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Armed Bandit Shot Dead By Licensed Firearm Holder


A licensed firearm holder shot a gun-toting bandit dead Thursday at Corinth, Grande Riviers, in Gros Islet, police have confirmed.

According to initial reports, the incident occurred during a robbery attempt at Princess Minimart.

Social media photos showed a man lying on his back in a pool of blood with a weapon in his waistband.

A green circle in one photo highlighted the location of the weapon.

Reports indicate that the man sustained three gunshot injuries to the upper torso and one to the arm.

The Gros Islet Fire Station received an emergency call at about 6:05 pm.

But the man died at the scene.



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  1. yay! nothing of value is lost. well except 2 bullets that could’ve been used on 2 more of these useless.

  2. 👏👏👏 it was time . the tithes come to kill and destroy don’t give them any chance. an innocent would be the victim today if it wasn’t that useless f……

  3. Today is a very important day in our history- the history of law abiding citizens of Saint Lucia- we should be glad and thankful for this gun-owning and slinging Samaritan.

  4. If you play stupid games you win stupid prices. With this gun in his waist who knows who he could have killed or seriously injured in his intended robbery! The rest must learn!

  5. You’ll are so gullible the license hold shot him in the back as they said, it means the bandit is of no threat to him or anyone and will face time so let’s not praise as yet

  6. No matter how bad times are, there are honest ways to make a dollar. There are fishing, farming, landscaping and other work that may not be glamorous, but they are honest ways to make money. Sadly, some people want the instant gratification; they are not interested in delayed gratification.

  7. Big picture: was he shot inside the store robbing? Brandishing the firearm? Which would justify the shooter. Or was he shot fleeing, which would put the shooter in the wrong.

  8. Another human life is snuffed out just like that of a cockroach! Saint Lucia is bleeding to death!

  9. It should be noted that the the supposed firearm is still tucked away in the waistband of the bandit and there’s that bandit could not have posed a threat to the shooter or to other members of the public to have warranted his being killed. Or unless there were other extenuating circumstances which were life threatening to the shooter or other members of the public. Shooting is one thing but justification is a totally different kettle of fish. Let’s hope the shooter knew what he was about and his actions will be deemed justified at the end. If not so whole chewe’ pa bon.

  10. A post Mortem Should be done this Morning and Bury His A&&.Immediately after .These Young Fools refuse to work .I don’t care what are the Circumstances leading to his death others will take note.These Magestrates at the Courts granting bail to posession of Unlicensed Firearms and Ammunition .

  11. Let me hear his sister , mother and grandmother say he was a good boy. Whenever he steals things he will bring it for them. Hypocrite.

  12. @jdorn exactly your comment is on point. Rome was not built in a day. Things are difficult all over the world …but there are still honest ways to make a dollar.

    I know individuals with degrees/credentials who accepted dishwashing jobs, cleaning jobs until they were able to find something better. They did not resort to living above their means, gang banging and robbery. Some folk love to endorse and make excuses for bad criminal behavior. I am waiting for the customary post …”aaaa he was a very good boy who never bothered nobody”. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  13. 😂😂….Looks like we got a few Mary Francis’ commenting on here.

    After all this upsurge in crime in this island, some of you are still wasting your breath asking whether the robber was running away when he was shot? Let’s hope none of you become victims.

    I have have given him a few more whilst on the ground for good measure. Cops can take me away if they want to.

  14. Ted just got released from prison instead you try bettering your life you went back and got yourself engaged in the same stupid activities SMFH….Well you went looking for your death and that was so dumb of you….Smfh worse thing you have gun in your waist wii….Well my boy thou shall not kill but you look for your death man….Kudos to you STUPID!!

  15. So glad he laid dead for others to see. Just like when you stomp a roach, leave it there to teach a lesson to the others. Finally the good guys get a point!


  17. Honestly I wanted to say bravo and well done but I paused for a moment and remembered that I should not laugh at someone’s down fall but learn from it cause one day I could fall to. Despite him being a thief and me hating a thief with a passion its sad he had to lose his life this way and it would be even more sad that if he had kids too feed. Just imagine how his little girl or little boy no less than five years being told he/she will no longer see their daddy how they will feel. i am writing this and tears just comes to my eyes not for his sake but for his children if he had any.

  18. Everyone is saying that he had the gun in his pouch and was no threat to nobody:
    [1] was the assailant ‘s firearm legally owned by him?
    [2] he was fleeing the scene of a crime, that is enough to KILL him?

