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Micoud North MP Lauds Performance Of Acting Police Commissioner


Micoud North MP Jeremiah Norbert has praised the performance of Acting Police Commissioner, Ronald Phillip, asserting that he has done a ‘good job’ in ‘holding the police force together’ and fighting crime.

Norbert, a former police officer, recalled indicating in past interviews that the police commissioner alone could not solve the crime but needed the assistance of other agencies.

“All of us have a responsibility to ensure that we play our part,” he told reporters Thursday.

“It is just my opinion; I think he has done a wonderful job in terms of trying to keep the police force together and doing the necessaries to combat crime,” Norbert said regarding the Acting Police Commissioner.

The MP noted that when Phillip received his acting appointment, there was an extension of the Immigration Department’s opening hours.

The extended hours came amid public concern over a bottleneck in obtaining travel documents.

Norbert felt the move satisfied several people as the department issued more than 3,000 passports.

“I commend him on his efforts. As to what the future holds, I cannot speak about it ,” the MP stated.

He explained that the Acting Police Commissioner’s tenure would depend on Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, also responsible for National Security.

In addition, Norbert told reporters there had been a significant improvement in police morale in the past few months.

He observed a police presence during Carnival and a ‘commanding presence’ of law enforcement officers during Soufriere festivities.

Norbert said most mass-crowd events in the past few months were incident-free.

The MP’s comments regarding the police force and Acting Commissioner Ronald Phillip came amidst an ongoing controversy over sexual harassment allegations in the RSLPF.

There have also been calls for Phillip to either step aside or be removed to facilitate an independent probe.

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  1. #Jeremiah…you can put all the lipstick and makeup you want on a pig…it will still be a pig…good try though

  2. Norbert said the tenure of the Agt commissioner depends on the Minister. Didn’t that same Minister say that Politicians and by extension he are not involved in such but this is left to the Public Service Commision? Why are Ministers allowed to dictate whether persons are employed or promoted in the Public Service. ? SMH.

  3. Jeremiah I really cannot comment on his performance, however if there are allegations of sexual misconduct, they need to be investigated. I am a labour’s Party supporter, however I will not agree with the government on this. The PM or any of the Ministers are making a statement on the matter, which sickens me. Could you imagine how the persons who have made the reports are feeling. I am female and this is not right. Stop pushing things under the carpet and deal with the issue at hand. Furthermore I have a problem with this gentleman continuing to move up the ranks every time the labor party is in power, we need to be the change that we want to see. Mr. PM, this might be to the detriment of the party in the next 3 years.

  4. Next three years?? This is a gigantic slap in the face to us women. As one great calypsonian put it. ‘ Women in March, gi we room le’ we pass’. To be honest my ladies we need to hear you if those allegations are true.

  5. Let’s place ourselves in the shoes of the young lady who leveled those allegations? Additionally, let’s place ourselves in the shoes of young ladies who want to level allegations? These politicians need to stop and think sometimes. Why don’t they just stay mute on some issues? Amazing

  6. Jeremiah.
    It is better to stay quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.
    I had nothing to judge you by til this statement.
    Now i do
    You Sir , add no value to this discussion or the country itself
    Please return to your seat in the corner, put your finger on your lip, face the wall
    and most importantly
    Be Quiet.

    Please allow the adults to have meaningful discussions on this matter.

  7. Well, well, well, there you again another donkey participating in a horse race end results donkey never wins

  8. Birds of a feather. Police officer partners supporting each other. This government is hell bent on forcing an alleged criminal on to the RSLPF. This is a situation that we are following closely. Norbert has not surprised those of us who know him too well however, he has has just confirmed his worth as a so called politician. I hope the people of Micoud North right that wrong. But what do you expect from a political party with so many members accused of criminal wrongdoing.
    Justice must prevail at the end. Justice will prevail no matter how much this SLP administration tries to protect this police officer.


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