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Pierre Warns Against Attempts To Destabilise The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has warned of attempts to destabilize Saint Lucia, including the ranks of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), advising against it.

He was addressing a ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) rally to observe the second anniversary of its July 26, 2021, election victory, where he described the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) as a party unable to accept defeat.

“There is going to be a lot, a lot of destabilisation trying to happen in this country. The first place they are going to go is in the police force,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, told the audience in Micoud North.

And the Castries East MP explained why.

He declared that never before in Saint Lucia’s history, except under then Prime Minister Dr. Kenny, has a government treated the police better.

“They are going to try to destabilise the Saint Lucia police force. Look for it,” he told SLP supporters.

The Prime Minister did not go into further details.

However, he said no man is above the law, and should someone commit a crime, the police have a right to investigate and arrest the individual.

“So I say to them, do not try to destabilise the Saint Lucia police force. These men and women are doing a very good job under the circumstances and I want to thank them for that,” Pierre stated.

He declared there was no political interference in the police force whose members do their work under the policies of the government.


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  1. You know what coming next the youth not scared again. When u call police liers in the house be very careful

  2. Weren’t Pierre trying to destabilize the RSLPF when his first order of business upon winning the last general elections was to attempt, yes I say attempt, to promote DCP Charlery out of the RSLPF, strictly for political reasons – for allegedly directing that a note be placed in a diary to stop persons dressed in red.

    But Mr. Pierre it is not an attempt to destabilize the RSLPF when calls are being made to investigate allegations of rape and other sexual misconduct against a member of your party who just happens to be a police officer. No it is not!!! But I can assure you that at the end JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL and I must add without destabilizing that organization. So Pierre, here is your opportunity to promote someone out of that organization for he is unfit to lead.

  3. Your party knows all too well about destabilization. Years Desir was accused and denigrated in the worst possible way; so too Mr. Charlery and before that Vernon Francois (Read his book Operation Restore Confidence). The funny thing about our politics is that everything the now incumbent when in opposition practiced is the same thing they were guilty of… And the same thing Chastenet and his gang are currently engaging in will be the same thing they will decry when back in government. And the cycle continues!

  4. De stabilize the police , that seems to be happening without assistance. Look at where Impacs has taken us. The high profile hits of the last few years , is crazy. Lucians blind study Pierre , chastnet, RF and untold stories. Everybody spinning this to their advantage. So spin away morons let you sheep follow : red = Jaheim/Yardie , can I beat you/ , Claudius joker, let’s not forget the man who replace André Paul . Yellow = timtim , the crazy ass coolie lady , dr it ain’t no secret. With the clowns I mention we don’t cable just stay tuned………..

  5. The police force doesn’t need any help in destabilizing itself. I went to a community police station a few days ago to make a report. The officer on duty was actually asleep on the job. I had to knock on the glass near the front desk several times before he could wake up. What if someone was chasing me and I had ran into the station for help? Smh

  6. The honest ⚖️ scale ❗
    Is there anyone who is guiltless and the Sprit of God is upon them to govern and rule over us 🇱🇨 St Lucian, who is honesty and loyality and trustworthy ❓
    Who was the first to say to the officials, “Shoot the two brothers of Grand Rivière Dennry and give our beaches to foreigners ❓
    Who did violeted the labour code after the late Honorable Prime Ministre JGMC was no more longer,
    Gouvernement upon Gouvernement leaders and more,has there anyone who is able to hear the groans of the hard working donkeys, when it is their power to act,to treat deserved with a fair salary (wages ❓
    “But see, the employees are slaves today,
    O LORD,all our days pass under your wrath and we finish our years with a 😭moan ❗
    To both parties, which one that spare the unvaccinated employees, from loosing their post which was the only source of income to meet their familly needs,when it was their power act ❓


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