  19. Everyone is saying that he had the gun in his pouch and was no threat to nobody:
    [1] was the assailant ‘s firearm legally owned by him?
    [2] he was fleeing the scene of a crime, that is enough to KILL him?

  20. One less criminal on the streets. However, the police failed to report the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Who was robbed? Who was threatened by the robber, where was the victim shot? Inside or outside the store? Was the victim shot in the back while trying to escape? The reporting was inadequate.

  21. Whatever happened to the commandment ‘Thou shall not Kill’ ..Why on earth would this man kill this poor bloke? No killing is justified under any circumstances. It looks like this shopkeeper was waiting for the opportunity to take someone out. Why was he given a gun license? No one should be given firearms whether licensed or not. There are too many guns in circulation in St Lucia.

    I am of the belief that the only people who should carry weapons are the police and no one else. Not all members of the police should carry weapons. There should be a special unit set aside assigned to carry weapons and they should only discharge their weapons if they feel threatened. They should NOT shoot to kill but to disarm the assailant. They can render him in an unable manner but they should NEVER shoot to kill the person. It is wrong to do so.
    I am calling on the authorities to prosecute this shopkeeper and to make an example of him. He should NOT be taking the law into his hands. No one should. This man has a family. How are they going to cope right now with his loss? Far too often people are taking the law into their hands. This should not be allowed to happen. He should be arrested and brought before a court . If you do the crime you should do the time. Please arrest this killer now, make an example of him. Please do NOT let him get away with it.

  22. A string of robberies getting shot and surviving a previous robbery……same bull….video circulating with him boasting murders that he may have committed…..working with notorious names on the island smh……do u need to hear more?
    This is for u justice……everything u need to know about this individual is out there all facts. The sad truth is there are a lot more out there like him🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  23. I feel u on that ma Malay but he was a hopeless career criminal. Honestly wish he could have been saved. But that’s the path he embraced. He had the gun he could have used it he has done it in the past. Think of your kids in that area buying bread or a family member. Would u be singing this same song????🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. Do what you must to protect your property people. The police are almost useless. I went to a station not too long ago to report a robbery. The officer on duty was actually asleep at the desk. I had to knock on the window near the counter several times before he woke up.

  25. Mr. 1st Anonymous, exactly where in the article did it say that the guy was shot in the back? the article only said that he was shot three times in the upper torso and in the arm and that he was lying on the road on his Back. The upper torso can mean the chest and not necessarily the back. check your comprehension skills before you accuse persons of being gullible.

  26. John Edward, are you for real? you expect the police to release all that info you are saying should have been released in relation to an incident that occurred less than 24 hours ago?, Don’t you know that witnesses have to be interviewed, statements taken, and forensic analysis of the crime scene, security camera evidence if available reviewed, etc, etc before the police can make any definitive statement as to what they SUSPECT to have occurred. In the absence of that kind of evidence the police would be speculating as to what transpired and that would be a very reckless, unprofessional, and irresponsible thing to do.

  27. Some of you Lucians are too hypocrite. All the time the killings were happening in Vieux Fort and all over, people were bawling about crime, berating the police. Now a criminal gets shot dead, people out here being forensic experts, saying gun was in his waist, and he didn’t pose a threat and all that….Get lost all of you all..

    I pray none of y’all cross my path, criminally. No hostages!

  28. @Garfield I totally agree that people should do what they must to protect their property. However, they should also be aware of the action/s that would be justified. What you should not want is someone protecting his/her property and facing jail time as a result because their actions at the time may have been unlawful. So we citizens should find out what actions are justified and which ones are not. This is what will assist a good lawyer in mitigating on our behalf. Let’s not get carried away with that situation since each one is different. Again I agree that we should be able to defend our property by not in a manner that lands us in prison afterwards. For example if one were to meet an unarmed thief in his/her home and kills that thief just because he broke and entered the property then I don’t think this home owner would be justified in his/her action. However, if that thief posed a threat to that home owner at the time of the confrontation and that home owner can prove that, them his/her actions would be just and in keeping with tenets of private defense.

  29. I will not rejoice over his death, for no one knowns the future…
    but when desire stirred no longer, you reap what you sow ❗
    “Toil is sweet for the labourer, for this is your lot under sun”.

  30. Personally I don’t think it is right to shoot to kill someone or anyone for that matter. Killing is not on. No one deserves to be killed. Did this young man fired on the shop owner? He most likely did not. So why did the shop owner have to kill him in cold blood? What is happening in this island? Why are shopkeepers carrying guns whether license or otherwise? No one should be allowed to carry a gun unless you are the police.

