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Female BCF Officer Bites Male Inmate In Self-Defence


A female Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) officer bit a male inmate in self-defence about three weeks ago.

The Correctional Services Welfare Association highlighted the incident in its continuing quest to have the government address members’ outstanding concerns, including getting communications equipment.

“Imagine an officer being faced with a situation where she could have simply pressed a panic button, but because of the unavailability of the radio the officer had to resort to biting an inmate, not knowing what health issues this inmate may have,” Public Relations Officer Yasmin Peter lamented.

Peter complained that there is no effective communication system at the BCF, and requests for a time frame for getting one have yet to receive a response.

In addition, she disclosed that correctional officers are concerned over drones flying around the BCF.

Peter also mentioned the issue of mold in the twenty-year-old BCF building.

The PRO explained that only the administration block received mold testing and treatment, not the residential building where most correctional officers work.

The  association’s complaints included the need for vehicles and the overcrowding in a structure built to house 500, which has surpassed that.

“All we are asking for as correctional officers is to be treated with the same courtesy and respect as our sister agencies, the fire and the police,” Peter said.

She welcomed 25 recruits but called for adequate training.

And Peter said correctional officers are committed to performing their duties.

Her comments came after her association executive held its third meeting with members on Monday to discuss the response from the letter referenced to the Ministry of Home Affairs by the Prime Minister for urgent action.

Peter disclosed that the association executive and the ninety-percent membership attending the meeting were dissatisfied.

“In our meeting with the Prime Minister in April, he indicated to us that all our issues would be addressed in a favourable way. The letter received on Sunday, 30th July, 2023 indicated otherwise,” Peter said.

She said the Ministry of Home Affairs rejected issues that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre approved.

” Issues which form part of our collective agreement but have not been honored by the Employer have also been rejected by the Ministry,” Peter stated.

“Our membership has now asked that we seek dialogue on their behalf with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Home Affairs, and the Ministry of Public Service. The membership would like separate meetings with the three entities to seek clarification on the outstanding issues,” she said, adding that the Correctional Services Association had already prepared letters for dispatch.

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  1. When one of their lives will be taken… or they face a large escape … the last riot was a peaceful one … the nxt might not be … parcels being throw over the fence every night god knows what can enter the facility… respect our correctional officers

  2. This facility is over crowded,with little or no space.the rise in gang activities and arrestes being made and house those guys in this small community called bordelais is a disaster about to happen. Mentally physically emotionally its a toal on officers. Have yall ever taken a tour at this place trust me is scary dont know how they do it. I rally with the bcf staff

  3. Wow a situation to face as a woman, what next? is someone listening to the cries of the officers

  4. We could greatly refuce the prison population if more of our people turn around and start living godly lives! It is no secret that a large percentage of the population of Bordelais is there because of wickedness and ungodly acts such as stealing, murder, assaults, recklessness, inconsiderate acts, etc., etc., all of which are contrary to godliness! (Innocent people are in prison also, but that isn’t the majority!)

  5. I dare you in your comfort zone at the ministery to go to work for a day without all the necessary tools, equipments,protection,security, what you don’t want for yourself don’t force it on others.lets support the officers and be protective. Stop the games and hold people responsible for their miss management of funds at bcf families have difficulties in booking appointments to see their relatives at bcf the list goes on. Fix it these are not isseues to play politics with

  6. Emphaty for the female officer and justice ⚖️ for the jailbird…
    Drones :
    Are secret agent (investigators and most dangerous,(invisibles thives…
    Take heed ❗
    Act now ❗

  7. Support the officers and be proactive i never hear any sister agency beg for any thing and when they ask they get it without all this back and forth and they also get without asking so give without them asking you have a jail to maintain dont forget them they exist stop putting them on last.

  8. What part of his anatomy did she bite? Get correctional officers to make inmates to clean up Molds, or you don’t eat. If you know parcels are thrown over the fence, then you know a lot more than just that. The last person to complain to is the P.M, nothing will happen

  9. Fox read to understand She said the Ministry of Home Affairs rejected issues that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre approved.

  10. how come officers dont have radios in the prison. in 2023 seems the system is really backwards. That prison is a total mess. staff and inmates have lots of issues there

  11. This place is a recipe for a disaster waiting to happen let us all pray for these officers

  12. I hope the female officer is safe but in the same light mentioning “not knowing what health issues the inmate may have “ raises another issue. The gov is responsible for every individual enrolled in the facility despite their demise. They should have a record of the inmates history, which i highly doubt they have.

  13. I appreciate your plight. But what I don’t understand is separate meetings with the departments to clarify the issues.

    Surely it would be more prudent to have all the entities in one meeting to obtain clarity and all singing off the same page.

    My lady if you’re looking for further confusion and unalignment having separate meetings the way.

  14. Officers stop bringing contraband for the inmates. Stop bringing phones and Marijuana all you female officers.

  15. President on vacation! Vice president on vacation! PRO on vacation! Trustee on vacation! The membership on sick leave! Does that make sense?

  16. From inception, BCF’s Directors are always polically appointmented. Related job vacancy ads. and interviews are mere formalities. Until these Directors’ appointments care for “meritocracy”, BCF’s situation will continue to worsen … Does one need to tell a government administration (past and present) how much of a threat this level of discontent, frustration and anxiety at BCF is to any given society?


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