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Opposition Senator Says Soufriere In Shock Over Death Of Tourist

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Opposition Senator Herod Stanislas has said that Soufriere residents are shocked at the death of a male tourist, said to be a French national, at a resort in the community.

The body was discovered on Wednesday, and police have commenced an investigation.

Officials have not released the deceased’s identity, but initial reports indicate his death is being treated as a suspected suicide.

“I heard about it yesterday when they discovered the body and it is a very sad situation,” Senator Herod Stanislas told reporters Thursday.

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The United Workers Party (UWP) official also said the death had traumatised management and staff at the resort.

Regarding reports that the tourist’s death might have resulted from suicide, the former Soufriere-Fond St Jacques MP acknowledged that people have problems.

“You may see persons walking the streets thinking that everything is okay, but persons have many problems dealing with,” Stanislas stated.

And he said it was important for people to seek help.

Saint Lucia has a national helpline, #203, that individuals can call to speak to a professional.

The call is free, confidential, and accessible using a landline or mobile telephone.

Call responders are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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  1. Where was his wife in all of this? No one is saying anything about the whereabout of the wife. Did staying the extra day had anything to do with that? The gardener got the dead body? Why not the wife.? Possible but need explanation.

  2. Life is very challenging at times, but we have to believe that things will get better. I remember going homelessness during my second semester in college, in Houston, TX, after only having money to pay my tuition, but I kept on going to class, and believing that tough people last longer than tough times. It worked out in the end.

  3. It is not a suicide, this man was probably injected and he is dead from the side s effects of the jab! There are 30 millions of deaths jab right now, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!….

  4. I’m sure he was very wealthy to be in such a prestigious resort. No money can heal stress´╝îpain and anxiety. If he had given that money he spend to the poor, I’m sure he would’ve find peace. People life is fragile, get to know the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior and he will always take away the pain and heal you from whatever circumstance In your life.

  5. every body is shocked at the death of the tourist but what about the death of the LOCAL employee of sky rides who died yesterday on the lines

  6. I did not know an employee of Sky Rides had died on the lines as per g.w ( if true) this would be more shocking and traumatic than what the above article tried to convey. my condolences to the family and friends of the deceased..

  7. Was Herod getting a stipen or some personal favours from the deceased? Soufriere people does not even know this man. Lord Nelson sang King L…

  8. @keeping it unreal HALFWAY THROUGH UR SENTENCES I WAS ALREADY UPSET…HOW U KNOW IS MONEY? CHOOPS…@sigh…how u know is ignorance…yours is too clear….such situation maybe possible..

  9. As I note Barbados lauding their tourisn numbers have you noticed we have receive no figures for St Lucia tourism in awhile.

    All we get are figures for taxation, borrowing and spending but nothing on sustainable economic development.

    We cannot keep borrowing $ 3 or 4 hundred million every year as the SLP do in government.
    If our tourism were doing well or better than expected it would be all over the news. If flights were full or cruise ships coming in numbers it would be blasted all over. We are in trouble, the average St Lucian knows that but the upper class who put the SLP in power are protecting the victory.
    Nothing but silence and protecting the victory for family and friends!

  10. I agree with keeping it real what people need now more than ever is a personal relationship with God no among of money we may call our own cannot save us.

  11. @ keeping it real:- I was told that Resort in Soufriere is really high class; one doesn’t have to be poor or semi poor to know the ‘LORD’ Btw HE is everywhere; He is within our hearts. A very simple prayer daily would do it, how about – THE OUR FATHER
    @ ANT:- no publicity? just wait. White guys dying – that wont go unnoticed.

  12. I don’t understand why Mr. Stanislas thinks that Soufriere people are more in shock over a grown arse tourist who ledgedly decided to end his own life on the island than the high number of innocent people who have been murdered on the same island. Why didn’t he go back to his place of residence to end his life? Maybe he wanted to die in paradise. Frankly, I don’t feel sorry for grown adults who thinks that it better to take his/her own life then face whatever difficulty that they are going through. I think that those people are selfish. Imagine the pain that his love ones are going through right now. Hello people, it’s not always about you, think of others for a change.

  13. Herod is a no good politician. A man take his life and he is saying that soufreire is in shock . When so many people have been murdered he never open his mouth and say anything . Man I could never vote in st lucia

  14. The news media in St Lucia is a fake as they never mentioned the name of the company . The family of the man and his children will get nothing from sky ride as far as I see it his children might never live a good life get an education might as well get involve in a life of crime when they get in their teens . The system and the 2 political parties have failed the people . A man losing his life for 3 EC dollars an hour…


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