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UWP Concerned Over Potential Loss Of Visa-Free Access To The United Kingdom For Saint Lucians


The United Workers Party, is deeply concerned regarding reports suggesting that Saint Lucians may lose their visa-free access to the United Kingdom in the coming weeks.

The reports indicate that the decision is a direct response to consistent concerns raised about Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

The current visa-free arrangement has provided thousands of Saint Lucians with the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom for leisure, business, and to connect with family and friends without the burden and expense of obtaining a visa.

The potential loss of this privilege has raised alarm and apprehension among our people and will have significant implications for our citizens, affecting their freedom to travel, their ability to maintain family ties, and their participation in international business and cultural exchanges.

The United Kingdom has been a longstanding partner and destination for many Saint Lucians, and the prospect of losing this visa waiver is distressing to the entire nation.

This development begs the question, whether the UK’s dwindling trust in the SLP administration and the indefinite delay in implementing Border Control, has given rise to the UK’s withdrawal of visa free entry for Saint Lucians?

In an already delicate and tense foreign relations environment, one wonders how much this says about deepening concerns about the relaxing of previously stringent CIP protocols that once obtained under the UWP.

Could this be indicative of rising security concerns stemming from Saint Lucia’s willingness under this Labour administration to court individuals who should undergo greater scrutiny in the CIP process?

Only the Minister for Investment and the Prime Minister can clarify those issues.

We urge the government to keep the public informed and engaged regarding their actions and progress in addressing this matter.

Transparency, accountability and trust are essential in times of uncertainty, and the citizens of Saint Lucia deserve to be fully informed about the steps being taken to safeguard their interests.

We call upon the Government and relevant authorities to prioritize diplomatic engagement with the United Kingdom to seek the best possible outcome for our citizens and safeguard their right to visa-free access.

It is incumbent upon them to explain to the nation the implications of this recent development for diplomatic relations with the UK and more immediately for Saint Lucians wishing to travel to the UK.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Where are the report/s Dominic, as an ex “journalist” why not just present the reports you read and referencing above to us?

  2. Next step will be the loss of visa free entry to the EU.
    Martinique might follow.
    And for a good reason.
    These are privileges, not rights.
    One doesn’t need to earn rights, but privileges need to be earned.
    Stlucia hasn’t scored very well under any government, but especially bad since this one has been in power.

  3. Here we go again UWP already spreading propaganda… it’s the very same UWP that did a mess with the CIP . Slp have been in damage control from the start . Now united pac and it’s leader and followers talking . Same UWP that had no accountability.. disrespect for citizens.. corruption at it’s best…

  4. @John, both political entities are corrupt entities. Corruption amongst politicians have become an expected part of our political process in Saint Lucia. In short, corruption has been normalized by politicians. What a shame! So @John, don’t pretend that one is better than the other. The island of Saint Lucia could have progressed a lot more had it not been for POLITICAL CORRUPTION. This is a fact. Selling passports now – but what next will be for sale.

  5. Here them, here them, these MASSA LOVING HOGS. Bo hoo hoo cry a river we can’t get it for “free” anymore……..O master how could you no, no, no. Those Yellow Jackases should be more concerned about our food security have they not read the latest UN Report as it pertains to the Caribbean and to compound the issue the recent fall out of grain supply from Ukraine. This should be a more pressing issue you Clowns. Just now you will hear them cussing the government even more when people finding it harder to put food in their pot oh the government need to do more to relief the burdens of St Lucians but that’s OK this government has always took 3 fish and 5 loaves to feed the multitude we not concerned about freeness, if yu’ll can buy airfare to go England yull can buy visa.

    They love the Caribbean they always want our beautiful sunshine ☀

  7. A feast is made for laughter
    The harvest is past, the summer has ended,and we are still not saved,my people ? Be patient with great courage with the fear of the LORD
    When Perfection comes, the ‘unperfect’ will disapear.

  8. Why is UWP stirring crap? Fedee should know better but then again, someone once said politicians are like prostitutes, you can get them to say or do anything so long as they get a benefit! Now back to the issue….even the USA is on the list to be required to have Visa to the uk expected 2024. So Saint Lucia is of course an easy 🎯 target.

  9. Unfortunately this rule is being worked on by the UK government and due to start in August. They already started this visa nonsense with one island last week. The government have been complicit and not said anything about this new rule because they know the impact and the uproar this is going to cause. The government should have pushed back the UK. The UK do not value anyone from the UK they want to give free entry to anyone from Ukraine etc Gone of the days of caribbean people getting decent jobs and being valued. This is probably why Barbados cut ties and Jamaica want to be next. If the UK is not helping Lucians and putting restrictions stopping us from visiting to traveling then it says a lot.

  10. This was posted 3 days ago and St Lucia is due to be in August All visitors from Vanuatu, Timor-Leste, Dominica, Honduras and Namibia now need a visa.,Namibia%20now%20need%20a%20visa.&text=Britain%27s%20Home%20Secretary%2C%20Suella%20Braverman,regime%20is%20not%20taken%20lightly.

    The Prime minister has done nothing and kept this quiet.


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