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Anthony Says Peter Josie Should Be Charged Over Recent Statements

Declaring that there is no place for hatred in Saint Lucia politics, former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has said that veteran politician Peter Josie should be charged over recent controversial comments.

Last week at an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) event, Josie said:

“”I would try to mobilise Vieux-Fort, and no member of the Labour Party would ever visit Vieux-Fort. Every time I hear a young person from Vieux-Fort kill another, I wish somebody, if not me, could mobilise them so that they don’t kill each other, but I would tell them where the shooting should be.”

Dr. Anthony said when he heard the remarks, he shuddered.

“Most people knew that the statement was not directed at all these labour party politicians but one man – Kenny Anthony,” the Vieux Fort South MP told the audience.

He asserted that the people of Vieux Fort South knew Josie was referring to their representative.

Anthony said it is part of the local culture to search for excuses when people do wrong things.

“He didn’t mean that. He said the wrong thing. But I put it to you tonight that it is only an individual with a criminal mind, with criminal intent who will make such a statement like the one Peter Josie made,” the former Prime Minister told the audience.

However, he observed that many, including the police, would dismiss the statement as ‘that’s politics’ and do nothing, while others would describe the comments as ‘vintage Peter Josie’.

Nevertheless, Anthony questioned why Josie would be comfortable making such a statement at a UWP press conference.

And he declared it could only happen because of the culture of anger, intolerance, and hatred deep within the UWP’s psyche under its current leadership.

In addition, Anthony said he believed Josie planned his statement and believed in what he was saying, knowing that those present at the UWP event would accept it.

“Listen to the video carefully and you will hear the applause in the background,” the Vieux Fort South MP said.

“Peter Josie should be charged for those utterances. You don’t need more evidence than the evidence on this video,” the former University of the West Indies Law lecturer said.

While not mentioning Peter Josie by name, a UWP statement Friday said: “We recognize that certain statements made on our platform, though be it through a guest appearance, may have been misconstrued as inciting violence. We deeply regret any misunderstanding, distress or concern that may have been caused.”


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  1. “There will be no peace…. We will fight you in your homes, in the streets….” Every day I become more and more disgruntled with our politics and its players!

  2. A bomb should be placed under the seat of Guy and Chastanet i the house of parliament. What was that. Names were mentioned in yall tou tou. Bayteeze

  3. We should charge you for erecting a demonic obelisk and horns statue in virus fort square.

  4. Politics is a dirty game, I’ve never seen it that bad as it is in St. Lucia right now. Whatever P.J. said is only part and parcel of the fabric of politics in St. Lucia today. It started bad and I found it disgusting when [ Plans were Drawn up, Estimates were calculated at a given Cost, Contracts were competed for and ultimately given to Contractors in the tune of $millions for a modern Hospital in V/Fort. Then comes general elections. one would think that Kenny would welcome a well Designed Hospital, no, he joined the bunch who opposed Chastanet, they killed a project after $millions were already spent ] I am disgusted that my Country have been lowered to the depth of fear, fear of being killed, maimed, of being unemployed fear of going out, fear of leaning to one Party, fear of speaking out. QUO VADIS ST. LUCIA

  5. Tell failed politician Kenny go hold his ass in the savanna. View Fort is what it is today because of the SLP government. You remember when UWP relocated the people of Bruceville and SLP politicians sent residents to block the roads to prevent the tractors from operating? Remember!!! Now that area has become the criminal haven of the South – the true vision of the Saint Lucia Party you don’t want to own it.

    I won’t at all be surprised if Josie is indeed arrested since a Labour stooge is at the helm of the RSLPF. True weaponization of politics.

    Now tell me lawyer Kenny – where is the offense committed by Josie to warrant his arrest. “ IF I was still involved in active politics I would try to ensure that no politician of the Labour Party…………….. but I would tell them where the shootings should be” Where is the offense Kenny, tells us. I personally think the shootings should be in Ukraine. But I bet you Kenny believes that we are still illiterate hence his garbage rants.

  6. Ha ha ha Kenny Anthony ou pa ka hont..The only people that will clap for you is the people you brainwashed..not me why the police didn’t arrest you before you asked to arrest Peter Jose san honte ..Don’t forget Peter Josie still has the layba blood in him.

