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Pierre Says Some People Deliberately Politicising Crime, Trying To Blame Him


Amid a recent surge in deadly gun violence, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters Tuesday that some people in Saint Lucia are deliberately politicising crime.

” No one likes more crime, but what is happening in Saint Luvia is that there are people who are deliberately politicising crime and trying to blame crime on the Prime Minister,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, told reporters on the margins of a House of Assembly meeting.

“That’s deliberate. It’s political. It’s mischievous,” the Castries East MP asserted.

He warned that Saint Lucia would suffer if people continued to divide the country because the United Workers Party lost the election and could not accept rejection by the people of Saint Lucia.

Pierre declared that he has been in politics for most of his life and is not in the business of division.

“I understand opposition. I was in opposition. But what’s happening now is outrageous. What’s happening now is wicked and history will not record favourably what’s happening,” the Prime Minister told reporters.

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  1. Pierre, Seriuosly ?

    After two bloody weekends, that is the response from you to the St.Lucians – wow !!

  2. Mr. Prime Minister, clearly you have not understood the assignment. By your very utterance you are politicizing crime. Lead! You ate thr Minister for National Security. Vehicles are not enough. Police officers should be at work when they need to be and not in rum shops or at people’s homes. When they are at work, the station is a cooling out place especially for the night crew. Dominoes time! Dos bal! Yes! Now this does not apply to all officers. The delinquents know themselves. But this is unacceptable. Demand accountability at all levels of the Police force. It starts there.

  3. So y hts no giving the figures of homicides as was when uwp was in government…just a sensible question?

  4. Your ineptitude shows …it’s glaring in your shameless ignorance and failure to understand the grave nature of what is affecting the nation. You are a failure plain and simple…the boss must take the heat for the lack of progress on the crime situation. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen… history will judge you unfavourably in this matter….the first thing you do is cry people are politicising crime when the nation is suffering under the scourge of criminality. There is no depth to your depravity under your useless leadership.

  5. It’s the oppositions job to criticise the current government when they are failing. They are failing to come up with a solution to the problem. Saint Lucia is falling off the edge and the bad boy from Marshand is steering the ship.

  6. But Mr.PM majority of your very own SLP supporters and even those who dont even involve themselves in politics seeing you not doing a good job and what you suppose to do. Being the Minister with the respective portfolio shows so far youre a failure. Again you too quick to run and talk infront cameras with zero sense. Ontop of that you speak on matters way after the damage is done. One would think you speak something substancial or reassuring to the populace but NOPE, lets talk rum shop level talk. The people are still awaiting the strong leadership,action and readiness promised. Pierre sorry you dont have it.

  7. Mister Pierre, you are head of security. Eight people killed in under two weeks, your police have not made a single arrest, you are to blame, you and your police have children’s blood on y’all hands. You are to blame, mr head of security. Go and cry those words to your police, Nobody ‘trying’ to blame you, we are blaming you, it’s your fault st.lucia police look like useless idiots.

  8. U need to go
    Time to call Elections
    U killing this country
    Stop giving tax break to the Rich.


  10. Prime Minister Pierre, this is not the time for an emotional outburst on violent crime. Violent crime is a very serious problem in St. Lucia. This is not an aberrant view rooted in bigotry but a sincere belief that flows from most people. You are the PM and all fingers are pointed at you; It goes with the territory. Forty-seven homicides are too many for such a tiny island nation. Statistics on homicides in St. Lucia defy logic and common sense. You should ask yourself this simple question: what is to be done?

    EVIL .

  12. Daily, this man proves that he doesnt have the stomach for the job. From his immature utterings in the house to his failure to accept accountability. The buck stops with you kind sir.

  13. All the experience and trained police officers have Retired .The prime Minister is too Soft on Crime Revisit the Firearm act in the

  14. In the House of Assembly .The Commissioner of Police have to Deploy all police officers on the Ground to arrest and Charged offenders .Do Something .Do Something .Do Something

  15. @Madoo grandson or whatever Alias you choose to hide behind I have stated it and I will gladly state it again the likes l of you need to vacate this earth ASAP because the likes of you is EXACTLY who the PM is talking about those that politicized crime and just divisive by nature. For you to actually state the prime minister have blood of crime victims on his hands is an all time low for even the likes of you. Your White God and savior has NEVER NEVER past or present display a crime plan for St Lucia. The best they can do is play the blame game along with their mongrel minister who has nothing to do and are suffering from THE AGONY OF DEFEAT which is surely to repeat itself AGAIN. The Prime Minister is the Minister of National Security and that portfolio stipulations insist that as the minister of national security your job is to fund the police in it’s capacity to protect and serve to the best of their ability and so far he has been doing just that. As small as we are the police cannot be everywhere, the influx of guns into St Lucia and THOSE that are benefiting from the proceeds of crime especially gun crime when or why don’t you call them out ? Why the seam in their pants are too sharp, their Audis and BMW are too clean no it’s impossible for “those people” up there to be involved, well Clown they are….the divisive classicism of many believe crime is driven by poor people who has nothing to do, but who are those that put the guns in their hands and spend their blood money to donate to your White Gods party (like he cares) they are the ones fostering gun violence on this country.


