Violence against Visitors/Tourists during carnival and nothing else. Others see exactly what i been saying. All they do IS BLAME US THE PEOPLE. Welli think i have firmly given up. To think 3 years of this and then another 5 where this Hilaire guy will be our PM is really really DISHEARTENING. The average man in Lucia is Frustrated. Thos e of us that not working have no where to go get a job. No major investment or construction activity. SIGH,. Y did i vote BTW. Not Me Again.

  14. A clueless numbskull spewing nonsense….how does the public support for the police solve the crime issue when the clear issue is the government’s lack of ideas that is the main factor hear? You seem to be blaming the nation for your incompetence cause you idiots have no response to the crime scourge….Dr of nonsense my big toe.

  15. The government is not serious about fighting crime and do not care about the state of our country.

  16. Minister of Tourism! You should have a minimum wage enact, This EH have no intention of raising the minimum wage to $10+ per hour especially for the working poor including the Hotel working poor.
    The citizens must demand a fair living minimum wage..
    Why should the hotel workers earned such a small pay when the hotel’s are earning a massive payouts?
    EH should stand in solidarity with the workers that helps him to keep his job earning $20,000 monthly and the workers earned less than $300 weekly if that much.. This is unfair and unacceptable..
    Folks do the Math..$20,000vs $1,200..
    Is that fair?

  17. The majority of private sector workers earn 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour but most of them are so backward and stupid just accept mediocrity all they do is fight each other for low wages that take them nowhere in life


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