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Anthony Says Vieux Fort South Returning To Being Peace & Love Mecca

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Vieux Fort South MP Dr. Kenny Anthony has indicated that recent painful events in the constituency are now behind the community as it recovers.

The constituency experienced a surge in deadly gun violence earlier this year.

It prompted the government to declare Vieux Fort South an escalated crime zone, giving the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) expanded powers to respond to criminal activity.

And in March, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, responsible for National Security, welcomed Regional Security System (RSS) ranks, invited here to support local law enforcement.

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Regarding the aftermath of those developments, Dr. Kenny Anthony explained to a ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) rally on Sunday that his Vieux Fort South constituency was slowly recovering.

“I don’t want to remind you tonight of the painful events in Vieux Fort South. It is enough to say that these events are now behind us and that the Vieux Fort that we knew is being slowly recultivated and that VF is on its way once again to being the Mecca of peace and love,” he stated.

The former Prime Minister thanked all who contributed to that process.

“It has been painful. It has been difficult. I have not seen so many tears shed in a community as I have in Vieux Fort South in the last few weeks,” Anthony stated.

“You know that we are strong. We are resolute. We are determined, and we will always be defiant. That will always be Vieux Fort South,” Anthony declared.

Headline photo: Police on patrol in Vieux Fort South in March, 2023 in response to deadly gun violence spike.

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  1. And what was your role in this dear sir? Did you ask the criminals to give the people a break?

  2. Sometimes one has to really wonder what these politicians are thinking the guy didn’t do anything regarding the crime he was silent most times and now he wants to claim victory.. unbelievable…

  3. That Kenny Anthony .Vieux Fort Recovers and there was a Homicide last night .These lieing Politricktians in St.Lucia Time will tell

  4. You know that we in Vieux Fort may never suffer and experience such carnage again, so you are taking advantage of the obvious calm. It is so sad that you continue to fool the people. You have brought VFort to where it is today.

  5. Politicians never do what is required, police neither. Society as a whole has failed us law abiding citizens.

    He Dr Anthony has done nothing for that community for the entire time be had been mp yet he will come and open his big mouth and claim success with crime and peace yet the core problem has not been addressed Shame on you

  6. Not sure why Lucians even concerned about Vfort. If vfort ppl really wanted progress they would nvr hv voted for KDA so many times. It’s so obvious that Vfort had had zero development in the last 30 years. If anyone can point out anything of note in vfort in the last 30 yrs i’ll take my statement back. I mean for the man to even think that shooting has ceased in vfort is an indication that he is not even in sync with the ppl and just looks for praise to stay in political power. What’s damning for is this guy actually believes vfort is a place to even be and is satisfied with the development of this constituency. SMH ANYWAYS. Mark my words there wil shooting in vfort between August 1st and December 31st.

  7. How Sir do you expect peace to return to the Town when you have cursed it. Remember those prophetic words; β€œWe will fight you in the streets. There will be no peace in Vieux Fort South”. Indeed, there will be no peace in Vieux Fort South until to depart. You have contributed nothing, absolutely nothing to the development of this town. Only a few of your friends can boast of your hard work for they benefited directly. We all wish we owed SLASPA millions and could have gotten it written off. We all wish we had businesses that could have counted on your support for survival like some of your friends. We all wish that Vieux Fort had a functioning sea port like in the old days, we all wish that Vieux Fort had a marina like in Rodney Bay, we all wish that our roads were better, we all wish that there was a drive through road in the town connecting us to the Laborie/Vieux Fort Highroad. Ohhh how we which you would have been gone tomorrow for you have failed us miserably – the most educated but the biggest failure. Oh how we wish…………

  8. The emperor has no clothes! That guy just need to resign forthwith. He is just a ball and chain on that district. Next time you drive through VF, stop all media or communications. Look around you. Factor that this guy has been a representative for decades. That place has gone to the dogs.

    The guy is shameless.

  9. When I heard his comments I immediately said here he goes again, putting his CURSE on Vieux Fort. 24 hours after his curse, bang, bang here we go again.
    Truth be told this man is so far off reality to even suggest that Vieux Fort is peaceful. He doesn’t know so at least his Highgrade should have told him not to make such a comment cause there are gun shots fired in Vieux Fort on a daily basis. If you live in Vieux Fort or its environs gun shots are as common in the night as vehicles tooting their honks during the day.

  10. Give Jack his jacket, reference to crime nada, but I do remember well reference to lightning almost the whole of st lucia and he never sold vieux fort to any Chinese man.

  11. What an absolute clown is Kenny Anthony.

    After the mayhem in the constituency you have horribly represented for decades, you have the gall to talk about a ‘peace and love mecca’
    Not even the sensibility to say you are happy with a lull and as you work on the causes, you will pray the respite continues.
    No – as usual there is no connection between your big fancy words and the people’s reality.
    We have had for those decades to accept the reality of your lack of empathy, your cynical use of emotions to garner power at the expense of the citizenry.

    So as you preemptively laud a ‘mecca’ BOOM there is another murder in said land of milk and honey.
    Are you not tired of you and your party’s cynicism, political fraud, six for a nine? Does it make no difference that your words have no basis in reality?
    Peaceful mecca out of your mouth but murder on the ground wirhin 24 hours.

    We have had another 24 months of this tyoe of smoke and mirrors in which your Party embraces the worst elements in society that causes those murders. As usual like in your previous administrations your answer is more words, inaction, cluelessness, and the daily circus of Rome.

    Reality is greater than fiction!

  12. You are overly optimistic! Hon. Anthony you are dreaming. Don’t use fancy language to camouflage the underlying violent criminal activities in Vieux Fort.

  13. Awa shut your mouth ask Kenny Anthony where is our sea bed..Stop being stupid and political blind and check the history of Kenny as a former PM


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