    The shopkeeper had no right to kill this young man and so I am calling for him to be prosecuted. Yes I wrote it – prosecuted for unlawful killing. He has no right to take the law into his own hands. We have a judicial system here and if someone enters your shop to steal or to do anything unlawful then you call the police. It is as simple as that. What you don’t do is to shoot to kill this person. You have no right to take a life as life is very precious.
    I am calling on the police to arrest this man and to take him to court for a trial. He should be tried for murder as this is murder. He should not go unpunished. Arrest this man now before he kills again.

  31. Paul Mattikarl, you probably think you sound so intellectual with that bs post you wrote. No one should bear a licensed firearm except for policement?? Are you kidding me?? Do you know that private security firms are not made up of policemen? So they should do security without a firearm? That seems ridiculous to me. As for the “alleged” robber, there was nothing alleged about that. He robbed the place with the force of a firearm. Not pulling the trigger does not mean you did not use the firearm, dummy. He used it to instill fear and to make his robbery easier. The person who shot the robbery had the right to. It was his premisses and he is licensed to bear a firearm. It could have been 10 days later that the robber got shot and it would have been justified. When you want to live that lifestyle of taking forcefully from hard-working people when the bullets hits your skin it’s justified. Some of you only reference the bible when it’s convenient to you all and it doesn’t work that way. As for your he should disarm the assailant, stop talking like that is something you’re an expert on because I bet if you’re held at gunpoint you will shit your pants.

  32. @Vernal Green I take it that you would have preferred hearing that the thug had killed the businessman. For you to even remotely suggest that the shopkeeper should have waited until the the bandit shot at him then return fire is ludicrous. With your way of thinking, criminals will over run we the law abiding citizens of this country. The law has justified killing in certain circumstances and this situation may just be one of those instances. It is time that law abiding citizens turn on those criminals. Only then we will see some meaningful change in the level of criminality in this country. And for those God people, who rather be killed before they take a life, bravo to you. But the majority of us want to live and will therefore protect our lives and our property in accordance with the law. The act of killing has been in existence since the beginning of the human race and killing was sanctioned by the great man himself- for he sent his men to war. Remember David and Goliath? Yes, David the man of God, killed Goliath under circumstances one would consider just.

  33. For those saying he had the gun in his waist and he wasn’t a threat, have you EVER been robbed? Having the gun in his waist, he is still a threat. Those who say he wasn’t a threat have NEVER been accosted by someone with a firearm, so be quiet with those stupid statements. He is still a threat until he is no longer in view.

  34. I hope that guy who’s known so much as to what the shop owner should have done or shouldn’t do is a good lawyer so he can represent the dead man family in court

  35. Unless the young man was posing a threat, the owner did not need to shoot to kill. He could have incapacitated him. While the business owner might have a gun license as do quite a few business owners it seems, they need to learn how to aim the gun appropriately to the situation. Personally I don’t think anyone in St Lucia should own a gun (legal or otherwise) given the savagery of the comments here. No better than some of the criminals…

  36. Everyone should take a pause and read the firearms act. Educate yourself this is not a Hollywood movie even though sometimes it feels like one. You might be surprised by the laws interpretation of when deadly force can be used. And for the record criminals use guns to kill people. Law abiding citizens use guns to protect and defend and if I have to stop you using my legal gun well there is a good chance you may succumb to your injuries as a result.
    Side note the person who claimed the “criminal” was not a threat anymore or had issue with getting shot in the back. Look for that in the law and quot it!

  37. We have a sique society. It seems like once criminals are the ones doing the killings then all is fine. Here we have a situation where a shop owner killed an armed criminal at his establishment, a section of the population has issue with that – asking all sorts or shitty questions like “why didn’t he shot him in the leg” and making statements like “no one except the police should own firearms”. These people should wake up from their slumber. It’s ok for the criminals to own weapons but not law abiding citizens? How pathetic. Every good person capable of handling a firearm should legally own and carry one. This is what will save the country from the savagery taking place these days. No one, absolutely no one should be afraid to act against these criminals in defense of themselves or others when and if the situation presents itself. So those so-called good people who would prefer to hear that the criminals are the ones doing the killings, go to hell!! Hope when you fall victim to them, that you act defenseless and allow them to murder you or you family. For sure this will be a ticket straight to heaven where the almighty will reward you for your stupidity.

