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Price Controlled Items List Announced To Promote Consumer Education

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The Consumer Affairs Department (CAD) continues to provide the public with consumer education to help minimise conflict during transactions and promote consumer interest through the appropriate legislation.

Under the Distribution and Price of Goods Act, Cap. 13.09 the CAD is responsible for approving prices of Price Controlled Goods and island wide monitoring prices of Price Controlled Goods. The following are the list of the Price Controlled Goods.

●      Baby Foods ●      Margarine (227g) chilled

●      Margarine shelf (227g)

●      Baby Fruit Juices (4ozs) ●      Mackerel 155g and less
●      Cement ●      Milk


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Powdered and granules



●      Cereals: corn flakes, corn meal, oats (All other cereals are excluded) ●      Oil Edible (imported) 500ml or less
●      Cheese (cheddar) (cut and wrap)

●      Powdered chocolate cocoa

●      Onions
●      Corned Beef (7ozs) ●      Peas and Bean (dried)
●      Wheat Flour (packaged)

●      Potatoes

●      Rice (packaged

●      Garlic  
●      Salted Biscuits (regular cakes) 5 ozs or less ●      Fungicides – Aliette, Anvil, Banrot, Benlate, Bravo, Calixin, Captain, Cuprivite Blue, Funguflor, Kocide, Manzate, Mertect, Phyton-27, Ridomil, Rizolex, Sigma, Tilt, Vectra, Other Fungicides approved by the competent authority
●      Sardine 106g or less  
●      Sugar (package) Refined and brown





●      Herbicides – Dacthal, Fusillade, Gesapax, Gramocil, Gramoxone, Reglone, Round up, Talent, Touchdown, Other Herbicides approved by the competent authority
●      School Supplies – School textbooks, Atlases, Dictionaries, Exercise books, Drawing books, Geometry sets, Crayons, Colour pencils, Note books ●      Insecticides – Admire, Agree, Applaud, Basudin, Confidor, Danitol, Dart, Diazinon, Dipel, Fastac, Karate, Malathion, Metaxytox (also a miticide), Mostyn, M-Pede, MVP, Nomolt, Prelude, Primicid, Regent, Sevin, Tambo, Torque, Trigard, Volaton, Other insecticides approved by the competent authority
●      Tea (black) 20 bags or less ●      Molluscides -(slug bait) – Methaldehyde Liquid (slugit), Methaldelhyde pellets, Methiocarb, Other Moluscides approved by the competent authority
●      Tuna 3.5 ozs or less ●      Nematicides – Furadan, Miral, Mocap, Rugby, Vydate L, Other Nematicides approved by the competent authority
●      Toilet Soap (Bar) 115g or less) ●      Other Chemicals – 1-methyclclopropane, 8-hydroxyquinoline, Agral (sticker), Alum, Indicate 5, Klerat, M-Pede, Physan-20, Other chemicals approved by the competent authority



●      Toothpaste 100ml or less  
●      Fertilizers and Soil Ameliorants – Ammonium sulphate, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP), Foliar Fertilizers (Miracle-Gro, Well Grow, etc.), Limestone (calcitic, dolomitic), Mono-ammonium Sulphate (MAP), Muirate of Potash,

●      NPK Fertilizers – 10-10-10, 12-12-24+5MgO, 14-4-28+3 MgO, 16-4-36, 16-4-37, 16-8-24-4 MgO, 18-9-27, 20-20-20, 26-3-15+13 MgO, Peters (20-20-20)

●      Nutrex

●      Organic Fertilizers

●      Ossmocote

●      Potassium Nitrate

●      Sulpomag

●      Triple Super Phosphate

●      Urea

●      Other Fertilizers/Soil ameliorants approved by the competent authority





●      BREAD

○      (a) Sandwich Loaf

○      (b) Creole Loaf


●      FLOUR – Bulk White and Whole Wheat Flour


●      RICE – Bulk Parboiled


●      SUGAR Bulk Refined and brown


●      FUELS – Gasoline (unleaded), Diesel Oil, Kerosene, Propane Gas (LPG)


The Consumer Affairs Department remains committed to protecting the interest and ensuring the safety of all consumers. Should you have any concerns, please contact the Consumer Affairs Department at 468-4226 or 468-4229.

SOURCE: Consumer Affairs Department. Press release updated.

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  1. In the past few days I have learnt that’s the consumers affairs department is the most overrated and useless department on island. You’ll cannot stop price gouging . So what is the purpose for these people working there . You mean we have rely on the good spirit of the business leaders have no soul or conscience. This country in deep sh_t than I originally thought.

  2. We need to know the suggested retail prices for those items inorder for us to know wether or not we are being charged fairly.

  3. I will sing of your love ❤️ and ⚖️ justice to you O LORD,I will sing praise ❗
    May God’s favor rest on us and his glory accompany us…
    When we pray, God listen, when we listen God talks in one way or the other ❗
    And when we believe God works ‼️
    But if we don’t make time to listen or pray to God ;he will not make time to listen to us when trouble comes…

  4. well give us the prices they should be so we could know if we are being robbed when we go to the shops or supermarket.

  5. This list is absolutely worth less than what contains in the 8ft long x 5ft wide concrete box at the back of my house if a suggested retail price is not shared with the public. Massy etc get some form of concession and the public has no clue if they are being abused by the hefty prices that they see each day.

  6. It just goes to show how useless consumers really is, if all these concerned citizens can make the same comment about educating us on what these prices should be.We are not to far away from an anarchy in this country.

  7. Indeed, price controlled and price going up is 2 different things. We often use words in the wrong context and we lucians don’t read properly and also we don’t hold the retail outlet to task.

  8. And look at nonsense on the list promoting unhealthy eating. No wonder the majority of St. Lucians obese. Hold your price controlled items. Chooooopppppssssss


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