  7. Well KDA, I agree with you there….no one should be inciting violence in our nation…. making such statement especially by a prominent political figure has consequences and it should not be tolerated… however, I am not certain the authorities see the dangers this pose and so they sit on their laurels even when the state is threatened….that tells you the level of comprehension there is in our society…at the very least, I hope the police visit the accused and give a severe caution…

  8. You should have been charged for murdering Vieux Fort. Were you on a platform with Richard Frederick?

  9. We love the psyche of our new leader, Hon Allen Chastanet. Idle to contest you nonsense form of leadership. You are upset with him because he came to do or did for VFort, in 2 years, what you couldn’t do in 17 years.

  10. There are many things that politicians should have been charged for which have been hidden under a mat

  11. So the person who requested bombs be placed under UWP parliamentarians seat shudnt be charged? You shudnt be charged for ur statment made abt there being no peace in VF n it actually happening? A wannabe talk show host MP shudnt be charged for the things being said on his show? KDA u sir, are a huge hypocrite!!!!!

  12. Politicians have failed vieux fort. All development concentrated in Gros islet when there is no way that area can be compared to vieux fort potential. The international airport right there. No redevelopment. St Jude’s dead 30 years under both SLP and UWP. Jose knows that all of u including him failed that community. This area should have been the most vibrant commercial hub in the country. But no planning, no foresight, just ego mania in politicians and corruption. many in both SLP and UWP using their time in office to seize land for future private sale, get loan money in their pockets ect… So they don’t care about developing the country.

  13. I totally agree with you Kenny. However you should have been charged first for your no peace, fight you in your homes comment.

  14. Kenny while I agree no one is above the law, you should start with charging the likes of Yardie,Richard Frederick and Claudias Francis.
    If you are not able to do so then continue taking your mu mu tablets.

  15. @Chast LOVES Vieux Fort yes the horses are bolting and there are plenty of cruise ships docked in port Vieux Fort

  16. This us laughable. Lest we forget…Bazooka, early morning MBC shows with blatant threats…

  17. Folks, our country has been lost since 1997 when PM Kenny Davis Anthony took over from the late Sir John George Melvin Compton. The shocking fact which most people do not realize is that the homicide rate in 1996 was 8 per year and that increased to 40 per year by 2002. This represents a 400% increase. Similarly the Debt to GBP Ratio increased astronomically in that same period to little benefit for the country. The SLP government has be in power for 4 of the last 6 terms, they are responsible. You can find these facts with a simple google search, please go make yourself wiser.

  18. Most Honorable I am surprised you even gave these Yellow Jackass Clowns the time of day just ignore them THEIR COMPULSIVE OBSESSIONS WITH VF AND ITS CITIZENS IS AMAZING. One would believe by their behavior and utterances their are no other towns and constituencies in ALL OF St LUCIA that would Garner their attention, which make feel I am in the best place on the island. They will NEVER win VF even when you are gone Most Honorable we will NEVER betray you so they might as well keep it moving.

  19. These so-called politicians are all the same a bunch of cracked crocks pots calling kettle black shameless humans

  20. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of the contributors on this forum is just the same UWP operative. They are on the offensive and like a drowning individual, grabbing at straws. We are in decline ethnically and morally. What’s right should not be made to look wrong and vice versa. Unless the authorities begin to address even the tiniest infraction of the law, we will remain as we are right now, and get worse in time. Too much slackness in the land.

  21. Who is in the pocket of the drug barons in VF? Do criminals finance the campaigns of politicians in the 3 southern constituencies? Which lawyers represent the known criminals in the south and how are they politically connected? What does KDA know about RF that we don’t know? Tell us about the lambi, drug and money laundering triangle and the Trinidad and Martinique connections.

  22. @Way Papa since you did not get it, The topic is about what Josie said and Kenny’s response. It is not about the people commenting. Both Josie and Kenny have made dangerous comments in the politics.

  23. @Way Papa: Did you say drowning? Laughable. Aren’t we all drowning under this SLP administration?

  24. What a bunch of hipporite people who arethey talking so much harted was in they air when slp in opposition bulling goying on talk show do you guys have lost of memory pot calling kettle black my goodness look in the mirror

  25. KDA should exit politics for the rest of his life and seek exile in some other country.

  26. Well well… you want them to charge or arrest Josie whilst there is a criminal amongst your cabinet. Says who? To everyone his own and let
    your conscience be your guide.


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