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Man Shot Dead In Vieux Fort

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Deadly gun violence returned to Vieux Fort in the early hours of Tuesday morning when a man succumbed after sustaining multiple gunshot injuries.

Police received the shooting report at about 4:15 am.

Residents of Bruceville, where the shooting occurred, identified the deceased as Marvin Charles, who was in his twenties.

The residents recalled that the deceased’s father was shot dead a few months ago.

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And they have expressed fears that Tuesday’s killing would trigger a renewed cycle of deadly violence in the southern town.

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  1. Wow, just as Dr. Anthony was saying things had returned to some semblance of normalcy. Hope this is not the start of another bloodbath. Please put down the guns!

  2. Unfortunately this is the price we have to pay for their un godly method for winning

    The payment is 🩸

    Wish it would stop

  3. I am at a lost for words – for such a beautiful island – with a large degree of lawlessness/ignorant individuals/criminals who have decided to live a life of crime. These folk have already determined that they will live that way no matter what – they want to impress others with money and cars and not by earning an honest living. To those who say increasing hourly wage will stop these criminals – you are sadly mistaken. There are only 2 ways out for those who have decided to go that route – do the math.

    Your economy depends on tourism to a great extent and thanks to social media the whole world is watching St. Lucia and it does not look good.

  4. Reprisals….as if we don’t see it coming the only thing that stopped it was the beef up security. I said before once funerals were over with people will anger and want reprisals connects the dots from Denerary right down jackass like Realist think this is “political” they don’t care, the young people don’t care what the older head Kenny thinks or feel, they don’t care if pretty boy Floyd Chastanet comes to town. In God we trust/EC and The Euro where’s my money that’s what counts for them.

  5. β€œWe will fight you in the streets. There will be no peace in Vieux Fort South”. So it was said by the district representative and so it has been. Be careful what you say, for it may just come to pass.

  6. @Jay. The lawlessness and disorder permeates every level of society. The only difference between a gunslinger on the streets of Vieux Fort and a bar owner or vendor or bus driver is the degree of lawlessness and disorder they engage in. Whether it is operating without relevant permits, parking indiscriminately or vending in no vending areas, the lawbreaking is something we all do here because the authorities turn a blind eye. If there is no consequence for not adhering to the small rules we will easily break the big ones.

  7. Sad the violence has started back again. Lots of revenge crime going on. The devil has taken over those souls

  8. And this tragedy unfolded on Emancipation Day! My fellow Lucians, until we are emancipated from mental bondage and evil thinking such as malice, vengeance, hatred, etc , we will continue our slide down the slippery slopes that lead to hell. And it is not the politician, the police or the social worker who can rescue you! A line from one of Bob Marley’s famous songs comes to mind: “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds”!

  9. The sad thing is, the crime has increased exponentially everywhere on the planet and it is not about to slow down, farless stop, anytime soon. Just too many have died, leaving too many in sorrows. This is the wrong time to politicize crime because no one or group can do a thing about it or immune to it. Once they have the will, the criminals find a way. The best anyone can do, is to live righteously and hope for the best.



  12. The young men of vieux fort are very lazy and unambitious . They do not want to go and work for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour working 12 to 16 our shifts . All they so is sit on the block and steal food from farmers garden lots of them are smoking cocaine

  13. @Yup unlike in Saint Lucia crime has not increased exponentially around the world. Per capita homicides are at its lowest ever globally. Do not use this excuse to pardon what is going on in Saint Lucia. Go get your facts right. I am tired of the fear mongering, stop it.

  14. Deadly gun violence will be with us for a while. We need draconian laws to deal with illegal gun possession. High crime areas like Bruceville need street cameras. We do not know how often the violent criminals are caught and brought to justice. The criminals gave us a grace period for carnival but are now back in action.

  15. Re Article,
    Unfortunately we are going through the Mayhem that the Slave wage system at it’s fullest creating hardships and penny less and the result is currently facing us.
    We should demand for a fair living wage of $10+ per hour worked to everyone and I guarantee less criminal activities when we do away with the Slave wages Systems

  16. You either get to the root of the problem and eliminate it or eradicate the head of the problem. SLP does not have the capacity to do either. When you go to bed with fleas you are going to get bitten. SLP is as compromised as ever. Crime cant be solved under corrupt governance. Some African nations are at war for this very reason. You cant expect crocodiles to guard meat without eating.

  17. Crime does happen in every country, but in some countries the criminals get caught, so others are scared to commit crimes. But , in st.lucia, the murderers always get away. After about 50 murder, st. Lucia police solved one. Them guys only wearing the uniform for the girls to watch them, fight what crime?

  18. O LORD be gracious to πŸ‡±πŸ‡¨ St Lucia,
    we long for you,
    Be our strenght every morning,our Salvation in time of distress ❗
    The word of God ‼️
    Nothing can be added to it ❗
    Nothing can be taken from it ❗
    What has been from the begining, will always be ❗
    How can we be saved by serving statues or idoles which cannot save,
    and how can we sing the LORD’S song at the funeral of the unsaved ❓

  19. For this reason CaΓ―n killed Abel
    He who dosen’t ❀️ love is a murderer : For God is ❀️ love ❗
    Love one another,in order for the helping hand of God to intervain…

  20. A illison is only know that you know that the low wage , which you call slave wages should be abolish in st lucia . The government will never enact a 10 dollar an hour in the island as much of the big businesses fund the politicians so let the fools who does go and vote for red and yellow suffer …

  21. Gouvernements upon Gouvernements, leaders and more,yellow,red,green,blue and the list goes on.
    Do we think that they are in the employees interest ❓
    Except the late Honorable Prime Ministre JGMC though was’untrusty but was honest in very little to hear the groans of the hard working donkeys, which treat deserved with a fair salary/wages.
    Since he is no more longer, the labour has been violates,then the employees are slaves today with briers and thorns on their back…
    Both parties, which one that spare the unvaccinated employees from loosing their post or job, which was the only source of income to meet their familly needs, when it was or is their power to act ❓


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