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Eastern Caribbean Creole Translators Could Be Of Use To Multinational Force In Haiti


Eastern Caribbean Creole translators could be helpful to a Kenya-led multinational force to help police in Haiti fight armed gangs amid a worsening humanitarian crisis.

The disclosure came from the United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Caribbean Affairs and Haiti, Barbara A Feinstein, at a virtual news conference Friday.

“There has been mentioned, for example, that in the Eastern Caribbean, there are certain countries that have the same or a very similar Creole to Haitian Creole,” Feinstein told reporters.

“To the extent that they might be able to provide translators or interpreters is something that could also be of use,” she explained.

Within the 15-nation Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Saint Lucia and Dominica are two countries that speak Creole or Kweyol.

However, the United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Caribbean Affairs and Haiti observed that Kenya, as the lead nation, would determine what is needed.

“We are encouraging nations across the world – in fact, the very name of this as a multinational force signifies that we will be looking to countries across the world to provide contributions, whether that be personnel, equipment, training, financing, or other support,” Feinstein told reporters.

She said CARICOM continues to play a vital role in support of enlarging political consensus and paving a road map to elections by convening Haitian stakeholders.

In this regard, the U.S. official recalled an important meeting in Jamaica recently in which a broad spectrum of stakeholders discussed the political issues and work to enlarge consensus.

“Our understanding is that that process continues. So I think CARICOM has already made quite a substantial contribution to a very important part of this crisis, which is the political situation on the ground. And we would hope to see continued support from a range of nations to include CARICOM,” Feinstein said.

In a statement Friday, CARICOM welcomed the decision by the Governments of The Bahamas and Jamaica to join Kenya in contributing to the multinational force in Haiti.

The statement said CARICOM hoped the United Nations Security Council would fully endorse the force, demonstrating the international community’s commitment to improving the security and humanitarian conditions of Haiti’s people.

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  1. Before going into Haiti the whole situation has to be vetted properly, because safety has to be paramount. All countries that are going to participate, should get all their personnel back home safely

  2. As I wrote a few weeks ago, the professional mendicants of CARICOM were given a ‘caca dent’ from the US, to buy their complicity in the latest invasion of Haiti, using black-faced storm-trooper proxies from Kenya , who have been trained by AFRICOM (the US occupation force in Africa). This surreptitious invasion, under the guise of fighting gangs (really, patriotic Haitians protesting against the US-installed puppet regime), will finally give the Clinton Crime Family unfettered access to the currently unexploited resources of Haiti: Oil & Gold!

    This article is merely the public tender seeking Dominican & St. Lucian police for deployment to Haiti as translators, since the French-speaking soldiers of West Africa (Mali, Burkina Faso & Niger), also AFRICOM-trained, are unavailable – they’re currently in the middle of kicking out their colonial masters for the second time in 70 years.

    It is ironic that the first free black republic in the world has been re-enslaved; and that neo-massa is trying to use modern house negroes (from Africa & the Caribbean) to control the field negroes in Haiti, so he can extract his newest ‘plantation crop’ – Oil!

  3. Calm will return to Haiti but not before further carnage on its streets – this time by the multinational security forces. These participating countries should also prepare themselves to receive a great number of their troops in body bags. Sadly, this is the extent of the mission that awaits them – a situation created by Haiti’s colonizers and their continued interference in its political affairs.

  4. Day by day, countries around the world are resisting the efforts of the US to steal their resources and use them to slow the inevitable collapse of the empire. This is the framework that explains why the US wants to take over Haiti again; a country rich with natural resources, which can be easily captured via conventional warfare.

    George Gallaway’s show, taped today, provides an accurate snapshot of world affairs, as well as the context for US aggression against weak states in the western hemisphere. You will understand clearly why translators are desperately need from Dominica & St. Lucia. Here is the link, with George’s monologue starting at the 07:45 mark:

    THE NEW NORMAL | MOATS with George Galloway Ep 262


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