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WATCH: Millions Approved For School Refurbishments To Commence


The Saint Lucia House of Assembly has approved millions of dollars to refurbish and repair school buildings.

At the same time, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has announced exemptions for Saint Lucia’s manufacturing sector from the Health and Citizen Security Levy.

More in this Rehani Isidore report:

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Why does a prudent government start repairing schools two or three weeks before the official opening.
    That is the reason you are always caught up and then go into defensive mode.

  2. Exactly MeToo, this government has been in power for two years they know the state of the schools. Why didn’t the work start earlier. There will be a delay in opening some schools affects many parents. These more experienced politicians don’t seem to be doing things methodically.

  3. Metoo , it seems we have never had a prudent government( no pun intended)
    Govts have been guilty for ages.

  4. @metoo, we Lucian always late in everything, we operate as if we are the only one exist on this planet and the sun shines at our convenience. Lucians are curse in that regard.

  5. I believe in the old saying, “better late than never” . First and foremost, the money to finance any project must be secured, before the project can get started. If that happens at an inappropriate time, that can easily be mitigated, even if inconveniences have to occur. The schools did not suddenly need repairing over the course of the last two years, neither our roads. I can see better days ahead. The naysayers will remain that way, because their only motive is to bring down this government.

  6. @Most Honorable Fool, you are also “bad minding” the opposition every single day you come here.

  7. Oh Shute, we hear this excuse every year. Sylopep understood my general statement.

    We have Never had any prudent government. It’s just a pity the one you support is in power and taking blows.

    The intelligent patriots don’t speak and defend bad behavior, corruption, sexual allegations etc etc. They don’t attend chicken and rum rallies. They listen analyse and make up their own minds. They quietly speak at the polls.

    We are the ones who tip the balance.

  8. @ me too, You are intelligent. We’ve never had a prudent government and very likely, never will. You tip the balance at the poles with the same result ( non prudent government). Well you are not alone me too. You are nothing short of an opposition operative.

  9. @me too, I totally agree with you. It is absolutely ridiculous to commence repairs of schools a mere three weeks before schools reopen. That nonsense has been happening administration after administration. When reds do it, the yellows criticize and when the yellows do it the reds criticize, yet administrations of both shades continue the same nonsense. We just had budget in April/May and only now we approving money for repairs of schools? Only now we realize that schools had to be repaired.
    This nonsense will continue because people like @shute justify things base on party colour. But for some of us ridiculous is ridiculous regardless of colour. In other words, there are those of us who are intelligent enough to look beyond colour. That certainly does not apply to shute

  10. During the school year repairs are done to schools all the time, It’s not only when they are out it should be done .Unfortunately sometimes it’s when funds are allocated and readily available, would it make more sense to do it when the kids are out ?? Yes fools, but the point is repairs rather than NO repairs are been made or will be made, perhaps on weekends or after hours not everything needed will be major.


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