  17. I have always been mystified by the saying, “don’t politicize crime.” Note, no one seems able to politicize health, education, commerce, agriculture etc. You see where I am going? This “politicizing crime” bs is a red herring that politicians throw out to get the public off their trail. They deploy this strategy when they are against ropes with nowhere to go.

    Poor Pierre, he did it to himself when he assumed the responsibility of security minister. A guy who only secured his front door, thought he knew the ins and outs of security. Anyone with a functioning brain knows that he is now floundering. He needs help badly. Unfortunately, he would quicker sink the ship, than admit failure.

    The signs were always there that Pierre would fail. It was always a losing proposition providing bail to gunmen. Sure enough, Pierre tripped on his own shoe laces. Once again Pierre, just throw in the towel. We can’t have you bungling at this critical juncture. Hand the job to a seasoned security professional. Stop the red herring infantile behavior.

  18. Pip is in over his head. As lost as can be and he is resorting to politicising crime to get the stench off of himself. After two bloody weeks this is the first statement we get from the so called head of national security. Not a plan to tackle the issue but criticism. And Hilaire comes out earlier and blames the uncooperativeness of the citizenry as a reason for rising crime. These lot are so inept. As a St. Lucian I don’t feel safe on this land and the unspoken amount of trauma that is being hoisted upon our people is unfathomable. Pip needs to put aside his pride, realise he isn’t not cut out for the role and hand it over to someone else. This is a matter of national security and one man’s ego should not be the dictate on the future of Fair Helen.

  19. The PM may not be responsible for the crime itself, but he IS responsible for fixing it and stopping its escalation, and he needs to do so immediately. Seems he can’t or won’t. It’s not about politics, it’s about doing your job no matter red or yellow (or black or white). SL has become a hell hole full of ongoing nastiness at every level.

  20. Mr pm I think you should just sit and finish drinking your milk ,because you crying like a baby is not going to change anything grow some balls and do something shameless man that’s all you have to say?it’s embarrassing for all of us Lucian to have you as a leader

  21. What an embarrassment, what a travesty, what a total failure. Sir you told us that you were the most readied person for the job of PM, and to make matters worst you ignorantly took the responsibility or portfolio for Minister of National Security and now the bottom of fair Helen is about to sink you are crying a river, ranting as a spoiled kid and want to omit yourself from responsibilities what you are getting paid for. Sir if you can’t handle the job please get out of the kitchen and stop being arrogant and petty talking about the opposition. The opposition is doing what’s expected of them which I think they need to add more pressure on you due to you and your teams ineptitude. Deal with the job you asked for and stop wining, of simply get out.

  22. @poule foo,,,, we need smart ones like you to to educate ‘em . They need to take a page from your book . Old school refuse to upgrade. 5G up grades/ E books get out of the dark . Allow our youth to link up.

  23. @ Lucian highgrade, I have never used an alias, never will.
    I have no white god, st.lucia times wouldn’t post what I wrote the first time, so that’s all I’ll say.
    Pierre is in charge, when things go wrong, you get the blame. Things going wrong in st.lucia. All you have to do is read every other comment, need i say more, as if you’re the only dummy

  24. One of the worst Prime Minister in the history of St.Lucia. I thought Kenny was bad but na Pierre you a loser.

  25. so who you want them to blame piere? the minister of tourism? aa ma kopan ou? so if you were the minister of finance and the economy was going down financially who should people blame? the minister of agriculture? smh

  26. So if crime is no longer being politicized then poof all will be well? What a nightmare of a prime minister. And division. That’s rich coming from the man who brought race into our political discuss.

  27. Says the goon whose entire useless administration politicised crime while in opposition! don’t insult people intelligence in this place!

  28. Mate couldn’t give a damn he knows st lucians forget fast , the opposition not ready for next elections ,thi k they will loose the 2 seats they have.

  29. This is what you call pathetic. You answering a question about 9 homicides in two weekends and all you can say is the opposition cannot accept defeat. You have the 2 Top jobs in St Lucia when it pertains to the crime situation. You are PM and Minister of National Security so any time the safety and security of the country is threatened you will feel the heat not just from the opposition but your own supporters. To date you have only answered questions about giving the police new vehicles. Has this changed a thing? NO. Call any station now for assistance and the operator will either tell you, we have no transportation at present or the vehicle is out so we will be there as soon as it is back. I don’t know if they only want to use the new vehicles or whether the older ones are parked away cause they are not working. Mr Pierre stop gloating about the victory, 16 – 1 was greater than what you accomplished.

