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Police Seek Help In Identifying Hit And Run Victim


The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a deceased victim of a hit-and-run accident on Sunday, July 30, 2023.

The accident occurred at Faux A Chaud, Castries, at the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) entrance.

“He is dark in complexion, about 5ft 2ins, about 55 years old, negro hair and dark brown eyes,” a police release regarding the deceased said.

And the police have urged anyone with information regarding the hit-and-run-victim to contact the Traffic Unit at 456-3736, 485-1740, or the CRIME hotline at 555 for anonymous reporting.

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  1. So since the 30th July no family or friend is missing this man?
    No missing persons report filed at any police station?
    Someone must have stolen his wallet so no ID found on him?
    Rest in Peace Sir

  2. is there any camera in that area .I would expect at the entrance there should have camera

  3. More shocking news from St Lucia. People don’t look out for each other anymore. Kill without a care in the world, and most likely won’t get caught either…

  4. @more questions than answers… obviously if anyone claimed him from this time, this article wouldn’t have existed. In this day and age, why are so many of you behaving like this is so rare? We have so many immigrants residing here who have perhaps disconnected with family. We also have also of person who have detached themselves from family for their own personal reasons, or don’t keep in contact regularly so an incident like this would go unnoticed. Let’s not forget those who are homeless, may have friends on the street but no known government name. And is it so uncommon for a person to not have family? Are you all forgetting about all the orphaned children who weren’t adopted?

  5. I’m sorry for this gentleman demise. I also call on the police to police our roads more often and lay charges.
    1. Charge the minibus operators who seems to incoherently brake the law by stopping anywhere causing obstruction to traffic, and this is not just confine to ONLY minibus operators.
    2. Charge pedestrians who uses the road in such a manner to cause danger to someone else’s life. These occurrences become a norm now to society.
    2. Government spend tons of money to place speed bumbs, walk overs, traffic crossing, bus stops etc in an effort to save lives but yet we critiques the various departments and those who should know better do the opposite. Charge them likewise.
    Too often on the roads ways pedestrians believe there salop behavior must be tolerated when they are crossing the road ways some even believe the vehicle is the one who will be on the hospital bed.
    Most Lucian behave there common sense is non existent.
    Lastly yesterday plying from VF to Castries a driver in a blue car stop just around the corner on the road trying to indicate to cross the lane. That stupid, selfish and dumb driver didn’t know the disaster he/she would have caused had the bus driver wasn’t that great to avoid a deadly accident to his passenger and incoming traffic. That blue car jakass would say how is me uh!

  6. As for a father, brother,uncle,husband,
    Our father who dwell in heaven :
    I pray that you bring whosoever that commit this act,in,not by himself, but through your Holy Sprit,to answer charges due to his lawless act ❗

  7. I cannot believe a small island like st Lucia nobody knows this victim an island that everybody knows everybody everybody calls one another partner or pardner or maybe he is a non national

  8. Wow, you mean to tell me no one in his family have not reported he is missing. My goodness what kind of world are we living in that people just don’t care about each other. May his soul rest in external peace. I’m hoping they find the person who is responsible for injuring and causing his death. The lord is not sleeping in due time you will get what coming to you “eventually” they always do. I hope someone comes forward to identify who he is, he is someone love one, a brother, uncle, father, cousin and a person. RIP my brother 🙏 😢 💔


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