  38. EZEKIEL 33:11″……..I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his wicked way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die ………”

  39. St.lucia people can’t read. It says, a licensed gun owner, never said the shopkeeper. No one wants crime, but there are laws in civilized societies against taking the law into your own hands., excluding a situation of self detente. If he didn’t shoot anyone, he’s walking away, the gun not in his hand, you, as a bystander , even if your gun is licensed, then you can’t just shoot him in the back. That’s why the white guy who choked the black kid on the subway got arrested and charged.

  40. I stand by every word that I wrote about this ugly incident. The shopkeeper had no right to shoot this poor bloke in cold blood. From what I understand the young man was in possession of a firearm and did not pose a threat to the grocer or anyone on the premises. People carry guns all the time to carry out their duties. What if this man was a plainclothes officer with a gun? Would he have been shot in cold blood?

    The police and security officers carry firearms all the time which are tucked away on their bodies. Suppose this young man was a plainclothes officer who came to the shop to buy something with a weapon on him. What then? Would he been seen as a threat ? The young man did not pose any threat to the grocer and his customers. If he did then the shopkeeper could have incapacitated him or render him unable to harm him or anyone in the shop. He had no right to kill him. That is NOT self-defence, it is murder and for that I am calling for him to be detained. People with firearms should be trained frequently on how to use it to protect themselves and their properties when threatened.

    Have you lot heard or read about Actus Reus? The guilty act, or actus reus as it is known, is the physical part of the offence. For example, if the case concerned a Theft, the guilty act would occur as soon as the defendant begins to treat someone else’s property as their own, often by taking it away from the owner. This geezer was not in the commission of any crime yet and so the grocer had no right to kill him. .I repeat no right whatsoever. The law regarding the possession of licenced firearms should be strictly observed. No one should discharged a weapon unless there is a legitimate reason to do so. You should only do so if your life is in danger. I have no problems with self-defence. Even in self-defence one should use reasonable force.

    This shopkeeper did not use reasonable force. The force used was unreasonable and unwarranted. No crime had been committed yet and so he should have not used any force to curtail a situation that wasn’t happening. There’s an ole saying ‘if it ain’t broke why fix it’. Nothing was broken and so nothing needed fixing. This man was just trigger happy. He wants to be seen as some kind of a hero in the community around him. He ain’t no hero under these circumstances. People should boycott his shop and rightly so. There are other ways this situation could have been brought under control without the loss of life. He killed the poor bloke in cold blood.
    A friend of mine was telling me about a time he went to a bakery in Castries and a police chief came in plainclothes and proceeded to put his small bag of weapons on the counter while he popped his head to see what was on offer in the shop. Now suppose the owner of the bakery had been there at the time and saw the weapons and decided to shoot the officer not knowing who he was. What then? Would he be able to claim self-defence? I don’t think so. Some policemen and licenced firearm holders just love to show off with their weapons. It’s their toys and so they love to show it to the world. There are too many incidents involving firearms in this country. The island can’t afford to have so many weapons in circulation.

    Most of the people carrying weapons whether licenced or otherwise have one thing on their minds and that is to rub people out when confronted or not confronted as is the case in this situation. It is ugly and the police need to bring this man to justice. There are many cases too numerous to mention where there was no need to kill people who were put down by folks with guns. Arrest this man before he does this again.

  41. I would not allowed my mouth to sin, but a question is not a reproach ❗
    Whatever weapon he was carring,it was for a reason,or for what reason ❓

  42. Since no man knows the future and the 😈 evil desires and the heart of man…
    Therefore, God is calling everyone to repentence for he knows the heart of man ❗
    The 🦔 has road-who will not fear ❓
    Does a 🦔 lion roar in the thicket when there is no prey ❓
    Does he growls in his den when he has caught nothing ❓
    Does a bird fall into a trap on the ground where there is no snare has been set ❓
    Does a trap spring up from the earth where there is nothing to catch ❓
    When a 📢 trumpet sounds in a country or city do not the people tremble ❓
    When diaster comes to a city has not the LORD caused it ‼️
    The Souverign LORD has spoken-who can but prophesy ‼️❓

    For man shares a common Destiny, but not all/everyone goes to the final Destination ‼️

    For God holds the future (man’s life in his hand and knows all that are his…

    Judgement :
    Untill the last of the Phillestines is dead..
    Every morning God will put to Silence all the…in the land 🇱🇨
    For my people whom I have called from Égypte, who bears my name
    for there will be diliverence,as the LORD has said,
    among the Surviviors whom the LORD calls ‼️

  43. It’s is sad that this young man had to lose his life this way….but you people really don’t know who ted Smith was and I’m certain given the opportunity this business would me dead…this was his last robbery attempt but not his first….I’m not the one to judge but that’s his life fate


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