  30. So Mr. Pierre, When you took on the role of PM you were saying I am ultimately saying I am the new CEO and I responsible for the success or failure of this place. Like any CEO you needed a vision, your goals etc. You appointed a group of men and women to make this vision a reality by appointing them to key areas relevant to the success of this country. They through their Permanent Secretaries would work with staff to ensure an action plan was implemented and executed. Ultimately, you must hold them accountable. This is what governance is about. It is not protecting the victory.
    Then you decided that you were the one not only best qualified and prepared to be the CEO but the national security of our country and area that impacts every citizen, foreigner, household, business, institution etc. Therefore, the same standard is expected for you. When in opposition you criticized the ast administration for not doing anything on crime and for those of us around for long enough this is always going to be a criticism for every government. It you were to find yourself in opposition again you would be criticizing any government in office. It’s a vicious cycle. Let us get back to you as Minister of National Security. What is your vision, what is your plan. Do you have the right persons in place
    Is your PS the right one for executing your polices? Can your PS execute your vision? Is the CoP the right one for the job? Can the CoP garner the respect of fellow officers to effectively implement and execute the policies of the RSLPF? Do you have the time to give the National Security portfolio the attention that it deserves and if not in the interest of building trust and confidence in this area should you pass it in to someone more capable. As a leader you need to reassess your strengths and identity the strengths of persons in your midst . Where you realize you are failing you pass the baton because if not your legacy will be you were the worse PM in the history of St. Lucia. So far it appears that you are not even showing up for work.

  31. @SMH….you don’t know what I would like to call you Same mother…… anyway another day; hear him asking the People’s choice when he took on the job as PM “I am ultimately saying I am CEO and I am responsible for the failure and success of this place”……no DONKEY BREATH correction he was elected by the people and his servitude has been nothing but esquite.. haters such as your self will always hate you can’t help the Archie Bunker within, you were born that way. These are challenging times and this PM has funded the police more than any other of his predecessors and crime management stop squarely at the hans of the police commissioner.

  32. I hate to say this – but honestly St. Lucia needs outside help asap…put the pride aside gentlemen/women (powers that be) and ask for help outside of St. Lucia you all need it. In your 238 square miles where everybody knows somebody or is connected to someone who knows somebody there are too many existing connections – therefore, giving people up to the authorities is certainly an exercise in futility as they too know someone who knows someone. As a result, your citizens are living in constant fear.–that’s unhealthy.

    St. Lucia needs outside intervention from individuals who are not connected to anyone or anything in St. Lucia. Trust me, your entire tourism economy will come crashing down if this crime issue is not resolved quickly. Some of the St. Lucians who reside abroad don’t want to visit and/or invest.

    Your citizens know who the criminals are and some parents are also partakers of the ill gotten gains from their malveetayes criminal enterprise. They have no desire to work a legitimate job and want to live a high and mighty lifestyle with women, cars, expensive clothing, phones etc. etc. etc. (which legitimate job can afford a lifestyle with all of this-$$$$$$$$$$$$ honestly?????) some women are also risking their life to live an expensive and impressive lifestyle by hanging out and living with the bandits it is CERTAINLY not worth it – do the math and figure out the equation and the cost for this lifestyle.

    They are not working – however, their family members/friends are able to post bail and surety when the bandits are arrested ?????????- in the meantime some state these same individuals need to find jobs ??????? – these people are certainly not the legitimate/legal working class-they are certainly not busy putting a resume together and or looking for work….you can bring a horse to the water, you cannot make it drink – facts.

    The perpetrators and their upholders and or accomplices/swuuteeeyeez – the blood is ACTUALLY on their hands. In addition, if someone decides to live a gangsta lifestyle of crime no one can stop them – they need to make a determination to stop for themselves-the choice is theirs. However, the real key is not to get involved with this criminal enterprise business in the first place.

    There are some people in certain parts of this world who live in extreme poverty and yet still they make do with what they have – if they have a lemon they make lemonade not unrealistic orange juice. They also learn different trades by teaching themselves and their off-springs in order for them to survive.

    I am not certain why some people believe if they raise minimum wage – crime will be eradicated. I know some people who have never worked an honest job not one day in their entire life. I also know some people who refused to go to school to learn anything. Some parents are just as bad and don’t even know their left from right – in the meantime they have more kids than they can afford.

    You cannot blame any government/party for issues within your OWN household that you fail to resolve – charity and training begins at home. There is sowing and there is also reaping – if you plant corn you certainly cannot reap tomatoes and that is a fundamental reality. Amen

  33. Every Thursday Night before Labour came into government “Allen Chastenet presides over the country in the years when we had the worst murder rate ever” Now crickets! The Minister of Bacchanal said the boys on the block are frustrated because of the UWP government… Now.. crickets. All he cares about is making sure his carnival events go ahead as planned for the Red crew to reap the benefits. Not even the community carnivals that he cares about. Meanwhile cruise ships in Castries dead… But hey let’s continue to party, drink and forget our troubles!


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